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Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradePriceQty
Kalin Twins When Three O`Clock Thrill MCA60031Mint $3.00 1
Kaye, Swingin` Sammy Harbor Lights Daddy Columbia Hall Of Fame Series50010Mint $3.00 2
K-Doe, Ernie T`Ain`t It The Truth Hello My Lover Bandy1495Mint- $3.00 1
Keller, Jerry / Brian Hyland Here Comes Summer Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini- Brian Hyland MCA60027Mint- $3.00 1
Kelly, Paul Stealin` In The Name Of The Lord Don`t Burm Me W.B. Back To Back Hits0315Mint $3.00 1
Kenner, Chris I Like It Like That Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Trip50Mint $3.00 1
Kenner, Chris / Falcons Land Of 1000 Dances I Found A Love - Falcons Atlantic Oldies Series1312Mint (W.O.L`s.) $3.00 1
Kenton, Stan September Song Laura Capitol Starline6005Mint $3.00 1
Kim, Andy / Dartells Baby I Love You Hot Pastrami- Dartells American Pie9029Mint $3.00 1
King Curtis Twisting With The King Soul Twist Collectables (Red Vinyl)1723Mint $3.00 1
King Curtis Soul Train Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Trip157Mint $3.00 1
King Curtis Soul Twist Soul Serenade Capital Star Line6070Mint $3.00 1
King Curtis / Dave "Baby" Cortez Soul Twist Rinky Dink - Dave "Baby" Cortez Trip Oldies83Mint $3.00 1
King, Albert Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven Can`t You See What You`re Doing To Me Stax1055Mint $3.00 1
King, Anna &Bobby Byrd Baby, Baby, Baby Make Up Your Mind - Anna King Smash1410Mint ("BB" Hole) $3.00 1
King, B.B. B.B. Jones Blues At Midnight MCA2419Mint $3.00 1
King, Ben E. Don`t Playu That Song Spanish Harlem Atlantic13068VG+ $2.00 1
King, Claude Wolverton Mountain Sam Hill Columbia Hall Of Fame33076Mint $3.00 1
King, Pee Wee Slow Polk Tennessee Waltz RCA Gold standard0538VG+ $2.00 1
King, Wayne Melody Of Love None But The Lonely Heart RCA447-0183Mint $3.00 1
Kings Creation I`m A Little Liar Collectables1017Mint $3.00 1
Kings I Hear Those Bells The Good Book Colectables1018Mint $3.00 1
Kingsmen Little Lantin Lupe Lu Money Forever Oldies21-012Mint $3.00 2
Kingsmen Death Of An Angel Jolly Green Giant Forever Oldies21088Mint (Slight Dish) $3.00 1
Kingsmen Money Little Lantin Lupe Lu Forever Oldies21-012Mint $3.00 1
Kingsmen / Scott English Louie, Louie High On A Hill- Scott English Chess/MCA/Collectables3014Mint- $3.00 1
Kingston Trio Reverend Mr. Black Greenback Dollar Capitol Starline6071Mint $3.00 1
Kingston Trio Scotch And Soda Worried Man Capital Star Line6046Mint $3.00 3
Kinks Apeman Lola Reprise Back To Back Hits0743Mint- (W.O.L.) $3.00 1
Knickerbockers / Jan & Dean Lies Heart And Soul- Jan & Dean Challenge103Mint $3.00 1
Knight, Gladys and The Pips The Way We Were/Try To Remember Love Finds It`s Own Way Collectables3523Mint $3.00 1
Knight, Gladys and The Pips The Nitty Gritty Didn`t You Know (You`d Have To Cry Sometime) Motown Yesteryear475Mint $3.00 1
Knight, Gladys and The Pips Friendship Train You Need Love Like I Do (Don`t You) Motown Yesteryear478Mint $3.00 1
Knight, Gladys and The Pips Help Me Make It Through The Night Daddy Could Swear I Declare Motown Yesteryear569Mint $3.00 1
Knight, Gladys and The Pips Part Time Love Money Radio Active Gold130Mint $3.00 1
Knight, Gladys and The Pips Giving Up Lovers Always Forgive Lost Nite261Mint $3.00 1
Knight, Gladys and The Pips Every Beat Of My Heart Letter Full Of Tears Trip20Mint- $3.00 1
Knight, Gladys and The Pips Every Beat Of My Heart Room In My Heart Goldies 452434Mint ("BB" Hole) $3.00 1
Knight, Gladys and The Pips It Hurt Me So Bad What Will Become Of Me Trip3004Good $1.00 1
Knight, Gladys and The Pips Giving Up Letter Full Of Tears Flashback33VG++/Mint $3.00 1
Knight, Gladys and The Pips / Dee Clark Operator You Are Like The Wind - Dee Clark Oldies 45113Mint $3.00 1
Knight, Jean Mr. Big Stuff You Thing You`re Hot Stuff Stax1014Mint- $3.00 1
Kodaks Oh Gee, Oh Gosh Make Believe World Flashback5Mint (Sticker O/L) $3.00 1
