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Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradePriceQty
Abram, Don Your Mama`s Gonna Miss You The Queen And The Joker (Promo) Decca30961Mint (W.O.L.) $15.00 1
Abram, Don (1959) Your Mama`s Gonna Miss You The Queen And The Joker (Promo) Decca30961VG+/VG++ $10.00 1
Accents (1969) Yours Until Tomorrow Love Is A Many Splendored Thing (Promo) RCA0127Mint $10.00 1
Ackoff, Bob Come Dance With Me (Rock-A-Billy) Sometimes (Promo) Roulette4339VG $15.00 1
Acuff, Roy & Smokiny Mountain Boys (C&W) Pins And Needles (In My Heart) Don`t Make Me Go To Bed And I`ll Be Good (Promo) Hickory1206Mint $8.00 1
Acuff, Roy & Smokiny Mountain Boys (C&W) (Today) My Heart Came Back To Me Come And Knock (On The Door Of My Heart) (Promo) Hickory1097Mint- $8.00 1
Adamo (1965) Another Love Affair Dolce Paola (Promo) Liberty55775Mint- (W.O.L.) $20.00 1
Adamo (1965) Another Love Affair Dolce Paola (Promo) Liberty55775Mint $20.00 1
Adams, Billy (1960) Can`t Get Enough The Gods Were Angry With Me (Promo) Capitol4373Mint $20.00 1
Adams, Cliff Keep Off My Mountain (Answer Song) Funny Kind Of Feeling (Promo) Dot16385Mint (W.O.L.) $10.00 1
Adams, Kerry (1960) Telephone Numbers Hideaway (Promo) Chancellor1060Mint $20.00 1
Adams, Nick Bull Run (Belgium Pop) Born A Rebel (Promo) Mercury71579VG++/Mint (W O/L) $20.00 1
Adano, Bobby Never Got To The Dance (Rock-A-Billy) Eager Beaver Heart (Promo) Imperial5628VG++/Mint- $25.00 1
Adano, Bobby (1959) Never Got To The Dance (Rock-A-Billy) Eager Beaver Heart (Promo) Imperial5628Mint $25.00 1
Added 44 days ago on 12/26/2022Addrisi Bros. (1960) What A Night For Love Four Little Girls (Promo) Imperial5715VG++ (Major W.O.L`s.) $15.00 1
Alaimo, Steve (1964) Let Her Go Love`s Gonna Live Here (Promo) ABC-Paramount10540Mint $15.00 1
Alaimo, Steve (1970) Can`t You See Wild Side Of Life (Promo) Atco6797Mint- (W O/L) $8.00 1
Alan, Mickey Back In My Home Town No Arms Will Ever Hold You (Promo) Epic9496Mint $20.00 1
Albano, Donny How Do You Move A Mountain I Can Remember (Promo) Roulette7061Mint $10.00 1
Alberts, Al & His Three Of A Kind Only On Sunday (Belgium Pop) Yoshiko (Promo) Todd1087Mint (W O/L) $20.00 1
Aleong, Aki Trade Winds, Trade Winds (Island) Without Your Love (Promo) Reprise20021Mint/VG++ $20.00 1
Allan, Bobby My Baby The Only One (Promo) Challenge9193VG+ (W.O.L`s.) $15.00 1
Allan, Bobby (1963) My Baby The Only One (Promo) Challenge9193Mint- (Slight Warp-Plays O.K.) $15.00 1
Allen, Jeffrey Why Can`t A Boy Cry (Belgium Pop) Beyond The Next Hill (Promo) SS72514VG++/Mint (W.O.L.`s) $20.00 1
Allen, Michael Love Me Now Where I`m Wanted (Promo) MGM13385Mint- $10.00 1
Allen, Michael My Lily Of The Valley My Heart Won`t Say Goodbye (Promo) Mercury72109Mint $12.00 1
Allen, Michael (1971) Hard Loving Loser I Have Dreamed (Promo) MGM14231Mint $10.00 1
Allen, Ray That Is My Love Dindi (Promo) Mala522Mint $10.00 1
Allen, Rex (1962) (C&W) Don`t Go Near The Indians Touched So Deeply (Promo) Mercury71997Mint $10.00 1
Allen, Tony (1967) Triple Cross (Belgium Pop) Now Is Forbever (Instr.) (Promo) U.A,50190Mint $40.00 1
Allisons Blue Tears (Island) Words (Promo) Columbia42034Mint- $15.00 1
Alpert, Dore Fallout Shelter (Belgium Pop) Tell It To The Birds (Promo) Dot16396Mint (W.O.L`s.) $10.00 1
