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Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradePriceQty
G, Kenny
Songbird Don`t Make Me Wait For Love Flashback9691Mint $3.00 1
Gardner, Don & Dee Dee Ford
I Need Your Lovin` Tell Me Flashback10Mint ("BB" Hole) (W.O.L`s.) $3.00 1
Gardner, Don & Dee Dee Ford / Sonny Til & Orioles
I Need Your Loving Happy Till The Letter - Sonny Til & Orioles Oldies 45110Mint $3.00 1
Garland, Judy
April Showers The Man That Got Away Capital Star Line6126Mint $3.00 1
Garland, Judy
It`s A Great Day For The Irish A Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow MCA65009Mint- $3.00 1
Garner, Erroll
Misty Dreamy Columbia Hall Of Fame33180VG+/Mint- $2.00 1
Garnett, Gale
We`ll Sing In The Sunshine You Are My Sunshine RCA Gold Standard0732Mint $3.00 1
From The Vine Came The Grape The Little Shoemaker Mercury Celebrity Series30047Mint- ("BB" Hole) $3.00 1
Flamingo L`Amore I`m Longing For Love Mercury71369Mint- $3.00 1
Gayten, Paul / Oscar Wills
Nervous Boogie Flat Foot Sam - Oscar Wills Collectables3459Mint $3.00 1
Symbol Of Love Cause You`re Mine Roulette Golden Goodies Series1Mint $3.00 1
Geddes, David
The Last Game Of The Season Run Joey Run Big Tree Oldies15033Mint $3.00 1
Gene & Eunice
Ko Ko Ko (I Love You So) This Is My Story U.A. Silver Spotlight Series151Mint $3.00 1
Gene & Eunice (Boot?)
The Vow Strange World Golden OldiesNo #Mint $3.00 1
Gene & Eunice / Leon Peels
Poco Loco A Casual Kiss- Leon Peel Era Back To Back Hits013Mint $3.00 1
Tonight, Toniight, Tonight Land Of Confusion Atlantic84958VG+ $2.00 1
That`s All Taking It All Too Hard Atlantic Oldies Series84996Mint $3.00 1
Follow You Follow Me Illegal Alien Atlantic Oldies Series84957Mint $3.00 1
Genies / Bertha Tillman
Who`s That Knocking Oh My Angel- Bertha Tillman Eric148Mint $3.00 1
Genies / Kact-Ties
Twistin` Pneumonia Walking In The Rain- Kact-Ties Collectables3823VG++ $2.00 1
Gerry And The Pacemakers
Don`t Let The Sun Catch You Crying Girl On A Swing Eric205Mint- (Edge Chip, Not In Playing Area) $2.00 1
Gerry And The Pacemakers
How Do You Do It I`ll Be There Eric207VG++/Mint (Sticker O/L) $3.00 1
Gibbs, Georgia
Ballin` The Jack Kiss Of Fire Mercury Celebrity Series30011Mint $3.00 1
Gibbs, Georgia
Seven Lonly Days I Love Paris Mercury Celebrity Series30059Mint- $3.00 1
Gibson, Debbie
Only In My Dreams Shake Your Love Atlantic Oldies Series84928Mint $3.00 1
Gibson, Don (C&W)
Sea Of Heartbreak Lonesome Number One RCA Gold Standard0596Mint $3.00 1
Gibson, Don (C&W)
Blue Blue Day Oh Lonesome Me RCA Gold Standard0582Mint $3.00 1
Gibson, Don (C&W)
I Can`t Stop Lovin` You Just One Time RCA Gold Standard0590Mint $3.00 1
Gino & Gina
(It`s Been A Long Time) Pretty Baby Love`s A Carsousel Mercury Celebrity Series30134VG+ $2.00 1
Glitter, Gary
Rock & Roll Pt. 2 I Didn`t Know I Loved You (Till I Saw You Rock & Roll) Flashback85Mint $3.00 2
Day By Day Be My Side Flashback77VG++/VG+ $2.00 1
Goldsboro, Bobby
See The Funny Little Clown Little Things U.A. Silver Spotlight Series044Vg $1.00 1
Goldsboro, Bobby
Autumn Of My Life Honey U.A. Silver Spotlight Series046Mint $3.00 1