Kodaks Oh Gee, Oh Gosh Make Believe World Flashback5Mint $3.00 1
Kodaks / Teen Chords Oh Gee, Oh Gosh I`m So Happy - Teen Chords Trip Oldies69Mint $3.00 1
Kostal, Irwin Climb Ev`ry Mountain Prelude And The Sound Of Music RCA Gold Standard0953Mint $3.00 1
Kristofferson, Kris & Rita Coolidge Loving Arms A Song I`d Like To Sing A&M Forget Me Nots8572Mint $3.00 1
Kuban, Bob And The In-Men The Cheater The Teaser Eric153VG+ $2.00 1
La Belle, Patti & Bluebelles One Phone Call Where Are You Trip Oldies79Mint $3.00 1
La Belle, Patti & Bluebelles You`ll Never Walk Alone Decatur Street Lost-Nite250Mint- (W O/L)(Sticker O/L) $3.00 1
La Belle, Patti & The Bluebells Down The Aisle You`ll Never Walk Alone Trip27Mint $3.00 1
Lai, Francis Skating In Central Park Theme From Love Story Goldies 452709Mint $3.00 1
Laine, Frankie Mule Train The Cry Of The Wild Goose Mercury Celebrity Series30018Mint $3.00 2
Laine, Frankie Jezebel Jealousy (Jalousie) Columbia Hall Of Fame Series50006Mint- $3.00 1
Laine, Frankie Georgia On My Mind September In The Rain Mercury Celebrity Series30056Mint $3.00 1
Laine, Frankie You Gave Me A Mountain To Each His Own Roulette Golden Goodies142Mint $3.00 1
Laine, Frankie Making Memories I`ll Take Care Of Your Cares ABC Oldies Treasure Chest1231Mint $3.00 1
Laine, Frankie Jezebel Your Cheatin` Heart Columbia Hall Of Fame33009Mint $3.00 1
Lance, Major The Matador Hey Little Girl Epic2242Mint $3.00 1
Lance, Major Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um The Monkey Time Epic2221VG $1.00 1
Langley, Curley (C&W) Music NoteRockin` An` A Rollin` (Rock-A-Billy) Linda Lou Rockin Stars102Mint $5.00 1
Lanza, Mario Ave Marie The Lord`s Prayer RCA Gold Standard0774Mint $3.00 1
Lawerence, Vicki The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia He Did With Me Trip Oldies185Mint $3.00 1
Lawrence, Steve Pretty Blue Eyes Footsteps Roulette Goodies Hits Series128Mint $3.00 1
Lawrence, Steve Go Away Little Girl More Columbia33068Mint $3.00 1
Lee, Curtis Pretty Little Angel Eyes Under The Moon Of Love Era Back To Back0053Mint- $3.00 1
Lee, Dickey Laurie (Strange Things Happen) My Scrapbook Goldies 452567Mint- $3.00 1
Lee, Dickey I Saw Linda Yesterday Patches Smash All Time Hits1406Mint $3.00 1
Lee, Michele L.David Sloane I Didn`t Come To New York To Meet A Guy From My Home Town Columbia Hall Of Fame33140Mint $3.00 1
Lee, Peggy Fever Alright, Okay, You Win Capitol Starline6014Mint $3.00 1
Lemon Pipers Rice Is Nice Green Tambourine Collectables3501Mint $3.00 1
Lemon Pipers Green Tambourine No Help From Me Radio Active Gold1Mint $3.00 1
Lennon, John & Plastic Ono Band Imagine It`s So Hard Capitol1840Mint- $10.00 1
Lester, Kitty Love Letters But Not For Me Era Back To Back Hits020Mint $3.00 1
Lewis, Barbara Baby, I`m Yours Make Me Your Baby Atlantic Oldies Series13020Mint $3.00 1
Lewis, Barbara Hello Stranger Make Me Belong To You Atlantic Oldies Series13019Mint $3.00 1
Lewis, Bobby Tossin` An` Turnin` Oh Yes I Love You Lana104Mint- (Sticker O.L) $3.00 1
Lewis, Bobby Tossin` And Turnin` One Track Mind Eric141Mint $3.00 1
Lewis, Jerry Lee Great Balls Of Fire High School Confidential Smash All Time Hits1413Mint $3.00 2
Lewis, Jerry Lee Breathless Down The Line Sun Golden Treasure Series25Mint- $3.00 1
Lewis, Jerry Lee Return Of Jerry Lee Lewis Boogie Sun Golden Treasure Series29VG+ $2.00 1
Lewis, Jerry Lee Geart Balls Of Fire High School Confidental Smash10413Mint $3.00 1
Lewis, Jerry Lee Old Black Joe Baby, Baby, Bye, Bye Sun Golden Treasure Series42Mint- $3.00 1
Lewis, Jerry Lee Cold Cold Heart It Won`t Happen With Me Sun Golden Treasure Series50Mint (W O/L) $3.00 1
Lewis, Jerry Lee Invitation To Your Party I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You Sun Golden Treasure Series1101VG+ (W O/L`s) $2.00 1
Lewis, Jerry Lee Little Queenie I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You Sun Golden Treasure Series39Mint- $3.00 1
