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Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradePriceQty
O`Dell, Kenny Beautiful People Flowewr Girl Goldies 452574Mint $3.00 1
O`Jays Think It Over, Baby Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette) Imperial Golden Series058Mint $3.00 1
O`Jays Lonely Drifter Stand In For Love Imperial Golden Series066Mint $3.00 1
Ocean Put Your Hand In The Hand One More Chance Radio Active Gold79Mint $3.00 1
Oliver Good Morning Sunshine Jean U.A. Silver Spotlight Series130Mint $3.00 1
Oliver Jean Good Morning Starshine Collectables6023Mint $3.00 1
Olympics / Collegians Western Movies Zoom, Zoom, Zoom - Collegians Trip Oldies99Mint $3.00 1
Orbison, Roy Falling Distant Drums Monument Golden Series1904Mint $3.00 1
Orbison, Roy Paper Boy Blue Angel Monument Golden Series1915Mint $3.00 1
Orbison, Roy Pretty Paper Beautiful Dreamer Monument Golden Series8904Mint $3.00 1
Orchids You Said You Loved Me I Can`t Refuse Lost Nite150Mint $5.00 1
Originals Baby, I`m For Real The Bells Motown Yesteryear477Mint $3.00 1
Orlando, Tony Halfway To Paradise Bless You Collectables4612Mint $3.00 1
Orlando, Tony Halfway To Paradise Bless You Memory Lane2202Mint $3.00 1
Orr, Benjamin Stay The Night Too Hot To Stop Elektra Spun Gold85970Mint- $3.00 1
Osmond, Donny Sweet & Innocent Go Away Little Girl MGM Golden Circle229Mint $3.00 1
Osmond, Donny Go Away Little Girl Sweet & Innocent MGM Golden Circle229Mint $3.00 2
Osmonds Down By The Lazy River Hold Her Tight MGM Golden Circle215Mint $3.00 1
Otis & Carla / Bar-Kays Tramp Soul Finger - Bar-Kays Atlantic Oldies Series13105Mint $3.00 1
Otis Show, Johnny Willie And Hand jive Willie Did The Cha Cha Capital Star Line6040Mint $3.00 1
Owens, Donnie Need You Let There Be Rain Oldies 45144Mint $3.00 1
Owens, Donnie / Eugene Church Need You Pretty Girls Everywhere-Eugene Church Trip Oldies145Mint $3.00 1
Ozark Mountain Daredevils Look Away If You Wanna Get To Heaven A&M Forget Me Nots8471Mint $3.00 1
Ozark Mountain Daredevils Look Away If You Wanna Get To Heaven A&M Forget Me Nots8571Mint $3.00 1
Page, Patti Mockin` Bird Hill I Went To Your Wedding Mercury Celebrity Series30026Mint- ("BB" Hole) $3.00 1
Page, Patti All My Love Detour Ahead Mercury Celebrity Series30049Mint- ("BB" Hole) $3.00 1
Page, Patti The Tennessee Waltz With My Eyes Wide Open I`m Dreaming Mercury Celebrity Series30025Mint- $3.00 2
Page, Patti Tennessee Waltz With My Eyes Wide Open I`m Dreaming Mercury Celebrity Series30025Mint-/VG+ $2.00 1
Page, Patti (How Much Is) That Doggie In The Window Tennessee Waltz Collectables4225Mint $3.00 1
Page, Patti Father, Father The Lord`s Prayer Mercury Celebrity Series30076Mint $3.00 1
Page, Patti Allegheny Moon Once In A While Mercury Celebrity Series30027Mint $3.00 1
Page, Patti The Doggie In The Window Cross Over The Bridge Mercury Celebrity Series30028Mint (Sticker O/L) $3.00 1
Page, Patti /Teresa Brewer Allegheny Moon Music, Music, Music - Teresa Brewer Collectables4228Mint $3.00 1
Palmer, Robert Simply Irresistible Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) Collectables6117Mint $3.00 1
Paper Lace The Night Chicago Died Billy- Don`t Be A Hero Mercury Celebrity Series30166VG+ $2.00 1
Paper Lace The Night Chicago Died Billy-Don`t Be A Hero Mercury Celebrity Series30166VG++ $2.00 1
Paradons Let`s Start All Over Again Stick With Me Baby Oldies 45180Mint $3.00 1
Paradons / Blue Jays Diamonds & Pearls Lover`s Island-Blue Jays Era Back To Back Hits017Mint- (W.O.L.) $3.00 1
Paragons Florence Hey Little School Girl Goldies 452563Mint $3.00 5
Paramounts Take My Heart Thunderbird Boay Lost Nite374Mint $5.00 1
Parker, Bobby / Alvin Robinson Barefootin` Something You Got - Alvin Robinson Trip Oldies147Mint $3.00 1
Parker, Bobby/Buster Brown You Got What It Takes Is You Is Or Is You Ain`t-Buster Brown Oldies 45111Mint $3.00 2
