Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradePriceQty
Anka, Paul (1976) (w/P.S.)(REISSUE) Don`t Gamble With Love (Island) Diana Eric200Mint (P.S. = VG++) $5.00 1
Anthony, Richard w/P.S. (E.P.) (France Import) C`est Ma Fete (It`s My Party) 2) Les Beaux Jous (Wildwood Days) (Sound Clip) 1) Le Ciel Si Beau Ce Soir (A Song For Young Love) 2) Son Meilleur Copain(What To Do With Laurie) Columbia1394Mint- (P.S. = VG+) $20.00 1
Anthony, Richard w/P.S. (E.P.) (France Import) 1) On Twiste Sur Le Locomotion (Twistin` To The Locomation) 2) Ne Prends Pas Mon Amour (Keep Your Hands Off My Baby (Island) (Sound Clip) 1) Donne-Moi Ma Chance (Too Late To Wirry) 2) Apres Toi (The Next Time) Columbia1380Mint (P.S. = VG+) $20.00 1
Anthony, Richard w/P.S. (E.P.) (France Import) 1) Je Me Duis Souvent Demande 2) Il Te Faudra Chercher (Keep Searchin`) 1) Je Ne Dirai Rein (I`m Gonna Be Strong) (Island) (Sound Clip) 2) Il Est Temps De Comprendre Columbia1628Mint (P.S. - Mint-) $20.00 1
Christophe w/P.S. (E.P.) (France Import) 1) Tu N`es Plus Comme Avant (Island) (Sound Clip) 2) Noel 1) Les Marionnettes 2) Je Suis Parti AZ999Mint (P.S. - VG++) $20.00 1
Faith, Adam w/P.S. "Adam`s Hit Parade Vol. 2" (England Import) 1) Who Am I (Sound Clip) 2) Lonely Pup 1) How About That! 2) Easy Going Me Parophone8841VG++ (P.S. = VG+) $15.00 1
Foster, John w/P.S. (Italy Import) Amore, Scusami Dedicata A Paola Style588Mint (P.S. - VG++) $15.00 1
Gordon, Robert w/ Link Ray (W/ P.S.) (1978) If This Is Wrong (Elvis Related) (Sound-A-Like) Fire Private Stock45203Mint (P.S. = Mint) $10.00 1
Jackson, Cordell w/ George Reinecke and The Mud Bugs (1990) (w/P.S. "Folded Sleeve") Rockin Rollin` Eyes (Rock-A-Billy) Memphis Drag Sympathy (Clear Red Vinyl) (Small Center Hole)50Mint (P.S. = Mint) $8.00 1
Le Clan Celentano w/P.S. (E.P.) (France Import) 1) Ciao Ragazzi 2) Sano Un Fallito (Sound Clip) 1) Chi Ce L`ha Can Me 2) Vaglio Dormire Vogue Durium95133VG+/VG++ (P.S. = VG+) $12.00 1
Lee, Billy & the Rivieras (w/P.S.) You Know (Rock-A-Billy) Won`t You Dance With Me? Sundazed (Clear Red Vinyl)117Mint (P.S. = Mint) $6.00 1
Les Compagnons De La Chanson w/P.S. (E.P.) (France Import) 1) Si Tous Les Oiseaux (Island) (Sound Clip) 2) Notre Concerto La Semaine (A Perfect Love) 2) Le Bleu De L`ete(The Green Leaves Of Summer) Columbia1297VG++/Mint (Sticker O/L`s.) (P.S.= VG+) $15.00 1
Lopez, Trini (1964) (w/P.S.) (E.P.) (France Import) 1) Unchain My Heart (Sound Clip) 2) What`d I Say 1a)Medley Gotta Travel On b) Down By The Riverside c) Marianne d) When The Saints Go Marching In e) Volare Reprise60037VG/VG+ (P.S. = Mint-) $15.00 1
Lopez, Trini (1964) (w/P.S.) (E.P.) (France Import) 1) Goody Goody (Sound Clip) 2) Kansas City 1) Green green 2) If You Want To Be Happy Reprise60038VG/VG+ (P.S. = Mint-) $15.00 1
Mineo, Sal (1957) (E.P.) (w/P.S.) (Paper) 1) Dino (Sound Clip) 2) Death InA Warehouse 1) First Love 2) Saturday Night (Promo) Epic7187Mint (P.S. - VG++) $50.00 1
