Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradePriceQty
Axton, Hoyt Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis Related) (Cover) `same` DPI5001Mint- $4.00 1
Barker, Delbert (C&W) (E.P.) (Record Only) 1) A House Without Love 2) I`m So Lonesome I Could Cry (Elvis Related) (Cv.) (Sound Clip) 1) I`ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive 2) I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You Worthmore9018Mint- $25.00 1
Bell, Freddie (1955) Hound Dog (Elvis Related) (Cover) Move Me Baby Teen101Mint- $40.00 1
Big El Trouble (Elvis Related) (Cv.) Fame & Fortune Castle117VG+/VG++ $10.00 1
Blues Magoos Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis Related) (Cover) I Can Feel It (Feelin`Time) (Promo) ABC11226VG++/Mint $8.00 1
Bradford, Keith (C&W) Somewhere Elvis Is Smiling (Elvis Related) (Tribute) `same` Nu-Sound422Mint- (Stained Labels) $6.00 1
Brand, Jack Elvis Wer`re Sorry We Fenced You In (Elvis Related) `same` Shane7101Mint (Stained Labels) $6.00 1
Bush Band (C&W) Too Many Kings (Elvis Related)(Tribute) Sun Sail Away Encore178Mint/VG++ $6.00 1
Carter Sound, Dean (1969) Do I Need A Reason (Elvis Related) (Sound-A-Like) Good Side Of My Mind Tell International373VG $40.00 1
Chavis Brothers Humpty Dumpty (Elvis Related) (Elvis Sound-A-Like) Torture Me (Promo) Ascot2177Mint- $12.00 3
Cousins What`d I Say (Elvis Related) (Cover) Boston Hop - Playboys (Promo) Chancellor1074VG++/Mint $8.00 1
Craddock, Billy "Crash" (1974) (C&W) Jailhouse Rock (Elvis Related) (Cv.) I`ve Been Too Long Lonely Baby Capitol4575VG $2.00 1
Crouch, Dub (1977) (C&W) The Legend Of Elvis Presley (Elvis Related) (Tribute) Dallas Blues Professional774588Mint- (Stained Labels) $6.00 1
Daddy Bob (1977) Welcome Home Elvis (Elvis Related) (Tribute) Poppa`s Gone Bertram-International1835Mint $8.00 1
Dell, Frank and the Teardrops (1970`s) Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis Related) (Elvis Cv.) Steppin` Stone MSM1007Mint $6.00 1
Donner, Ral (1961) I Didn`t Figure On Him (To Come Back) (Island) (Elvis Related) (Sound-A-Like) Please Don`t Go Gone5114Mint $15.00 1
Donner, Ral (1962) Loveless Life (Elvis Related) (Sound-A-Like) (Island) Bells Of Love Gone5129Mint $15.00 1
Durden, Tom (1977) (C&W) Elvis (Elvis Related) (Tribute) `same` Westbound55405Mint $6.00 1
Elkins, Cova Blue Suede Shoes (Elvis Related) (Cover) `same` (Promo) Cova133Mint- $8.00 1
Everette, Leon (1977) (C&W) Goodbye King Of Rock & Roll (Elvis Related) (Tribute)(Songs Mentioned) Where The Daisies Grow Wild True107Mint $6.00 1
Fagan, Jim(C&W) That Last Encore (Elvis Related) (Tribute) The Night My Lady Learned To Love Webcor101Mint $6.00 1
Fishburn, Mack (C&W) The Graceland King Of Rock (Elvis Related) (Tribute) Roads Sweetwood001Mint $6.00 1
Gillespie, Wesley The World Loves You Elvis (Elvis Related) (Tribute) (Sound-A-Like) Early Sunday Morning Rome1017Mint- (Stained Labels) $6.00 1
Gordon, Robert w/ Link Ray (W/ P.S.) (1978) If This Is Wrong (Elvis Related) (Sound-A-Like) Fire Private Stock45203Mint (P.S. = Mint) $10.00 1
Hamilton IV, George (1956) If You Don`t Know (Elvis Related) (Elvis Mentioned) (Rock-a-Billy) A Rose And A Baby Ruth Colonial420Mint $40.00 1
