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Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradeTypePriceQty
Reed, Vivian (1970) Lean On Me Missing You Epic10683Mint (W.O.L`s )Island Ballad $8.00 1
Abbott, Gregory (1986) (Holland Import) Shake You Down (Island) Wait Until Tomorrow CBS7326MintSoul $5.00 1
Abdullan (1968) Why Them, Why Me (Island) I Comma Zimba Zio (Here I Stand The Mighty One) Soul35051Mint- ("BB" Hole)Motown Soul $20.00 1
Ace Spectrum (1974) Don`t Send Nobody Else Don`t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight (Island) Atlantic3012Mint70`s Soul $60.00 1
Ace Spectrum (1975) Trust Me (Island) `same` (Promo) Atlantic3281Mint-/VG+Soul Ballad $15.00 1
Ace, Buddy (1963) It Makes You Want To Cry You`ve Got My Love (Island) (Promo) Duke373Mint-Soul/Deep Soul $20.00 2
Acklin, Barbara (1968) Just Ain`t No Love Please Sunrise, Please (Island) Brunswick55388Mint ("BB" Hole)Soul $35.00 1
Acklin, Barbara (1968) Love Makes A Woman Come And See Me Baby (Island) Brunswick55379VG+/Mint- (Major W.O.L. Both Sides)Soul $15.00 1
Acklin, Barbara (1968) Love Makes A Woman Come And see Me Baby (Island) Brunswick55379MintSoul $20.00 1
Acklin, Barbara (1970) Someone Else`s Arms (Island) Is It Me Brunswick755433MintX O Soul $12.00 1
Acklin, Barbara (1974) Raindrops Here You Come Again (Island) Capitol3892Mint70`s Soul $25.00 1
Act IV (1967) A Better Man Than I (Island) Bless You Cub9150VG++/Mint- ("BB" Hole)Soul $30.00 1
Adams, Al (1962) To Know (Island) Two Seconds Of Love Frisco102Mint-R&B $50.00 1
Adams, Arthur (1972) It`s Private Tonight (Island) `same` (Promo) Blue Thunb219Mint-Soul $12.00 1
Adams, Johnny (1963) I Believe I`ll Find Happiness (Island) I Brought It All On Myself (Island) Watch6330MintSoul Ballads $35.00 2
Adams, Johnny (1970) I Won`t Cry (Island) `same` (Promo) SSS International (Clear Blue Vinyl)809MintSoul $10.00 1
Adams, Johnny (1980) Love Me Now (Island) Only Want To Be With You Paid105MintSoul $8.00 1
Adams, Marie & 3 Tons Of Joy (1972) Get On Up And Do It, Baby (Try It, You`ll Like It) Whispers (Island) Command Performance121MintFunk/Soul $20.00 5
Adeno, Bobby (1965) The Hands Of Time It`s A Sad World (Island) Back Beat552VG++/Mint-Soul/Deep Soul $30.00 1
Admirations (1968) Don`t Leave Me All For You (Island) One-derful4851MintSoul $25.00 5
Admirations (1971) Dear Lady Memories Are Here To Stay (Island) Atomic12871Mint-Group Soul $50.00 1
Aiken, Ben Hurry On Home Stay Together Young Lovers (Island) Roulette4649Mint-Soul $30.00 1
Al And Ray I Should Have Gone Bring It On Down To My House (Island) Dickson6446VG++/Mint-Soul $30.00 1
Al B. Sure! (1988) Nite and Day (Island) Nuit Et Jour W.B.28192MintSoul Ballad $5.00 1
Albright, Gerald (1987) So Amazing (Island) Just Between Us Atlantic81953MintSoul Ballad $5.00 1
Alexander, Arthur Show Me The Road (Island) Turn around (And Try Me) (Promo) SS72572MintSoul $40.00 1
Alexander, Margie (1974) Love Slave Keep On Searching (Island) Future Stars1005MintDeep Soul $25.00 1
Alfie & The Explosions (1972) Safire True Love (Island) (Promo) Phil L.A. Of Soul357VG++/VG+Soul Instr./Group Soul $20.00 1
Allen Group, Rance (1974) Be Triue (Island) We`re The Salt Of The Earth Gospel Truth1216MintGospel Soul $10.00 10
Allen, Charles (*) Winterman God Bless Our Love (Island) Dash5017MintSoul/Deep Soul $20.00 1
Allen, Rich & Ebonistics Echo`s Of November (Island) Fanarri Groovey Grooves160MintSoul $25.00 1
Aller, Michelle (1972) Just Not Gonna Make It (Island) `same` (Promo) Mowest5018MintSoul $20.00 1
