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Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradePriceQty
Coney Island Kids (1956) Pop Corn And Candy Not You Pie Fave (Promo) Josie809VG++/Mint $25.00 1
Abnor, Jon Blue For You (Island) I Really Don`t Want To Know Abnor104VG++ (Major W.O.L.) $10.00 1
Aleong, Aki Trade Winds, Trade Winds (Island) Without Your Love (Promo) Reprise20021Mint/VG++ $20.00 1
Allen, Chad Little Lonely (Island) Domino Smash1720Mint- $15.00 1
Allen, Ray What Can I Do? (Island) My Empty Glass Potria6701Mint $20.00 1
Allen, Ray He Don`t Love You Anymore (Island) Please Make Up Your Mind DCP1007Mint $12.00 1
Allen, Steve Cuando Calienta El Sol (Island) Leave It To Me Dot16507Mint $12.00 1
Allisons Blue Tears (Island) Words (Promo) Columbia42034Mint- $15.00 1
Ames Brothers Love Is An Ocean Of Emotion (Island) Love Me With All Your Heart Epic9530VG++ $15.00 1
Ames Brothers Little Serenade (Island) Stay RCA7268VG++ $8.00 1
Ames, Ed Timeless Love (Island) Two For The Road RCA9255VG++ $8.00 1
Angel, Kenny Am I Too Young To Dance (Island) Teenage Honeymoon (Promo) Coliseum602VG++ $15.00 1
Anka, Paul (1961) Dance On Little Girl (Island) I Talk To You ABC-Paramount10220VG+/Mint- $10.00 1
Anka, Paul (1964) Cheer Up (Island) From Rocking Horse To Rocking Chair RCA (England Import)1392Mint $8.00 1
Anka, Paul (1969) Pickin` Up The Pieces (Island) In The Still Of The Night (Promo) RCA0126Mint $10.00 1
Anka, Paul (1976) (w/P.S.)(REISSUE) Don`t Gamble With Love (Island) Diana Eric200Mint (P.S. = VG++) $5.00 1
Anthony, Don (1969) If You Were Here Anyone Can Move A Mountain (Island) (Promo) Ford159Mint $12.00 1
Anthony, Frankie Brenda (Island) Goin` To The River Paradise1003Good $6.00 1
Anthony, Richard w/P.S. (E.P.) (France Import) 1) On Twiste Sur Le Locomotion (Twistin` To The Locomation) 2) Ne Prends Pas Mon Amour (Keep Your Hands Off My Baby (Island) (Sound Clip) 1) Donne-Moi Ma Chance (Too Late To Wirry) 2) Apres Toi (The Next Time) Columbia1380Mint (P.S. = VG+) $20.00 1
Anthony, Richard w/P.S. (E.P.) (France Import) 1) Je Me Duis Souvent Demande 2) Il Te Faudra Chercher (Keep Searchin`) 1) Je Ne Dirai Rein (I`m Gonna Be Strong) (Island) (Sound Clip) 2) Il Est Temps De Comprendre Columbia1628Mint (P.S. - Mint-) $20.00 1
Applewhite, Larry Tell Her (Island) Nothin`s Gonna Stand In My Way Headline009Mint $8.00 1
Aragon, Johnny Someone (Island) There Was A Girl (Promo) 20th Century198Mint (Number Stamp O/L) $12.00 1
Arena Twins Judy Say (Island) I`d Just As Soon Forget (Promo) Columbia42026VG++/Mint- $15.00 1
Argo, Don Blue Heartaches (Island) Candy Sue (Belgium Pop) Hickory1352Mint $25.00 1
Arnold, Eddy (1960) Little Sparrow (Island) My Arms Are A House RCA7727Mint $12.00 1
Arnold, Eddy (1963) A Million Years Ago (Island) Just A Ribbon RCA8207Mint- $10.00 1
Arnold, Eddy (1969) Heaven Below (Island) Please Don`t Go RCA0120Mint $8.00 1
Arrigo, Ben The Shells Of Sanibel (Island) Because We Know Zebra932VG+ $7.00 1
Arthur, Brooks The Doll With The Broken Heart (Island) Mary`s Laugh Makes Me Cry (Promo) Kapp529VG++/VG+ (W.O.L.) $12.00 1
Arthur, Jay Lonely Girl On Sweetheart Mountain (Island) Psychology Smash1805Mint $15.00 1
Ashley, Leon & Margie Singleton Hangin` On (Island) Four O`Clock Emerald1008Mint (W O/L`s) $8.00 1
