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 TitleLabelLabel NumberCover GradeRec. GradeMono StereoPriceQty
Gage, Yvonne (Pin-Up Cv.) 1984) VirginityCIM39456VG++MintS$12.001
Gale, Eric Multiplication (Promo)Columbia34938Mint- (Sticker O/Cv)Mint-S$7.001
Gale, Eric Ginseng Woman (Promo)Columbia34421Mint (Sticker O/Cv)MintS$8.001
Gale, Eric ForcastKudu11VG+Mint-S$10.001
Gammon, Patrick Don`t Touch MeMotown922Mint- (Stamp O/Cv)MintM$7.001
Gap Band The Gap Band IIMercury3804MintMintS$10.001
Gap Band `8`Total Exp2700MintMintS$4.001
Gap Band 4Total Experience3001Mint-VG+/MintS$7.001
Gap Band (1985) VIITotal Experience5714VG++Mint-S$10.001
Gap Band V Jammin`Total Exp3004MintSealedS$8.001
Gardner, Burgess (1983) Music - Year 2000MCA5399VG++ (C.O.)Mint-S$8.001
Garner, Erroll That`s My KickMGM4463MintMintS$25.001
Garner, Erroll One World ConcertReprise6080Mint (C.O.)MintS$25.001
Garner, Erroll Feeling Is BelievingMercury61308MintMintS$12.001
Garner, Erroll MagicianLondon640MintSealedS$12.001
Garner, Erroll Plays MistyMercury60662Mint- (C.O.)MintS$30.001
Gaston (12 inch single) (Here A Funk, There A Funk) Everywhere A Funk, Funk / We Come To Take ControlChocolate Cholly`s120001MintMintS$50.001
Gaye, Marvin `Live` At The London PalladiumTamla352R2MintLP#1/ Mint- LP#2/ Mint-M$15.001
Gaye, Marvin Dream Of A LifetimeColumbia39916MintMintS$10.001
Gaye, Marvin And His GirlsTamla293Mint-MintS$30.001
Gaye, Marvin Greatest Hits Vol. 2Tamla278VG+VG+S$12.001
Gaye, Marvin (1964) Greatest HitsTamla252VG++Mint/VG+M$25.001
Gaye, Marvin (1965) A Tribute To The Great Nat King ColeTamla261VG++MintM$60.001
Gaye, Marvin (1968) Moods OfTamla266VG+ (C.O.)MintM$150.001
Gaye, Marvin (1981) In Our LifetimeTamla374Mint (C.O.)Mint-/VG++S$8.001
Gaye, Marvin (1969) And His GirlsTamla293Mint- (C.O.)SealedS$30.001
Gaynor, Gloria I Have A Right (Promo)Polydor6231Mint- (Sticker O/Cv)Mint-S$7.001
Gaynor, Gloria Gloria GaynorAtlantic80033Mint- (C.O.)SealedM$10.001
Gaynor, Gloria Never Can Say GoodbyeMGM4982Mint-Mint-S$9.001
Gaynor, Gloria GloriousPolydor6095Mint- (C.O.)VG++/ Mint-S$7.001
Gaynor, Gloria StoriesPolydor6274Mint- (W.O.Cv)Mint-/ VG++S$5.001
Gaynor, Gloria (1975) ExperienceMGM4995Mint-MintS$12.001
General Caine (1983) DangerousTabu38863VG+MintS$20.001
General Kane In Full ChillGordy (Promo)6216VG+ (Promo Stamp O/Cv.)MintS$10.001
Gentrys (1965) Keep On DancingMGM 4365VG+MintS$25.001
Georgia Mass Choir (1989) (2 Lp`s) (Gospel Soul) Hold On Help Is On The WaySavoy7098MintMintS$10.001
Gerffries, Evon & Stand (1988) Chapters A Novel ByAtlantic818581MintMintS$8.001
Gibbs Quartet, Terry That Swing Thing!Verve8447Mint-MintS$20.001
Gibson Brothers CubaIsland9579VG+ (Sticker O/Cv)VG+M$3.001
Gideon & Power I Gotta Be MeBell1104Mint- (C.O.)SealedS$10.001
Gillespie, Dizzy `same`Rondo-LetteA11GoodMintM$40.001
Gillespie, Dizzy The Melody Lingers OnLimelight86042VG+MintS$25.001
Gillespie, Dizzy & Lalo Schifrin (1977) Free RidePablo7914Mint-MintS$12.001
Glenn, Garry (1987) Feels Good To Feel GoodMotown (Promo)6234Mint- (Promo Stamp O/Cv.)MintS$10.001
Gomez, Leroy I Got It Bad (Promo)Casablanca7145Mint- (C.O.)MintS$7.001
Gomez, Leroy (1978) Gypsy WomanCasablanca (Promo)7110VG++MintS$8.001
Gonzalez (Pin-Up Cv.) (1979) Move It To The MusicCapitol11995VG+MintS$8.001
Gonzalez, Terri (1987) Is There Rockin` In This HouseAtlantic81779Mint- (Promo Stamp Back Cv. & C.O.)MintS$8.001
Gooding, Cuba Love DancerMotown919Mint- (C.O.)MintS$10.001
Gordon, Dexter Gotham CityColumbia36853Mint (Stamp O/Cv)VG++S$7.001