Mitchell, Eddy w/P.S. (E.P.) (France Import) 1) Je Defendrai Mon Amour (You`ll Only Start Me Cyin` Again (Belgium Pop) (Sound Clip) 2) Fauche(Busted) 1) Youjours Un Coin Qui Me Rappelle (There`s Always Something There To Remind Me) 2) Tai Tout Perdu (Not For Me Barclay70687Mint (P.S. - VG++) $20.00 1
Monty w/P.S. (E.P.) (France Import) 1) On Ne Peut Rien Faire 2) Tellement Jolies (Sound Clip) 1) Oui Ou Non 2) Si Tu Me Dis Barclay70753Mint (P.S. = VG+) $15.00 1
Moore, Craig & Friends feat. Jim McCarty (w/P.S.) (E.P.)(1994) 1) Full Moon On The Mississippi 2) (My My My) Mary Lou (Sound Clip) 1) Faceless Man (Sound Clip) 2) Evil Hearted You Sun9402Mint (P.S. = Mint) $6.00 1
Renis, Tony w/P.S. (E.P.) (Italy Import) 10 Quando, Quanda, Quanda (Sound Clip) 2) Tango, Per Favor 1) Blu 2) Amor, Amor, Amor La Voce Del Padrone239Mint (P.S. - Mint-) $20.00 1
Rhythm Rockers (w/P.S.) (1989) School Of Rock And Roll Let`s Dance Presto101Mint (P.S. - Mint-) $15.00 1
Richard, Cliff (1962) (w/P.S.) (E.P.) ("Cliffs hits")(England Import) 1) It`ll Be Me (Sound Clip) 2) Since I Lost You 1) I`m Lookin` Out The Window 2) Do You Want To Dance Columbia (Small Center Hole Punch Out)8203VG++ (P.S. = VG+) $15.00 1
Rivers, Dick w/P.S. (E.P.) (France Import) 1) Laisse Parler Ton Cceur (Let`s Make A Memory) 2) Ca Ne S`oublie Pas (That`s What Love Will Do) (Sound Clip) 1) Mais Oui Baby (Mayby Baby) 2) Mes Ennuis (Misery) Pathe658Mint (Sticker O/L.) (P.S. = VG+) $15.00 1
Solo, Bobby w/P.S. (Switzerland Import) 1) Christina (Sound Clip) 2) Il Fault Se Quitter 10 Si Tu Pleures, Si Tu Chantes 2) Valeria Ricordi1412VG++ (P.S. = VG+) $10.00 1
Solo, Bobby w/P.S. (Switzerland Import) Saro Un Illuso Se Piangi, Se Ridi Ricordi366Mint (P.S. - VG+) $15.00 1
Stanley Brothers (w/P.S.) (E.P.) (C&W) "Sacred Songs" 1) Four Books In The Bible (Sound Clip) 2) Jacob`s Vision 1) Jordan 2) Lonely Tombs King463Mint- (P.S. Mint) $15.00 1
Thompson, Hank (1959) (C&W) (w/P.S.) (E.P.) "Songs For Rounders" 1) May I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight Mister? (Sound Clip) 2) Rovin` Gambler 1) Little Blossom 2) Left My Gal In The Mountains Capitol1246Mint (P.S. = Mint) $20.00 1
Tony & The Rockin` Orbits/Sax Kari/Seven Secrets (E.P.) (w/P.S.)(1995) 1) Hush-A-Bye-Seven Secrets 2) Mean Evil Daddy (Rock-A-Billy) (Sound Clip)-Tony & The Rockin` Orbits 1) Mean Man Blues-Sax Kari 2) Big Fat Fanny-Sax Kari Aisle005Mint (P.S. - Mint-) $8.00 3
Tubb, Ernest (w/P.S.) (E.P.) (C&W) "Sing A Song Of Christmas" 1) White Christmas (Sound Clip) 2) Blue Christmas 1) Christmas Island 2) C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Decca2089Mint- (P.S. Mint) $20.00 1
Zelm, Jerry Days Of Autumn P.S. I Love You Studio 497205Good (W.O.L`s. & Sticker O/L) $6.00 1
Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGrade Qty