Ashworth, Ernie (1964) Gooder Than Good (Island) Pushed In A Corner (Promo) Hickory1281Mint $15.00 1
Ashworth, Ernie (1968) (C&W) The Next Ones (Island) A New Heart (Promo) Hickory (Canada Press)1503Mint $10.00 1
Avalon, Frankie (1961) Sleeping Beauty (Island) The Lonely Bit Chancellor1095Mint $15.00 1
Avalon, Frankie (1964) Don`t Make Fun Of Me (Island) Again U.A.728Mint (Promo Sticker O.L.) (Ring Wear "B" Side) $20.00 1
Avalon, Frankie (1964) Don`t Make Fun Of Me (Island) Again (Promo) U.A.728VG+/VG++ $6.00 1
Baldry, Long John Let The Heartaches Begin (Island Hey Lord You Made The Night Too Long W.B.7098Mint- (W.O.L. & Torn Label) $10.00 1
Baldry, Long John Hold Back The Daybreak (Island) Since I Lost My Baby Pye (Import)300163Mint (Stickers O.L`s.) $15.00 1
Baldry, Long John Wise To The Ways Of The World (Island) When The Sun Comes Shing Thru` (Promo) A&M974Mint $12.00 1
Bare, Bobby (1961) Sailor Man Island Of Love Fraternity885Mint $25.00 1
Bare, Bobby (1963) Dear Waste Basket (Island) I`d Fight The World RCA8146Mint- $10.00 1
Barnette, Billy Two Brothers (Island) Marlene Parkway826Mint/VG++ $20.00 1
Barry & The Tamerlanes I Wonder What She`s Doing Tonight Don`t Go (Island) Valiant6034Mint- $12.00 1
Barry and the Tamerlanes (1964) Lucky Guy (Island) I Don`t Want To Be Your Clown (Promo) Valiant6046VG++ $12.00 1
Barry, Jeff Lenore (Island) Why Does The Feeling Go Away (Promo) Decca31089Mint- $20.00 1
Bart, Teddy A Moment Of Weakness (Island) When You See Tony Dot16925Mint $12.00 1
Bart, Teddy Moment Of Weakness (Island) When You See Tony Sincere833Mint $20.00 1
Beau-K`s A Rose & A Star (Island) What Else Could I Do But Cry (Promo) Mercury72224Mint $15.00 1
Added 2 days ago on 2/6/2023Beaumont, Jimmy (1961) Ev`rybody`s Cryin` Camera (Island) May112Mint- (Label Ring Wear Both Sides) $35.00 1
Beavers, Clyde (C&W) The Train From North To South (Island) Thirty Two Years (Promo) Hickory1376Mint $12.00 1
Beckham, Bob Footprints (Island) Midnight Decca31493Mint $15.00 1
Belew, Carl (1962) Hello Out There (Island) Together We Stand RCA8058Mint $8.00 1
Belew, Carl (1963) Speak To Me (Island) Big City Girls RCA8270Mint-/VG+ $7.00 1
Belew, Carl (1963) The Masquerade Party (Island) Pretty Brown Eyes RCA8132Mint $10.00 1
Belew, Carl (1964) In The Middle Of A Memory (Island) Cheaters Never Prosper RCA8406Mint $10.00 1
Belew, Carl (1965) Crystal Chandelier (Island) Lonely Hearts Do Foolish Things RCA8633Mint- (W.O.L.) $10.00 1
Belew, Carl (1966) Pick Up My Marbles & Run Home (Island) Possum Holler RCA8835Mint $10.00 1
Belew, Carl (1968) Mary`s Little Lamb (Island) Once RCA9446VG+ $8.00 1
Bellus, Tony The End Of My Love (Island) The Echo Of An Old Song NRC051VG++ $20.00 1
Bellus, Tony Little Dreams (Island) Young Girls (Promo) NRC040Mint- (Slight Warp-Does Not Affect Play)(Stained Label) $8.00 1
Benton, Brook You`re All I want For Christmas (Island) This Time Of The Year Mercury72214Mint- (`BB` Hole) $20.00 1
Berkeley, Roy Hush A Bye Little Guitar (Island) Goodnight Irene (Promo) Coral62228VG+/Mint- $10.00 1
Bernal, Conjunto Desde El Cielo (Island) Con Nada Me Pagas Bego117Mint- $8.00 1
Bernard, Rod (1963) I Had A Girl (Island) Wedding Bells Hallway1806VG+ (W O/L) $10.00 1
