Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradePriceQty
Blake, Bobbi (1978) (Song Poem) Honey, I Really Want You An Autumn Song M.S.R.530Mint $8.00 1
Blake, Bobbi (Song Poem) Forever Now Light Of Love - Dick Kent M.S.R.694Mint (W.O.L.) $10.00 1
Blake, Bobbi (Song Poem) Softhearted Sunset Rhapsody M.S.R.853VG+/Mint $8.00 1
Blake, Bobbi (Song Poem) (1982) Just Once Hello M.S.R.3041Mint $8.00 1
Added 47 days ago on 8/15/2022Coeds (1961?) (Song Poem) I`ll Always Care (How Much You Love Me) Come On, Let`s Do It Again Jerome7338Mint $10.00 1
Foster, Barbara (Song Poem) My Love For You L`Amour De Mo Vie Preview1651Mint- $10.00 1
Foster, Barbara (Song Poem) You Have Too Much Love Tell Me About It Preview1682VG++ $8.00 1
Foster, Barbara (Song Poem) Burning Flames Somewhere There`s True Love For You Preview1678Mint- $12.00 1
Foster, Barbara (Song Poem) I Stopped Hanging On Sometime Woman Preview2622Mint $12.00 1
Four Of Us (Song Poem) My Model "T" Pickin` Banjo Blues Preview2767Mint- (W.O.L.) $10.00 1
Music Magicians (Song Poem) (1974) Our Golden Gate Dear Son Command Performance197VG++/VG+ (W.O.L.) $8.00 1
Music Magicians (Song Poem) (1974) Now And Forever A Passing Cloud Command Performance189Mint- $8.00 1
Sands, Margie (Song Poem) I Never Could Say Goodbye For Sale! One Broken Heart, For Sale! Tin Pan Alley231Mint $15.00 1
Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGrade Qty