Lewis, Jerry Lee High School Confidential Fools Like Me Sun Golden Treasure Series28VG+ $2.00 1
Lewis, Jerry Lee (C&W) When He Walks On Ypu (Like You Have Walked On Me) There Must Be More To Love Than This Mercury Celebrity Series35029Mint $3.00 1
Lewis, Smiley (BOOT) Some Day Down Yonder Oldies 455247Mint $3.00 1
Lewis, Smiley / Nelson Riddle I Hear You Knocking Theme From Route 66-Nelson Riddle Collectables6101Mint $3.00 1
Lewis. Gary / Edward Bear Save Your Heart For Me You And Me And Mexico-Edward Bear Underground1062Mint $3.00 1
Lighthouse One Fine Morning Hats Off Janus705Mint $3.00 1
Liitle Dippers / Morris Albert Forever Feelings -Morris Albert Underground1170Mint $3.00 1
Liitle Joe And The Thrillers Peanuts Lilly Lou Epic Memory Lane2206Mint $3.00 1
Lind, Bob Elusive Butterfly Trull Julie`s Blues Silver Spotlight032VG+ $2.00 1
Lind, Bob Elusive Butterfly Truly Julie`s Blues U.A. Silver Spotlight Series032Mint- $3.00 1
Lindsay, Mark Arizona Miss America Columbia Hall Of Fame33181Mint $3.00 1
Little Anthony & Imperials Wishful Thinking Two People In The World Roulette Golden Goodies53Mint $3.00 1
Little Anthony & Imperials When You Wish Upon A Star I`m Still In Love With You Roulette Golden Goodies68Mint $3.00 1
Little Caesar and the Romans Those Oldies But Goodies She Don`t Wanna Dance Lost Nite204Mint $3.00 1
Little Caesar and the Romans Those Oldies But Goodies Memories Of Those Oldies But Goodies Collectables3198Mint $3.00 1
Little Ceasar & The Romans / Ron Holden Those Oldies But Goodies Love You So - Ron Holden Trip Oldies63Mint $3.00 1
Little Richard Keep A Knockin` The Girl Can`t Help It Trip Oldies31Mint $3.00 3
Little Richard Baby Face Tutti Fruitti Forever Oldies33Mint $3.00 2
Little Richard Jenny, Jenny Miss Ann Specialty606Mint- $3.00 1
Little Richard Keep A Knockin` Can`t Believe You Wanna Leave Specialty611Mint $3.00 1
Little Richard She`s Got It Keep A Knockin` Lost-Nite296Mint $3.00 1
Little Richard Lucille Short Fat Fanny Trip Oldies32Mint- $3.00 1
Little River Band Lonesome Loser Happy Anniversary Collectables6322Mint- $3.00 1
Little River Band Lady Lonesome Loser Capital Star Line6307Mint $3.00 1
Little Sister Somebody`s Watching You You`re The One Pt. 2 Atlantic Oldies Series13270Mint $3.00 1
Lobo She Didn`t Do Magic Me And You And a Dog Named Boo Big Tree15027Mint $3.00 1
Locklin, Hank (C&W) It`s A Little More Like Heaven Happy Birthday To Me SSS International421Mint $3.00 1
Locklin, Hank (C&W) We`re Gonna Go Fishin` Happy Journey SSS International Golden Treasure Series422Mint- $3.00 1
Loggins, Kenny This Is It I`m Alright (Theme From Caddyshack) Columbia02167Mint (W O/L) $3.00 1
Lombardo, Guy Auld Lang Syne Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight MCA65025Mint- $3.00 1
London, Julie Cry Me A River Come On A My House Liberty All-Time Hits54500VG+ $2.00 1
London, Julie Cry Me A River Come On-A My House U.A. Silver Spotlight Series013Mint $3.00 1
London, Laurie He`s Got The Whole World In His Hands Cradle Rock Eric208Mint $3.00 1
Lopez, Trini If I Had a Hammer Lemon Tree Reprise0700Mint $3.00 1
Los Bravos Black Is Black Bring A Little Loving London59011Mint- $3.00 1
Lovin` Spoonful She`s A Lady Money Radio Active Gold68Mint $3.00 1
Lowe, Jim Green Door Talkin` To The Blues King2062Mint $3.00 1
Lunderberg, Victor An Open Letter To My Teenage Son My Buddy Carl Liberty All Time Hits Series54567Mint- $3.00 1
Lydells There Goes The Boy Talking To Myself Lost-Nite116Mint $3.00 1
Lymon, Frankie I`m Not To0 Young To Dream Share Roulette Golden Goodies Series82Mint- $3.00 1
Lymon, Frankie I`m Not Too Young To Dream Share Roulette Golden Goodies82Mint $3.00 1
Lymon, Frankie Teenage Love I`m Not a Know It all Roulette Golden Goodies35Mint $3.00 1
Lymon, Frankie ABC`s Of Love I Promise To Remember Roulette Golden Goodies33Mint $3.00 1
Lymon, Frankie The Diary So Much Roulette Golden Goodies17Mint $3.00 1
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