Hansen Brothers My Friend Elvis (Elvis Related) Tonite`s The Time Aaa-Aron001Good $2.00 1
Harris, Wayne Devil In Disguise (Elvis Related) (Cv.) Blowin` In The Wind- Jimmy, Wayne & Betty Hit75VG++ $12.00 1
Hickox, Jack (C&W) (1977) We`re Sure Gonna Miss You Old Friend (Elvis Related)(Tribute) You`re Memory Sure Gets Around Constellation001Mint (Stained Labels) $6.00 1
Hill, David All Shook Up (Elvis Related) Melody For Lovers Aladdin (Maroon Label)3359VG++ $50.00 1
Homer & Jethro (C&W) (How Much Is) That Hound Dog In The Window (Elvis Related)(Hound Dog mention) Pore Ol` Koo-Liger RCA5280Good (Sticker O/L) $4.00 1
Jeffrey, Terry Mike & Flight 602 It`s Now Or Never (Elvis Related) (Cv.) Jesus Man Shadow602Mint $6.00 1
Jesters What`d I Say (Elvis Related) (Cover) The Big T Candy Cane201VG $10.00 1
Johnny And The Shy Guys What`s I Say Pt. 1 (Elvis Related) (Cv.) Pt. 2 Regel200Mint- $25.00 1
Karr, Eddie (C&W) Elvis (Elvis Related) (Tribute) `same` Memory38655Mint-(Stained Labels) $6.00 1
Killebrew, George She`s Not You (Elvis Related) (Cv.) Sheila-Sandy Gold Hit27Mint- (Stamp O.L.) $15.00 1
King Elvis Let Yourself Go (Elvis Related) (Sound-A-Like) Baby Let`s Play House Marquis101VG++ $8.00 10
King, Pee Wee (1956) Blue Suede Shoes (Elvis Related) Tennessee Dancin` Doll RCA6450VG++/Mint- $20.00 1
Lee & Lowe (C&W) The Hound Dog Man`s Gone Home (Elvis Related) (Tribute) Living Without You Music Mill1011Mint- (Stained Labels) $6.00 1
Lockard, Marv (E.P.) (No Cv.) 1) Don`t Be Cruel (Elvis Related) (Cv.) (Sound Clip) 2) In The Middle Of The House-Gene Zimmerman 1) Ka Ding Dong-Gene Zimmerman 2) After The Lights Go Down Low-Gene Zimmerman Worthmore200Mint/VG++ $15.00 1
Lockard, Marv (E.P.) (Record Only) 1) Cindy, Oh Cindy- Four Blades 2) Love Me Tender- (Elvis Related) (Cv.) (Sound Clip) 1) True Love-Bob Warner & Gail Minor 2) Friendly Parsuasion- Jack Daniels Worthmore202Mint- $20.00 1
Lopez, Trini (1967) Love Letters (Elvis Related) (Cover) Gonna Get Along Without Ya` Now Reprise0547Mint- $8.00 1
Lyerly, Bill Mystery Train (Elvis Related) (Cover) `same` (Promo) RCA12352Mint- $5.00 1
Matthews, Jim, M.D. ”The Singing Surgeon” We`ll Have A Blue Christmas, Elvis (Elvis Related) (Cover)(Sound-A-Like) Plerase Come Home For Christmas Music Emporium1175Mint $8.00 1
Mirror, Danny (1977) The King Is Dead (Elvis Related) (Tribute) Are You Lonesome Tonight/Can`t Help Falling In Love Stone2121Mint- $6.00 1
Mitchum, Robert (1957) What Is This Generation Coming To? (Elvis Related) (Elvis Mention) Mama Looka Boo Boo (Promo) Capitol3672VG (Stamps O/L) $10.00 1
Moseley, John (1977) (C&W) Tupelo Mississippi Son (Elvis Related) (Tribute) `same` Moon Pie1980Mint (Stained Labels) $6.00 1
Orion (1979) Ebony Eyes (Elvis Related) (Sound-A-Like) Honey Sun1142Mint $6.00 1
Orion (1979) Before The Next Teardrop Falls (Elvis Related) (Sound-A-Like) Washing Machine Sun1147Mint $6.00 1
Orion (1980) It Ain`t No Mystery (Elvis Related) (Sound-A-Like) A Stranger In My Place Sun1152Mint $6.00 1
Orion (1981) Born (Elvis Related) (Sound-A-Like) `same` (Promo) Sun (Gold Vinyl)1899Mint $6.00 1
Palmer, Odie (C&W) A Letter To Elvis (Elvis Related) (Tribute) All I Can See Is You Little Gem1020Mint- (Stained Labels) $6.00 1
