Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradePriceQty
Acuff, Ray & His Smokey Mountain Boys (C&W) Great Speckle Bird # 1 Wash Cannon Ball Columbia Hall Of Fame33057VG+/VG $1.00 1
Austin, Gene (C&W) My Blue Heaven Ramoma Goldies 452699Mint $3.00 1
Austin, Gene (C&W) My Blue Heaven Ramona Goldies 452699Mint $3.00 1
Bandy, Moe (C&W) Cowboy`s Ain`t Supposed To Cry I`m Sorry For You Columbia Hall Of Fame33379Mint $3.00 1
Bare, Bobby, Jr. & Mama (C&W) Where`d I Come From Scarlet Ribbons RCA10497Mint $3.00 1
Bermudas / Dave Dudley Donnie Six Days On The Road - Dave Dudley (C&W) Era Back To Back Hits015Mint $3.00 1
Butler, Carl & Pearl (C&W) Don`t Let Me Cross Over Little Pedro Columbia Hall Of Fame33156Mint $3.00 1
Cardwell, Nick (C&W) The Death Of Hank Williams Dear Joan Gusto2067Mint $3.00 1
Cherry, Carl (C&W) The Itch Baby Doll Rockin Stars (Red Vinyl)104Mint $5.00 1
Craddock, Billy "Crash" (C&W) Slippin` And Slidin` Don`t Be Angry Goldies 452618Mint $3.00 1
Dean, Jimmy (C&W) The Cajun Queen Steel Men Columbia Hall Of Fame33064Mint- (Sticker O/L.) $3.00 2
Dickens, "Little" Jimmy (C&W) Take An Old Cold `Tater (And Wait) A-Sleeping At The Foot Of The Bed Columbia Hall Of Fame33061Mint $3.00 1
Dudley, Dave (C&W) Six Days On The Road I Feel A Cry Coming On Golden Era Series5042Mint $3.00 1
Fairchild, Barbara (C&W) Teddy Bear Song Kid Stuff Columbia Hall Of Fame33273Mint- $3.00 1
Fargo, Donna (C&W) You Can`t Be A Beacon (If Your Light Don`t Shine) The Happiest Girl In The Whole U.S.A. Goldies 452727Mint $3.00 1
Fargo, Donna (C&W) You Can`t Be a Beacon The Happiest Girl In The Whole U.S.A. MCA2727VG+ $2.00 1
Fargo, Donna (C&W) Superman Funny Face Goldies 452728Mint $3.00 1
Flatt & Scruggs (C&W) Universal Soldier Down In The Flood Columbia Hall Of Fame33158Mint $3.00 1
Flatt, Lester & Earl Scruggs (C&W) The Ballad Of Jed Clampett Go Home Columbia Hall Of Fame33074Mint (Sticker O/L) $3.00 1
Frizzell, Lefty (C&W) Mom And Dad`s Waltz You`ve Got The Money, I`ve Got The Time Columbia Hall Of Fame33040Mint $3.00 1
Hager, Don & His Hot Tots (C&W) Calypso Boogie I Love You Dear, Forever Rockin Stars (Yellow Vinyl)107Mint $5.00 1
Hager, Don & His Hot Tots (C&W) River Rock (Rock-A-Billy) Liza Jane Bop Rockin Stars (Red Vinyl)105Mint $5.00 1
Haggard, Merle (C&W) Swinging Doors The Girl Turned Ripe Capitol Starline6113Mint $3.00 1
Hart, Freddie (C&W) Easy Lovin` Rumor Has It Fifth Street Classic Reissue114Mint $3.00 1
Hawkins, Hawwshaw (C&W) Lonesome 7-7203 Slowpoke Starday/Gusto105VG+/VG++ (W.O.L.) $2.00 1
Houston, David (C&W) Almost Persuaded Where Could O Go (But To Her) Epic Memory Lane2257Mint $3.00 1
Jackson, Stonewall (C&W) Don`t Be Angry Help Stamp Out Loneliness Columbia Hall Of Fame33114Mint $3.00 2
Jackson, Stonewall (C&W) Mary Don`t You Weep Waterloo Columbia Hall Of Fame33016Mint $3.00 2
James, Sonny (C&W) Don`t Keep Me Hangin` On Since I Met You, Baby Capital Star Line6176Mint $3.00 1
