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 TitleLabelLabel NumberCover GradeRec. GradeMono StereoPriceQty
U.K. (1978) "same"Polydor6146Mint- (C.O.)MintS$10.001
U.K. Squeeze (Squeeze) (1978) `same`A&M3185Mint (Still In Shrink Wrap)MintS$10.001
U2 (1983) WarIsland90067VG++MintS$10.001
UB-40 (1988) `same`A&M5213Mint-MintS$8.001
UFO No Place To RunChrysalis1239Mint-MintS$10.001
Ultimate Spinach (1969) `same`MGM4600VG+MintS$50.001
Underground Sunshine Let There Be Light feat. "Birthday"Intrepid74003VGMintS$25.001
Uniques UniquesPaula2204Mint- (C.O.)MintS$25.001
Uniques PlaytimePaula2199VG+ (C.O.)VG++S$15.001
Unit 4 + 2 Concrete And ClayLondon3427VGVG++/VGM$25.001
unknown Human ZooHospital13MintSealedS$10.001
Up With People Face-To-Face The World TourUp with People1160Mint-SealedS$4.001
Uriah Heap (1974) WonderworldW.B.2800VG+MintS$10.001
Uriah Heap (1982) AbominogMercury4057VG++MintS$10.001
Uriah Heep SalisburyMercury61319VGMintS$25.001
Uriah Heep (1972) Magicians BirthdayMercury652VG++ (W.O.Cv.)Mint-S$25.001
Uriah Heep (1976) High And MightyW.B.2949VG++ (C.O.)MintS$10.001
Utopia Adventures InBearville6991VG+Mint-M$6.001
Utopia Utopia (Promo)Bearsville3487VG++MintS$8.001
Utopia (1980) Deface The MusicBearsville3487VG++ (C.O.)MintS$10.001
Utopia (1983) OblivionPassport6029VG+ (C.O.)MintS$8.001
Utopia (1985) PowPassport6044Mint-MintS$8.001
Utopia (1986) TriviaPassport6053MintMintS$8.001
Vale, Jerry (C&W) Have You Looked In Your HeartColumbia2313Mint- (W.O.Cv.)MintM$20.001
Valens, Ritchie Ritchie ValensMGM117VG++ (C.O.)Mint-/ Mint (Stamp O/L)M$15.001
Valens, Ritchie & Jerry Kole Ritchie Valens & Jerry KoleCrown336VG (Split Seam)Mint-/ VG++S$30.001
Valens, Ritchie (1963) "same"Guest Star1469VG++MintS$20.001
Valente, Caterina Greatest Hits (Promo)London3441VG (Torn Cover)MintM$15.001
Valli, Frankie Our Day Will ComePrivate Stock2006MintSealedS$10.001
Valli, Frankie Solid Gold HitsPrivate Stock2001MintSealedS$10.001
Valli, Frankie ValliPrivate Stock2017Mint-(C.O.)SealedS$10.001
Valli, Frankie Close-UpPrivate Stock2000VG++ (C.O.)SealedS$10.001
Valli, Frankie Is The WordW.B.3233Mint- (C.O.)SealedS$12.001
Valli, Frankie SoloPhilips600-247Mint- (C.O.)MintS$25.001
Valli, Frankie TimelessPhilips600-274MintSealedS$25.001
Valli, Frankie (1978) HitsPrivate Stock7012MintSealedS$12.001
Valli, Frankie And The Four Seasons (1985) Street FighterMCA/Curb5632Mint- (C.O.)Mint-S$10.001
Van Dyke, Leroy (C&W) Greatest Hits (Promo)Decca5316VG++VG++S$7.001
Van Dyke, Leroy (C&W) Walk On ByMercury60682Mint-Mint-S$12.001
Van Halen (1980) (w/Poster) Women And Children FirstW.B.3415Mint-MintS$20.001
Van Halen (1981) Fair WarningW.B.3540Mint (Still In Shrink Wrap)MintS$15.001
Van Halen (1983) MCMLXXXIVW.B.23985VG++MintS$15.001
Van Halen (1986) 5150W.B.25394VG++MintS$15.001
Van Zant Band, Johnny (1980) No More Dirty DealsPolydor6289MintSealedS$10.001
Vangelis (1988) Direct Arista8545VG++MintS$10.001
Vanilla Fudge The Beat Goes OnAtco237VG++Mint-S$20.001
Vanilla Fudge Rock & RollAtco33-303Mint- (C.O.)SealedS$25.001
Vanilla Fudge (1968) `same`Atco33-224Mint (Still In Shrink Wrap)Mint-S$30.001
Vanilla Fudge (1969) Near The BeginningAtco278VG+VG++/MintS$20.001
Vanity Fare (1970) Early In The MorningPage One2502VG+ (W.O.Cv.)MintS$15.001