Anderson Trio (1962) (Folk) Blow Up The Ferry It Was Great While It Lasted (Promo) Diamond128VG++ $10.00 1
Anderson, B.K. Mother-In-Law Cha Cha (Belgium Pop) Who Took The Bones (From The Watermelons) (Promo) Swirl112Mint $25.00 1
Anderson, Bailey (1972) As Long As It Rains In Pittsburg That`s How A Woman`s S`Posed To Be (Promo) Renegade5604Mint $6.00 1
Anderson, Bob Rose, Mose & Me Here I Am (Promo) U.A.372VG++/VG+ (Stained Labels) $15.00 1
Andrea, John Cathy Can I Take You Home Athena (Promo) 20th Century482Mint $20.00 1
Andrea, John You`re Thirteen (Belgium Pop) Take Her (Promo) Reprise0341VG++ $20.00 1
Andrea, John You`re Thirteen Take Her (Promo) Reprise0341Mint (W.O.L.) $20.00 1
Andrews, Gene (1963) Linda Lnda Lonely Room (Promo) Rust5054Mint (Stamp O/L.) $15.00 1
Andrews, Kirk I Need You Girl You`re Not Real (Promo) Integra104Mint- (Slight Label Wear Both Sides) $15.00 2
Andy & The Marglows Just One Look Symphony (Promo) Liberty55570Mint (W.O.L.) $10.00 1
Angel, Gary and The Halos (1961) Judy Memories Of A Summer Day (Promo) Kama34Mint $30.00 1
Angel, Johnny (1960) Falling Teardrops Doubt (Promo) Imperial5673Mint- $25.00 1
Angel, Johnny (1962) Roller-Motion Looking For A Fool (Promo) Felsted8659Mint- $15.00 1
Angel, Kenny Am I Too Young To Dance (Island) Teenage Honeymoon (Promo) Coliseum602VG++ $15.00 1
Angel, Larry (1963) Tomorrows Love You Left Me (Promo) Dome4001Mint- $35.00 1
Anglin, Sonny (1972) (C&W) Mrs. Olsen Today`s Tomorrows Yesterday (Promo) Fabor356Mint- (W.O.L.) $8.00 1
Anka, Paul (1967) Until It`s Time For You To Go Would You Still Be My Baby (Promo) RCA9128Mint- (W.O.L`s.) $8.00 1
Anka, Paul (1969) Pickin` Up The Pieces (Island) In The Still Of The Night (Promo) RCA0126Mint $10.00 1
Anthony, Don (1969) If You Were Here Anyone Can Move A Mountain (Island) (Promo) Ford159Mint $12.00 1
Anthony, Joe Look Doll Teasin` Kind (Promo) Apollo754VG++/Mint- (W.O.L.) $20.00 1
Anthony, Marc Why Do I Love You Let`s All Cheer Again (Summer Time Is Here Again) (Promo) Diamond140Mint (Date Stamp O/L`s) $25.00 1
Anthony, Rayburn (C&W) Big Dream How Well I Know (Promo) Sun373Good (W.O.L.) $6.00 1
Anthony, Tony (1959) Peek A Boo (Rock-A-Billy) Lonely One (Promo) Herald533VG+ $15.00 1
Anton, Rey & The Peppermint Men Wishbone Kingsway (Promo) ABC Paramount10652Mint/VG++ (W.O.L.) $15.00 1
Apolinar, Danny The Flowers The Middle Years (Promo) RCA9491VG+/VG $6.00 1
Appalachians (1962) Cleopatra, Queen Of The Nile All My Trails, Lord (Promo) ABC-Paramount10331Mint/VG++ $10.00 1
Applewhite, Charlie Saturday`s Kisses Put Your Heart Next To Mine (Promo) Design814VG++ (W.O.L`s.) $25.00 1
Aragon, Johnny Someone (Island) There Was A Girl (Promo) 20th Century198Mint (Number Stamp O/L) $12.00 1
Arbors Anybody Here For Love The Girl With The Heather Green Eyes (Promo) Mercury72456MInt (W.O.L..) $15.00 1
Arcade, Gene Angelina How Many Hours (Promo) Reel101Mint- $15.00 1
Arena Twins Judy Say (Island) I`d Just As Soon Forget (Promo) Columbia42026VG++/Mint- $15.00 1
Arena Twins (1960) Oh, What Shame Notify The F.B.I. (Promo) Columbia41801Mint- $15.00 1
Argo, Don I Love You, Lucy Linda With The Lonely Eyes (Promo) Hickory1318Mint (Date Stamp O/L`s) $20.00 1
Argo, Don Go To Him She`s Not A Bad Girl (Promo) Hickory1380Mint $15.00 1