James, Sonny (C&W) Running Bear Only The Lonely Capital Star Line6145Mint- (Small Label Tear) $3.00 1
Jones, George (C&W) If My Heart Had Windows When The Grass Grows Over Me Musicor1946Mint $3.00 1
Jones, George (C&W) Where Grass Won`t Grow I`ll Share My World With You Musicor Startime Series1947Mint $3.00 1
Jones, George (C&W) Things Have Gone To Pieces Love Bug Musicor Startime Series1908Mint $3.00 1
Jones, George (C&W) Same Ole Me Shine On (Shine All Your Sweet Love On Me) Epic05535Mint $3.00 1
Jones, George (C&W) When The Grass Grows Over Me If My Heart Had Windows Musicor Startime Series1946Mint $3.00 1
Jones, George (C&W) If Drinkin` Don`t Kill Me (Her Memory Will) Still Doin` Time Epic03094Mint (Major W.O.L.`s.) $3.00 1
Jones, George (C&W) Once You`ve Had The Best Nothing Ever Hurt Me (Half As Bad As Losing You) Epic2334Mint (W O/L`s) $3.00 1
Langley, Curley (C&W) Rockin` An` A Rollin` (Rock-A-Billy) Linda Lou Rockin Stars102Mint $5.00 1
Lewis, Jerry Lee (C&W) When He Walks On Ypu (Like You Have Walked On Me) There Must Be More To Love Than This Mercury Celebrity Series35029Mint $3.00 1
Locklin, Hank (C&W) It`s A Little More Like Heaven Happy Birthday To Me SSS International421Mint $3.00 1
Locklin, Hank (C&W) We`re Gonna Go Fishin` Happy Journey SSS International Golden Treasure Series422Mint- $3.00 1
McCall, C.W. (C&W) Convoy Roses For Mama Polydor106Mint $3.00 1
Milsap, Ronnie (C&W) Daydreams About Night Things Just In Case RCA10672VG+ $2.00 1
Nash, Cliff (E.P = Record Only) (C&W) 1) Jennie Lou (sound clip) (Rock-A-Billy) 2) I Love You Darling 1) No Time For Sisters 2) I`ll Never Know Rockin Stars500Mint $5.00 1
Nelson, Willie (C&W) Help Me Make It Through The Night Heartbreak Hotel Columbia Hall Of Fame33404Mint (Stickers O/L`s) $3.00 1
Nelson, Willie (C&W) The Party`s Over Bring Me Sunshine RCA Gold Standard0891Mint (Stickers O/L`s) $3.00 1
Nelson, Willie (C&W) Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground Mona Lisa Columbia03123Mint (Stickers O/L`s) $3.00 1
Nelson, Willie (C&W) Always On My Mind The Party`s Over Columbia Instant Classics02741Mint (Stickers O/L) $3.00 1
Parton, Dolly (C&W) Dumb Blonde Something Fishy Monument Golden Series8912Mint (Stickers O/L.) $3.00 1
Added 56 days ago on 3/23/2021Parton, Dolly (C&W) Coat Of Many Colors Touch Your Woman RCA Gold Standard0943Mint $3.00 1
Paycheck, Johnny (C&W) Someone To Give My Love To She`s All I Got Memory Lane2327Mint (Stickers O/L`s) $3.00 1
Price, Ray (C&W) A Thing Called Sadness Burning Memories Columbia Hall Of Fame33093Mint $3.00 2
Price, Ray (C&W) Danny Boy I`m Still Not Over You Columbia Hall Of Fame33119Mint $3.00 1
Added 56 days ago on 3/23/2021Pride, Charlie (C&W) It`s Gonna Take A Little Bit Longer She`s Too Good To Be True RCA Gold Standard0950Mint $3.00 2
Added 56 days ago on 3/23/2021Pride, Charlie (C&W) My Eyes Can Only See As Far as You A Whole Lotta Things To Sing About RCA Gold Standard11331Mint $3.00 1