Billy & Lilly Why I Love Billy (Why I Love Lillie) (Island) Carry Me `Cross The Threashold (Promo) ABC Paramount10489Mint $20.00 1
Blackwells Unchained Medody (Island) Mansion On The Hill Jamie1157VG++/Mint $13.00 1
Blackwells Love Or Money (Island) Big Daddy And The Cat Jamie1179VG (W O/L.s) $8.00 1
Blaine, Gerry Mountain Of Love (Island) Over Again Arvee5018VG $12.00 1
Blakley, Jimmy (C&W) Honky Tonk Princess Island Paradise D1175VG (W.O.L.) $6.00 1
Blue Diamonds In A Little Spanish Town (Island) My Grandfather`s Clock London2002VG++/Mint $10.00 1
Blue Diamonds Little Ship (Island) Carmen My Love London10006Mint- (Torn Label) $12.00 1
Bolen, Chuck Your Love Didn`t Die (Island) I Wish There Were Two Of Me Sheridan0007Mint (W.O.L) $8.00 1
Boone, Pat (1965) I Want It That Way (Island) I`d Rather Die Young Dot16684Mint- $10.00 1
Box, David If You Can`t Say Something Nice (Island) Sweet Sweet Day Joed114Mint $20.00 1
Boyce, Tommy Along Came Linda (Island) You Look So Lonely RCA7975VG++/Mint $15.00 1
Brackett, Lee I Said Hello To Shirley (Island) Steadies (Promo) Vault912Mint/VG++ (Stamp O/l.) $20.00 1
Bravo, Louis Adios Senorita (Island) Guantanamera (Promo) Philips40311Mint/VG++ $10.00 1
Bravo, Luis (1965) Adios Senorita (Island) Guantanamera Philips40311Mint ("BB" Hole) $15.00 1
Brian (Belgium Import) (w/P.S.) And I Love Her (Island) Give And Take Ronnex1385Mint (P.S. = Mint) $15.00 2
Brian, Neil Lilac And Spanish Moss (Island) I Made Her Forget (Promo) Parkway895Mint $12.00 1
Brian, Neil Barefoot Girl (Island) Runnin` Scared (Promo) 20th Century Fox6686Mint $20.00 1
Briggs, David Leave Her To Me (Island) When I Think Of You (Promo) decca31566VG+/VG $12.00 1
Britt, Billy My All (Island) We Are One Tartan502VG+ $10.00 1
Brother Makes Two Silly Ol` Me (Island) Don`t Abuse Me (Promo) Capitol2262VG++ $8.00 1
Browne, Severin (1974) Love Song (Island) Snow Flakes Motown1303Mint $6.00 1
Browns (C&W) Dear Teresa (Island) Oh, No! RCA8242Mint $12.00 1
Bud & Travis I Talk To The Trees (Island) A Moment In The Sun (Promo) Liberty55764MInt (W.O.L.`s) $12.00 1
Burnette, Dorsey (1962) Dying Ember (Island) A Country Boy In The Army Dot16305VG++/VG+ $15.00 1
Burnette, Dorsey (1966) In The Morning (Island) To Remember (Promo) Smash2029Mint $10.00 1
Burnette, Johnny (1962) The Way I Am (Island) Clown Shoes Liberty55416Mint $20.00 1
Byron, Jimmy (1960) Does My Heartache Show (Island) Another (Promo) Everest19336VG++/VG+ (W.O.L`s.) $10.00 1
Cain, Chris Always Marie (Island) No Light In Your Room 88 Keys1001Mint- $15.00 1
Capri, Tony That`s The Way (Island) Counting Wishes Leban1005VG $12.00 1
Capricorns Tricks (Island) A Way To Survive (Promo) Monument848Mint (W.O.L`s.) $20.00 1
Carlyle, Russ Untrue Lover Natividad (Island) U.S.A.913Mint $10.00 1
Carr, Morey Meet Me Where We Used To Meet (Island) I Was Telling Her About You Rolette4454VG+ ("BB" Hole) $10.00 1
Carroll, Eddie I`m Sorry (Island) Wait Eternally Santo504Mint $15.00 1
Carroll, Johnny The Salley Ann (Island) Run Come See Duchess1018Mint- $20.00 1
Caruso, Dick Two Long Years (Island) Yes Sir, That`s My Baby MGM12900VG++/VG+ $12.00 1
Cascades (1963) A Little Like Lovin` (Island) Cinderella RCA8206Mint (Sticker O/L) $20.00 1
Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGrade Qty
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