Armando Transister Wonderful Time Of The Year (Promo) Cub9081Mint (Sticker Glue O/L) $30.00 1
Armstrong, Louis (1964) Faith Bye `N Bye (Promo) Mercury72371Mint $10.00 1
Arnold, Eddy (1967) (C&W) Jolly Old Saint Nicholas This World Of Ours (Promo) RCA9387Mint $10.00 1
Arnold, Jerry Honey Babe General Washington, Sir (Promo) M.O.C.659Mint $12.00 1
Arthur, Brooks The Doll With The Broken Heart (Island) Mary`s Laugh Makes Me Cry (Promo) Kapp529VG++/VG+ (W.O.L.) $12.00 1
Artie & Linda Goody Goody Dedicated To Love (Promo) Columbia43783Mint- $10.00 1
Arvon, Bobby (1967) Listen Boy "same" (Promo) MTA119Mint $20.00 1
Arwin, Johnny Love All Around Us Lock And Key Of Love (Promo) Alpine52Good $6.00 1
Arwin, Johnny Lock And Key Of Love Love Is All Around Us (Promo) Alpine52Mint- (W O/L) $15.00 1
Ashley, John I Want To Hear It From You Seriously In Love (Promo) Silver1002Mint- (W O/L`s) $40.00 1
Ashley, Leon Teenage Angel The Longest Walk (Promo) Imperial5759VG++ (W.O.L.) $25.00 1
Ashworth, Ernie (1964) Gooder Than Good (Island) Pushed In A Corner (Promo) Hickory1281Mint $15.00 1
Ashworth, Ernie (1967) (C&W) Just One Time Just An Empty Place (Promo) Hickory (Canada Press)1445Mint- (Label Wear) $8.00 1
Ashworth, Ernie (1968) (C&W) The Next Ones (Island) A New Heart (Promo) Hickory (Canada Press)1503Mint $10.00 1
Astronauts Almost Grown (Rock-A-Billy) My Sin Is My Pride (Promo) RCA8499Mint $20.00 1
Atcher, Randy (1956) (C&W) I Need You Baby Give Me Back My Heart (Promo) MGM12427VG+ (W.O.L.) $8.00 1
Added 44 days ago on 12/26/2022Atkins, Bob (1968) She`s A Woman Something Is Wrong (Promo) Eoic10366Mint $8.00 1
Avalon, Frankie (1958) You Excite Me Darlin` (Promo) Chancellor1016Mint- (W O/L`s) $20.00 1
Avalon, Frankie (1959) Just Ask Your Heart Two Fools (Promo) Chancellor1140Mint- (W O/L) $20.00 1
Avalon, Frankie (1961) Who Else But You Gotta Get A Girl (Promo) Chancellor1077Mint- $15.00 1
Avalon, Frankie (1964) Don`t Make Fun Of Me (Island) Again (Promo) U.A.728VG+/VG++ $6.00 1
Avalon, Frankie (1965) I`ll Take Sweden (Belgium Pop) There`ll Be Rainbows Again (Promo) U.A.895Mint- $10.00 1
Avalon, Frankie (1970) Empty Come Back To Me Baby (Promo) Metromedia181Mint- (W.O.L`s) $8.00 1
Baby, Big Hugh All American Girl Eloise (Promo) Liberty55959Mint- $10.00 1
Bachelor, Johnny Bad Company Like (Promo) Kem2764Mint $15.00 1
Bachelors (1971) Diamonds Are Forever (Belgium Pop) Where There`s A Heartache (Promo) London20071Mint- (W.O.L`s.) (Stamp O/L`s.) $8.00 1
Bailey, Ramblin Red (1962) Pretty Juke Box Open The Window (Promo) Bethlehem3008VG+ (W.O.L.) $15.00 1
Baker, Adrian (1975) Sherry `same` (Promo) Epic50163Mint $8.00 1
Baker, Chuck (1963) White Lilacs In The Rain I Missed The Boat (Promo) Everest2019VG+ $10.00 1
Baldry, Long John Wise To The Ways Of The World (Island) When The Sun Comes Shing Thru` (Promo) A&M974Mint $12.00 1
Ballard, Clint You Can`t Get Enough Of A Good Thing In The Middle Of A Puddle Of Tears (Promo) Imperial5777VG++ $20.00 1
Banana And The Bunch (1972) Back In The U.S.A. `same` (Promo) Raccoon/W.B.7626VG++/VG+ $5.00 1
Banana Boys (1970) Come Into My Life What Will Mamma Say (Promo) Uni55194Mint $10.00 1
Bantams My Swing Is Broke Window Of Blue (Promo) Decca31040Mint $25.00 1
Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGrade Qty
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