Parton, Dolly (C&W) Love Is Like A Butterfly Sacred Memories RCA Gold Standard10504Mint- ("BB" Hole) $33.00 1
Parton, Dolly (C&W) Coat Of Many Colors Touch Your Woman RCA Gold Standard0943Mint $3.00 1
Patience & Prudence Gonna` Get Along Without Ya Now Tonight You Belong To Me Liberty "All Time Hit Series"54501VG++ $3.00 1
Paul And Paula Hey Paula AllI Want Is You Collectables1295Mint $3.00 1
Paycheck, Johnny (C&W) Take This Job And Shove It Slide Off Your Satin Sheets Epic Collectables2360Mint $3.00 1
Paycheck, Johnny (C&W) Someone To Give My Love To She`s All I Got Memory Lane2327Mint (Stickers O/L`s) $3.00 1
Peaches And Herb Let`s Fall In Love Two Little Kids Date Hall Of Fame1202Mint $3.00 2
Peaches And Herb Close Your Eyes For Your Love Columbia Hall Of Fame33260Mint- $3.00 2
Pelicans Aurelia The White Cliffs Of Dover Lost-Nite155Mint $5.00 1
Penagons / Olymics To Be Loved Mind Exclusively - Olympics Trip Oldies74Mint $3.00 1
People / Human Beinz I Love You Nobody But Me - Human Beinz Capitol Starline6224Mint $3.00 1
Perkins, Carl Tennessee Sure To Fall Sun Golden Treasure Series5Mint- $3.00 1
Perkins, Carl That`s Right ForeverYours Sun Golden Treasure Series19Mint- (Stamp O.L) $3.00 1
Perkins, Carl Tennessee Sure To Fall Sun5Mint $3.00 1
Perry, Steve Oh Sherrie Foolish Heart Columbia/Collectables054191Mint $3.00 1
Peter & Gordon Lady Godiva You`ve Had Better Times Capital Star Line6156Mint $3.00 1
Peter & Gordon You`ve Lost That Lovin` Feelin` Wrong From The Start Capital Creative Products51VG+ $2.00 1
Peter & Gordon There`s No Living Without Your Loving Stranger With A Black Dove Capital Star Line6104Mint $3.00 1
Petersen, Paul My Dad She Can`t Find Her Keys Eric150Mint- $3.00 1
Peterson, Bobby Irresistable You Piano Rock Collectables1200Mint/VG++ $3.00 1
Peterson, Ray The Wonder Of You Goodnight My Love RCA Gold Standard0937Mint $3.00 1
Philadelphians (Doo-Wop) Coming Home To You The Vow Collectables3828Mint $3.00 1
Phillips / Solomon Burke Release Me Just Out Of Reach - Solomon Burke Atlantic Oldies Series13045Mint- $3.00 1
Phillips, Esther / Barbara Greene Release Me Young Boy Collectables3382Mint $3.00 1
Phillips, Phil / Conway Twitty Sea Of Love It`s Only Make Believe-Conway Twitty Collectables4216Mint $3.00 1
Philllips, Esther Release Me Don`t Feel Rained On Atlantic Classics Revisted2411Mint- (Stamp O.L) $3.00 1
Pickett, Wilson I Found A Love Pt 1 She`s Lookin` Good Atlantic13025Mint $3.00 1
Pitney, Gene She`s A Heartbreaker (I Wannna) Love My Life Away Musicor Startime Series1940Mint- (W.O.L.) $3.00 1
Pitney, Gene Only Love Can Break A Heart She`s A Heartbreaker Collectables15870Mint $3.00 1
Pitney, Gene It Hurts To Be In Love I`m Gonna Be Strong Collectables15671Mint $3.00 1
Pitney, Gene Music NoteIf I Didn`t Have A Dime (To Play The Jukebox) (Island) Last Chance To Turn Around Musicor Startime Series1941Mint (W.O.L`s.) $3.00 1
Pitney, Gene The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence Half Heaven Half Heartache Musicor Startime Series1903Mint $3.00 1
Pitney, Gene Only Love Can Break A Heart Every Little Breath I Take Musicor Startime Series1902Mint $3.00 1
Pitney, Gene Mecca 24 Hours From Tulsa Musicor Startime Series1904Mint $3.00 1
Platters With This Ring Washed Ashore (On A Lonely Island In The Sea) Musicor Startime Series1939Mint- $3.00 1
Platters (You`ve Got) The Magic Touch My Prayer Mercury Celebrity Series30066Mint- $3.00 1
Platters He`s Mine Enchanted Collectables4814Mint $3.00 1
Platters He`s Mine I`m Sorry Mercury Celebrity Series30135Mint- $3.00 1
Platters (You`ve Got) The Magic Touch My Prayer Mercury Celebrity Series30066Mint- $3.00 1
Platters Smoke Gets In Your Eyes The Great Pretender Musicor Star Time Series1953Mint $3.00 2
Playmates Beep Beep Your Love Oldies 45161Mint $3.00 3
Playmates Beep Beep What Is Love? Roulette Golden Goodies47Mint- (W O/L) $3.00 1