Allison, Gene How Long`s The Train Been Gone (Medley) You Can Make It If You Try/Have Faith (Island) Ref-O-Ree727MintSoul $10.00 1
Allison, Levert Loving On My Mind Shape I`m In (Island) (Promo) Tupelo Sound003VG+Funk/Deep Soul $10.00 1
Alston, Gerald (1988) Still In Love with You (Island) Take Me Where You Want Me (Island) Motown1951Mint-Soul Ballads $5.00 1
Alston, Shirley (1975) I`d Rather Not Be Loving You (Island) `same` (Promo) Prodigal616MintSoul Ballad $12.00 1
Alter, Rosalie Be True (Island) The Heartaches Are Here To Stay Harmon1006Mint (W O/L`s)Soul $60.00 1
Ames, Nancy (*) On Green Dolphin Street Something`s Gotten Hold Of My Heart (Island) SC1001MintSoul/Deep Soul $40.00 1
Ames, Nancy (*) Friends And Lovers Forever (Island) I`ve Got A Lot Of Love (Left In Me) Epic9874MintSoul $12.00 1
Anacostia Love Is Never Wrong (Island) Wild Funky Weekend Roulette7300MintGroup Soul/70`s Soul $35.00 1
Anacostia (1972) On And Off (Pt. !) (Island) `same` (Promo) Columbia45685Mint/VGGroup Deep Soul $8.00 1
Anacostia (1972) On And Off Pt. 1 (Island) `same` (Promo) Columbia45685MintGroup Soul $15.00 1
Anacostia (1972) On And Off Pt .1 (Island) Pt 1 Columbia45685Mint- (W.O.L.)Soul $12.00 1
Anderson, Elton (*) (Sorry) I`m Gonna Have To Pass I Love You So (Promo) (Island) Lancor514MintSoul/Deep Soul $20.00 1
Anderson, Gene Baby Love Congratulations (Island) (Promo) Hi2272Mint70`s Soul $25.00 1
Anderson, Vicki (1966) You Send Me (Island) (Something Moves Me) Within My Heart King6066MintDeep Soul/Soul $20.00 1
Anderson, Vicki (1967) Baby, Don`t You Know The Feeling Is Gone (Island) King6138VG+Funk/Deep Soul $10.00 1
Anderson, Vicki (1981) You & Me Together (Island) `same` (Rapp) Dash5066MintSoul $20.00 1
Anderson, Vicki (1966) I Can`t Let You Go Pt. 2 (Island) Pt. 1 (Promo) New Breed1002MintDeep Soul $20.00 1
Anderson, Vicki (1966) Wide Awake In A Dream (Island) Nobody Cares (Island) Deluxe6201MintSoul $50.00 1
Anderson, Vicki And James Brown (1967) Think Nobody Cares (Island) King6091Mint-Soul $20.00 1
Anderson, Vicki And James Brown (1968) You`ve Got The Power (Island) What The World Needs Now Is Love King6152Mint-Soul Ballads $12.00 1
Andrews, Dee Stop! You`re Hurting My Heart I`ll Do What You Want Me To Do (Island) TRC992Mint-Soul $40.00 1
Andrews, Ernie Bridge Over Troubled Water (Island) Something (Promo) Phil L.A. Of Soul343MintDeep Soul $10.00 1
Andrews, Lee And The Hearts (1966) Quiet As It`s Kept You`re Takling A Long Time Coming Back (Island) RCA8929VG++Soul $75.00 1
Angelle, Bobby I`m Begging (Island) I Love Money123MintDeep Soul/Soul Instr. $35.00 1
Ann, Sue (1988) I`ll Give You Love (Island) "Same" (Instr.) MCA53429MintSoul Ballad $5.00 1
Answers To Love (1972) It Was Real (Island) `same` (Promo) Lion137Mint (W O/L)Group Soul $50.00 1
Anthony & The Imperials (1967) You Only Live Twice (Movie Theme) (Island) My Love Is A Rainbow (Promo) Veep1269MintSoul $12.00 4
Added 2 days ago on 2/6/2023Armstrong, Vanessa Bell (1987) You Bring Out The Best In Me (Island) Always (Island) Jive1051MintSoul Ballads $5.00 1
Added 2 days ago on 2/6/2023Armstrong, Vanessa Bell (1989) Something Inside So Strong (Island) Living For You (Island) Jive1248MintSoul Ballads $5.00 1
Arnold, Joe Soul Trippin` Share You Love With Me (Island) Wand1175Mint-Funk Instr/Soul Instr. $35.00 2
Asher, Vic (1970`s) What Am I Gonna Do (Island) You`re History Velsi100MintSoul Sales Pending 1
Ashford & Simpson (1979) You Always Could (Island) Found A Cure W.B.8870MintSoul $6.00 1
Ashly, Tony I`ll Never Be Satisfied All Along I`ve Loved You (Island) Forte1106MintSoul/Deep Soul Sales Pending 2
Atlantic Starr (1985) Thank You Secret Lovers (Island) A&M2788MintSoul $6.00 2
