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 TitleLabelLabel NumberCover GradeRec. GradeMono StereoPriceQty
Abdo, George (Pin-Up Cv.) Art Of Belly DancingMonitor752VG++MintS$5.001
Adderley, Cannonball (Studiotrack) (Soundtrack) Fiddler On The RoofCapitol11008Mint- (C.O.)SealedS$12.001
Addison, John (1966) (Soundtrack) Torn CurtainDecca (Promo)9155VG++Mint-M$15.001
Addison, John (1970) T.V. (Soundtrack) (2 LP`s) HamletRCA119MintSealedM$12.001
Adler, Richard & Jerry Ross (1955) Original Cast (Soundtrack) Damm Yankees (Green Cv.)RCA1021VG+ (Split Seam 2 Inch Bottom Middle)MintM$25.001
Akutagawa, Yasusni (Soundtrack) (1976) Village Of 8 GravestonesVarese Sarabande81084MintSealedS$15.001
Alice Cooper, B.B. King, Youngb;loods & Others (Soundtrack) (1971) Medicine Ball CaravanW.B.2565MintMintS$12.001
Allan, David & Arrows & Others (1966) (Soundtrack) Wild Angels Vol. 2Tower5056Good (Tape on Cv. & Spit Seam)VGS$10.001
Allen, Chris (1959) T.V. (Soundtrack) Huckleberry HoundColpix202VG (Tape Top & Bottom Seam & (W.O.L.)M$150.001
Allen, Davie & Arrows (Movie Soundtrack) Wild AngelsTower5043VGMint-M$15.001
Allen, Robert & Al Stillman Original Cast (Soundtrack) (1962) Julie And Carol At Carnrgie HallColumbia (Promo)2240VG++ (Promo Stamp O/Bk. Cv.)MintS$12.001
Allen, Steve & George Cates (1955) (Soundtrack) Picnic (Yellow Lettering On Cv.)Decca78320VG+Mint-S$15.001
Allers, Franz (1951) Original Cast (Soundtrack) Paint Your WagonRCA1006VGMint-M$10.001
Alpert, Herb, Burt Bacharach & Others (1967) (Soundtrack) Casino RoyalColgem5005VG++MintM$35.001
Alpert, Herb, Burt Bacharach & Others (1967) (Soundtrack) Casino RoyalColgems5005Mint-MintS$100.001
American Patrol (Pin-Up Cv.) Big Brass OfColpix1680VG+VG++S$10.001
Amram, David (1968) (Soundtrack) ArrangementW.B. (Promo)1824VG+ (Split Seam 2 Inch Bottom Middle)(Promo Title Strip O.Cv.)MintS$12.001
Annette (1964) (Soundtrack) Pajama PartyBuena Vista3325Good (W.O.Cv.)GoodM$15.001
Annette (SoundTrack) (1963) Beach PartyBuena Vista3716VG+VGM$25.001
Antheil, George (1957) (Soundtrack) Pride & The PassionCapitol873Mint-VG++/MintM$60.001
Arden, Toni (Pin-Up Cv.) (1957) MissDecca8651VG+VG+M$8.001
Arnold, Malcolm (Soundtrack (1956) TrapezeColumbia870VG++Mint-M$20.001
Association (Soundtrack) (1969) Goodbye, ColumbusW.B.1786Mint (Still In Shrink Wrap)MintS$15.001
Avalon, Frankie & Others (1965) (Soundtrack) I`ll Take SwedenU.A.4121VG++MintM$12.001
Ayers, Roy (1973) (Soundtrack) CoffyPolydor5048VG (W.O.Cv. & C.O.)(W.O.L.)MintS$125.001
Bacharach, Burt (1973) (Soundtrack) Lost HorizonBell1300VG+MintS$12.001
Bacharach, Burt (Soundtrack) (1980) Together?RCA3541MintSealedS$10.001
Bacharach, Burt (Soundtrack) (1969) Butch Cassidy And The Sundance KidA&M4227Mint -(Still In Shrink Wrap)MintS$12.001
Badfinger (Soundtrack (1970) Magic ChristianCommonwealth United6004MintSealedS$20.001
Bailey, Pearl & Others (1967) Original All Black Cast (Soundtrack) Hello DollyRCA1147VG+MintS$10.001
Banks, Tony (1984) (Soundtrack) Wicked LadyAtlantic80073VG+MintS$10.001
Bar-Kays, Carlo Lynn Towns & others (Soundtrack) (1984) Breakin`Polydor821919MintSealedS$10.001
Barker, Warren (1958) T.V. (Soundtrack) 77 Sunset StripW.B.1289VG++VG++/MintM$20.001
Barry, John (1963) (Soundtrack) Dr. NoU.A.5108VGVG+/VG++S$30.001
Barry, John (1964) T.V. (Soundtrack) Sophia Loren In RomeColumbia Masterworks6310MintMint (Promo Sticker O/L)M$25.001
Barry, John (1965) (Soundtrack) Ipcress FileDecca (Promo)9124Mint-MintM$30.001
Barry, John (1965) (Soundtrack) Incredible World OfU.A.3VG++VG++/Mint- (W.O.L.)S$20.001
Barry, John (1965) (Soundtrack) Knack (And How Top Get It)U.A.4129VGMint-M$12.001
Barry, John (1965) (Soundtrack) ThunderballU.A.4132Mint-Mint-M$20.001
Barry, John (1967) (Soundtrack) WhispersU.A.5161VG++MintS$30.001
Barry, John (1968) (Soundtrack) PetuliaW.B. (Promo)1755VG+MintS$25.001
Barry, John (1969) (Soundtrack) On Her Majesty`s Secret ServiceU.A.5204VG+VG+S$12.001
Barry, John (1969) (Soundtrack) On Her Majesty`s Secret ServiceU.A.5204VG+VG++S$15.001
Barry, John (1975) (Soundtrack) Day Of The LocustLondon912Mint- (C.O.)SealedS$15.001
Barry, John (1985) (Soundtrack) A View To KillCapitolSJ-12413MintMIntS$20.001
Barry, John (Soundtrack) (1977) DeepColumbia7060Mint-SealedS$12.001
Barry, John (Soundtrack) (1980) Inside MovesFull Moon3506Mint (Promo Stamp O/Front. Cv.)MintS$10.001
Barry, John (Soundtrack) (1983) OctopussyA&M4967MintSealedS$20.001
Barry, John (Soundtrack) (1983) (Audiophile)(Imported Teldec Vinyl) (Limited Edition)(Half Speed Mastered) High Road To ChinaScar (Promo)5003Mint-MintS$40.001
Barry, John (Soundtrack) (1984) The Cotton ClubGeffen24062VG++MintS$10.001