Poco My Kind Of love Pickin` Up The Pieces Memory Lane2293Mint $3.00 1
Pointer, Bonnie Heaven Must Have Sent You Free Me From My Freedom Motown Yesteryear628Mint $3.00 1
Pointers Sisters You Gotta Believe Having A Party Goldies 452820Mint $3.00 1
Poppy Family Which Way You Goin` Billy? Endless Sleep London129Mint $3.00 1
Posey, Sandy Born A Woman Single Girl MGM Golden Circle187Mint $3.00 1
Powers, Joey Midnight Mary Where Do You Want The World Delivered Flashback24Mint $3.00 1
Presidents / Anacostia (BOOT) 5-10-15-20 (25-30 Years Of Love) On And Off - Anacostia PresidentNo #Mint $3.00 1
Presley, Elvis Wear My Ring Around Your Neck Doncha` Think It`s Time RCA Gold Standard0622Mint $3.00 1
Presley, Elvis I Beg Of You Don`t RCA Gold Standard0621Mint $3.00 1
Presley, Elvis (Now And Then There`s) A Fool Such As I I Need Your Love Tonight RCA Gold Standard0625Mint $3.00 1
Presley, Elvis My Boy Thinking About You RCA Gold Standard10489Mint $3.00 1
Presley, Elvis Hi Heel Sneakers Guitar Man RCA Gold Standard0663Mint $3.00 1
Presley, Elvis Moody Blue For The heart RCA Gold Standard11326Mint (Stickers O/L`s) $3.00 1
Presley, Elvis Always On My Mind Separate Ways RCA Gold Standard10486Mint (Stickers O/L`s) $3.00 1
Presley, Elvis A Mess Of Blues It`s Now Or Never RCA Gold Standard0628Mint (Sticker O/L) $3.00 1
Presley, Elvis A Big Hunk O` Love My Wish Came True Collectables1008Mint (Stickers O/L`s) $3.00 1
Presley, Elvis Good Luck Charm Anything That`s A Part Of You RCA Gold Standard0636VG++ (Stickers O/L.) $3.00 1
Presley, Elvis My Way Way Down RCA Gold Standard11504Mint (Stickers O/L`s) $3.00 1
Presley, Elvis Puppet On A String Wooden Heart RCA Gold Standard0650Mint (Stickers O/L`s) $3.00 1
Presley, Elvis Santa Claus Is Back In Town Blue Christmas RCA Gold Standard0647Mint $3.00 1
Presley, Elvis The Next Stepp Is Love I`ve Lost You RCA Gold Standard0677Mint $3.00 1
Presley, Elvis In The Ghetto Andy Day Now RCA Gold Standard0671Mint (W.O.L.) (Sticker O/L.) $3.00 2
Presley, Elvis One Sided Love Affair Money Honey Collectables1006Mint $3.00 1
Presley, Elvis Too Much Playing For Keeps Collectables1007Mint $3.00 1
Presley, Elvis Jailhouse Rock Treat Me Nice RCA Gold Standard0619Mint $3.00 1
Preston, Billy Will It Go Round In Circles Space Race A&M Forget Me Nots8565Mint $3.00 1
Preston, Johnny Running Bear Feel So Fine Era Back To Back Hits044Mint (Label Damage) $3.00 1
Preston, Johnny Running Bear Cradle Of Love Mercury Celebrity Series30089Mint- $3.00 1
Price, Lloyd Personality Stagger Lee MCA2410Mint- (W.O.L.`s) $3.00 1
Price, lloyd / Dobie Gray Misty The In Crowd - Dobie Gray Trip Oldies71Mint $3.00 1
Price, Ray (C&W) A Thing Called Sadness Burning Memories Columbia Hall Of Fame33093Mint $3.00 2
Price, Ray (C&W) Danny Boy I`m Still Not Over You Columbia Hall Of Fame33119Mint $3.00 1
Pride, Charley (C&W) Crystal Chandliers You`ll Still Be The One RCA Gold Standard0921Mint- $3.00 1
Pride, Charlie (C&W) It`s Gonna Take A Little Bit Longer She`s Too Good To Be True RCA Gold Standard0950Mint $3.00 2
Pride, Charlie (C&W) My Eyes Can Only See As Far as You A Whole Lotta Things To Sing About RCA Gold Standard11331Mint $3.00 1
Pride, Charlie (C&W) Crystal Chandeliers You`re Still The One RCA Gold Standard0921Mint- (Label Wear Both Sides) $3.00 1
Pride, Charlie (C&W) Don`t Fight The Feelings Of Love A Shoulder To Cry On RCA Gold Standard0128Mint $3.00 1
Pride, Charlie (C&W) Jeanie Norman I`m Just Me RCA Gold Standard0920Mint $3.00 1
Pride, Charlie (C&W) Is Anybody Goin` To San Antone Wonder Could I Live There Anymore RCA Gold Standard0867Mint $3.00 1
Prodigals Judy Marsha Lost Nite276Mint- $5.00 1
Prysock, Red Hand Clappin` Jumbo Mercury Celebrity Series30117Mint $3.00 1
Purify, James & Bobby I`m Your Puppet Shake A Tail Feather Flashback9236Mint $3.00 1
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