Parker, Tim (70`s Press) That`s Alright Mama (Elvis Related)(Cover) Dear Mama Emmons1005Mint $8.00 1
Price, David (1977) (C&W) Love Him Tender, Sweet Jesus (Elvis Related) (Tribute) I Need A Friend Rice5075VG++ (Stained Labels) $6.00 1
Raynor, Wilguis J.C. My Heart`s Content (Elvis Related)(Sound-A-Like) Just Before Dawn RTF100Mint- $6.00 1
Rich, Frankie & Nashville East (C&W) (1977) For Elvis (Elvis Related) (Tribute) Lori Colonel1004Mint- (Stained Labels) $6.00 1
Rios, Augie (1959) The Teacher Walked Out Of The Room (Elvis Mention) (Elvis Related) Trip To The Island (Promo) Metro20027Mint-/VG++ $40.00 1
Rubberband (C&W) (1977) Hound Dog Man (Elvis Related) (Tribute) All Around Man (Promo) October1013VG++ (Stained Labels) $6.00 1
Saucedo, Rick w/The Jordanaires & D.J. Fontana (1978) The Legend Lives On (Elvis Related) Hpow Great Thou Art Fraternity3416Mint $10.00 1
Schneider, John It`s Now Ot Never (Elvis Related) (Elvis Cv.) Stay Scotti Brothers02105Mint $5.00 1
Shiloh God Bought The Curtain Down (Elvis Related) (Tribute) Midnight Music Shane001Mint (Stained Labels) $6.00 1
Smith, Mack Allen King Of Rock And Roll (Rock-A-Billy) (Elvis Related) (Elvis Mentioned) Lonely Street Ace3011Mint $75.00 1
Smith. Mack Allen Don`t Be Cruel (Elvis Related) (Cv.) Mean Old Frisco Delta Sound1956MInt (W.O.L..) $20.00 1
Songwriters (C&W) Crying `Bout Elvis (Elvis Related) (Tribute) No Night In Heaven Indianhead1112VG+ (Stained Labels) $7.00 1
Spayer, Ed Puppet On A String (Elvis Related) (Cover) No One Will Ever Know Bonney112Mint- $8.00 1
Straight A`s Blue Moon (Elvis Related) (Cv.) I Cry Alone (Promo) Kapp2017Mint (W.O.L.) $10.00 1
Sweeney, Jim The Midnight Hour (Elvis Related) (Hound Dog mention) (Rock-A-Billy) Till The Right One Comes Along Date1001Mint- $25.00 1
Swift, Allen Are You Lonesome Tonight (Elvis Related) (Cv.) Look Out Below (Promo) Leader815Mint (Slight Dish) $15.00 1
Three D`s (1966) It Happened In Monterey Love Letters (Elvis Related) Amber4401Mint $12.00 1
Tiffin, Barry (C&W) Candy Bars For Elvis (Elvis Related) (Tribute) `same` Tiffin International300Mint- (Stained Labels) $6.00 1
Tigre, Tony (1977) Elvis, We Love You (Elvis Related) (Tribute) `same` (Promo) Gusto166VG++ (W.O.L. & Stained Labels) $6.00 1
Todd, Don (1977) (C&W) Elvis Dreamed And It Came True (Elvis Related) (Tribute) I Dreamed Elvis Sang My Song Dale437Mint $6.00 1
Tunstall, Arkey (1978) (C&W) Is The King Dead (Elvis Related) (Tribute) As I See It Brand00Mint- $6.00 1
Turner, Jack Everybody`s Rockin` But Me (Elvis Related) (Blue Suade Shoes Mention) (Rock-a-Billy) I`m Gonna Get You If I Can (Promo) Hickory1050Mint- $100.00 1
Wade, Elvis Memories Of The King (Elvis Related) (Tribute) `same` Memory244Mint- (Stained Labels) $6.00 1
Ward, Preston (C&W) (E.P.) (Record Only) 1) Blue Christmas (Elvis Related) (Cv.) (Sound Clip) 2) Frosty The Snowman-Eddie Williams 1) Here Comes Santa Claus-Billy Thomas 2) Winter Wonderland-Frank Roberts Big 4 Hits110Mint- $15.00 1
Wayne, Vince Love Letters (Elvis Related) (Cv.) No Can Mambo-Mambo (Promo) Coral61267Mint- $8.00 1
Whittington, Jim (C&W) Goodbye Elvis (Elvis Related) (Tribute) Will The Circle Be Unbroken Lew Breyer82977Mint- $6.00 1
Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGrade Qty