Added 56 days ago on 3/23/2021Pride, Charlie (C&W) Crystal Chandeliers You`re Still The One RCA Gold Standard0921Mint- (Label Wear Both Sides) $3.00 1
Added 56 days ago on 3/23/2021Pride, Charlie (C&W) Don`t Fight The Feelings Of Love A Shoulder To Cry On RCA Gold Standard0128Mint $3.00 1
Added 56 days ago on 3/23/2021Pride, Charlie (C&W) Jeanie Norman I`m Just Me RCA Gold Standard0920Mint $3.00 1
Added 56 days ago on 3/23/2021Pride, Charlie (C&W) Is Anybody Goin` To San Antone Wonder Could I Live There Anymore RCA Gold Standard0867Mint $3.00 2
Randolph, Boots (C&W) Yakety Sax I Really Don`t Want To Know Monument Golden Series525Mint $3.00 1
Ritter, Tex (C&W) I Dreamed Of A Hill-Billy Heaven Just Beyond The Moon Capital Star Line6154Mint- (Stained Label) $3.00 1
Ritter, Tex (C&W) High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me) Blood On The Saddle Capital Star Line6208Mint/VG++ (Sticker O/L`s & W.O.L`s.) $3.00 1
Robbins, Marty (C&W) Among My Souvenirs Return To Me Columbia33371Mint $3.00 1
Robbins, Marty (C&W) Gardenias In Her Hair Tonight Carmen Columbia Hall Of Fame33122Mint $3.00 1
Robbins, Marty (C&W) Big Iron Singing The Blues Columbia Hall Of Fame33045Mint $3.00 1
Smith, Carl (C&W) Deep Water Foggy River Columbia Hall Of Fame33150Mint- (W O/L`s) $3.00 2
Smith, Sammi (C&W) Help Me Make It Thru The Night When Michael Calls House Of Sounds0015Mint $3.00 1
Smith, Sammie (C&W) He`s Everywhere Then You Walk In Trip Oldies181Mint $3.00 1
Stampley, Joe (C&W) Roll On Big Mama Dear Woman Memory Lane2350Mint (W O/L) $3.00 1
Statler Brothers (C&W) I`ll Go To My Grave Loving You Your Picture In The Paper Mercury Celebrity Series35038Mint $3.00 1
Thompson, Hank (C&W) The Blue Skirt Waltz Westphalia Waltz Capitol Star Line6124Mint $3.00 1
Truewell, Lucy Ann (1980) (C&W) Better Off By Myself That`s The Way He Wants Me Sun Rize112Mint $6.00 1
Tubb, Ernest (C&W) White Christmas Blue Christnas Decca46186Mint- $3.00 1
Van Dyke, Leroy (C&W) Auctioneer Walk On By Mercury Celebrity Series35027Mint $3.00 1
Wagoner, Porter & Dolly Parton (C&W) Lost Forever In Your Kiss Together Always RCA Gold Standard0952Mint $3.00 1
Walker, Lanie (C&W) Ennie Meenie Miney Mo (Rock-A-Billy) No Use Knocking On My Door Rockin Stars (Red Vinyl)103Mint $5.00 1
Whitman, Slim (C&W) China Doll Indian Love Call U.A. Silver Spotlight Series138Mint (Stickers O/L`s) $3.00 1
Williams, Hank (C&W) I`m So Lonesome I Could Cry Cold Cold Heart MGM Golden Circle113Mint-/VG++ $3.00 2
Williams, Hank (C&W) Jambalaya (On The Bayou) I`ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive MGM Golden Circle110Mint- $3.00 1
Wynette, Tammy (C&W) Til I Can Make It On My Own You And Me Memory Lane2356Mint $3.00 1
Young, Faron (C&W) It`s Four In The Morning This Little Girl Of Mine Mercury Celebrity Series35036Mint $3.00 1
Young, Faron (C&W) Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young Hello Walls Capital Star Line6025Mint (Stickers O/L`s) $3.00 1
Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGrade Qty