Atlantic Starr (1987) Always (Island) `same` (Instr.) W.B.28455Mint-Soul $6.00 1
Atlantic Starr (1989) My First Love (Island) `same` (Promo) W.B.27525MintSoul Ballad $5.00 1
Attractions That Girl Is Mine New Girl In The Neighborhood (Island) Bell674VG++ ("BB" Hole)Soul $50.00 1
August (1978) If He Makes It Good (Island) Mary Poorbody`s Cotton Truck 14 Kt. Gold501Mint70`s Soul $25.00 1
Austin, Lee Missin` You (Island) `same` (Promo) I Dentify8005VG++Deep Soul $10.00 1
Austin, Patti Are We Ready For Love Now That I Know What Loneliness Is (Island) Columbia45337VG++/Mint- (Sticker O/L) Soul $50.00 1
Austin, Patti Magical Boy The Family Tree (Island) (Promo) U.A.50520VG++/Mint-X-O Soul $25.00 1
Austin, Patti (1980) I Want You Tonight Love Me Again (Island) CTI9601MintSoul $6.00 1
Austin, Patti (1984) All Behind Us Now (Island) Fine Fine Fella (Got To Have You) Q-West29136MintSoul $6.00 1
B.T. Express (1975) Whatcha Think About That Close To You (Island) Roadshow7005Mint ("BB" Hole)Funk/Soul Ballad $6.00 5
Bagdads Livin` In Fear (Island) Let`s Talk About The Bad Times Double Shot128VG++/MintSoul $30.00 1
Bailey, Arlene Ain`t That Something I Had A Love (Island) Cobra0010MintSoul $60.00 1
Bailey, J.R. (1972) After Hours (Island) Heaven On Earth Toy3805Mint (W O/L`s)70`s Soul $20.00 1
Bailey, J.R. (1974) Everything I Want I See In You I Can`t see Me Without You (Island) Mam3639Mint70`s Soul $35.00 1
Bailey, Jimmy Happy Train (Island) Love Changes Everything (Promo) Columbia43602MintSoul $12.00 2
Bailey, Maureen Love Will Abound I`m More Than Thankful (Promo) (Island) Specialty732Mint-Soul $15.00 1
Bailey, Pearl Love Letter (Island) Poor Butterfly (Promo) Project 31353Mint-Soul $8.00 1
Bailey, Rene It`s Too Late (Island) I`m Just Gonna Be Missing You Carnival539MintDeep Soul $100.00 1
Baker, Anita (1983) Squeeze Me You`re The Best Thing Yet (Island) Beverly Glen2011MintSoul/Deep Soul $6.00 1
Baker, Anita (1986) No One In The world (Island) Watch Your step Elektra69456MintMotown Soul $5.00 1
Baker, Anita (1988) Giving The Best That I Got (Island) `same` (Promo) Elecktra69371MintSoul $6.00 1
Baker, Anita (1988) Just Because (Island) `same` (Promo) Elecktra69327MintSoul $6.00 1
Baker, Anita (1988) Lead Me Into Love (Island) "Same" (Promo) Electra69299MintSoul $5.00 1
Baker, Anita (1990) Soul Inspiration (Island) Good Enough Elecktra64935Mint-Soul $5.00 1
Baker, Johnny (1976) Operator, Operator Accept Me As I Am (Island) Cisco1000VGSoul $10.00 1
Baker, Johnny (1976) Operator, Operator Acccept Me As I Am (Island) Cisco1000Mint-70`s Soul $25.00 1
Baker, Lavern (1959) If You Love Me (Island) So High So Low Atlantic2033Mint (W O/L) (Sticker O/L) (Torn Label)Soul $10.00 1
Baker, Sam & Nancy Cohen / Sammie Moore (1964) Once Upon A Time (Island) No Particular Place To Go-Sammie Moore Hit125VG++Soul $75.00 1
Baldwin, John (1973) Stop This Crying (Island) (Here I Am) I`m Your Man Juca1017Mint-Deep Soul/Soul $25.00 1
Ballads My Baby Knows How To Love Her Man God Bless Our Love (Island) Venture615VG++ (Label Ring Wear)Group Soul $25.00 1
Ballads Wait (Island) `same` (Promo) Happy Fox503MintGroup Soul $35.00 1
Ballads Your Love (Island) Wait Balja1002MintGroup Soul $60.00 1
Ballard, Florence It Doesn`t Matter How I Say It Goin` Out Of My Head (Promo) (Island) ABC11074MintSoul $50.00 1
Ballard, Hank (1972) Teardrops On Your Letter (Island) Annie Had A Baby (Promo) People604MintDeep Soul/Funk $20.00 1
Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradeType Qty
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