Gone all Stars / Moe Koffman Quartette
7-11 Swingin` Shepherd Blues -Moe Koffman Quartette Collectables0132Mint $3.00 1
Gordon, Roscoe
Surely, I Love You What You Do To Me Collectables1341Mint $3.00 1
Gordon, Roscoe
No More Doggin` A Fool In Love Oldies 4574Mint- (Ring Wear Both Sides) $3.00 1
Gore, Lesley
She`s A Fool It`s My Party Mercury Celebrity Series30124Mint- $3.00 1
Gore, Lesley
That`s The Way Boys Are California Nights Merciury (Black Label, Red Mercury Print)812 995 7Mint $3.00 1
Gore, Lesley
Maybe I Know Sunshine, Lollipops And Sunshine Mercury812-994-7Mint $3.00 1
Gorme, Eydie
What Did I Have That I Don`t Have If He Walked Into My Life Columbia Hall Of Fame33112Mint $3.00 1
Gorme, Eydie
Don`t Go To Strangers What Is A Woman? Columbia Hall Of Fame33127Mint- $3.00 1
Gorme, Eydie
Blame It On The Bossa Nova Can`t Get Over (The Bossa Nova) Columbia Hall Of Fame33079VG+ $2.00 1
Gramm, Lou
Midnight Blue Ready Or Not Atlantic Oldies84953Mint $3.00 1
Grammer, Billy
Gotta Travel On Bonaparte`s Retreat Monument Golden Series1905Mint $3.00 1
Grand Funk Railroad
We`re An American Band Walk Like A Man Capitol Starline6227Mint $3.00 1
Grant, Janie / Evie Sands
Triangle Take Ne For A Little While - Evie Sands Trip Oldies10Mint $3.00 1
Grass Roots
Wait A Million Years The River Is Wide Goldies 451439Mint $3.00 1
Grass Roots
Walking Through The Country Baby Hold On Goldies 451450Mint $3.00 1
Grass Roots
Heaven Knows Melinda Love Dunhill Oldies 451443Mint $3.00 1
Grass Roots
Temptation Eyes Come On & Say It Goldies 451454Mint ("BB" Hole) $3.00 1
Grass Roots / Keith Carradine
Sooner Or Later I`m Easy - Keith Carradine American Pie9022Mint $3.00 1
Grass Roots / Lalo Schifrin
Two Divided By Love Mission: Impossible- Lalo Schifrin American Pie9023Mint $3.00 1
Grass Roots / Mossis Stoloff
Temptation Eyes Moonglow And Theme From "Picnic" - Morris Stoloff American Pie9021Mint $3.00 1
Gray, Maureen
Dancin` The Strand Talk To Me - Sunny & The Sunglows Jamie Golden Hits919Mint $3.00 1
Greenbaum, Norman
Canned Ham Spirit In The Sky Reprise Back To Back hits0739Mint $3.00 1
Griffith, Andy
What It Was, Was Football Pt 1 Pt. 2 Capital Star Line6170Mint (W.O.L.) $3.00 1
Guess Who
These Eyes No Time RCA Gold Standard0833Mint- $3.00 1
Guess Who
Albert Flasher Broken RCA Gold Standard0906Mint $3.00 2
Guess Who
Rain Dance Sour Suite RCA Gold Standard0926Mint $3.00 1
Guess Who
These Eyes No Time RCA0833Mint/VG++ $2.50 1
Guess Who
American Woman No Sugar Tonight RCA Gold Standard0835Mint $3.00 1
Guitar Slim
The Things I Used To Do Well I Done Got Over It Collectables10482Mint $3.00 1
Gypsy`s / Royaltones
Jerk It Crazy Love- Royaltones Janus Gold720Mint $3.00 2
Gypsy`s / Royaltones
Jerk It Crazy Love - Royaltones Janus Gold720Mint- $3.00 1
Hager, Don & His Hot Tots (C&W)
Music NoteRiver Rock (Rock-A-Billy) Liza Jane Bop Rockin Stars (Red Vinyl)105Mint $5.00 1
Hager, Don & His Hot Tots (C&W)
Music NoteCalypso Boogie I Love You Dear, Forever Rockin Stars (Yellow Vinyl)107Mint $5.00 1
Haggard, Merle (C&W)
Swinging Doors The Girl Turned Ripe Capitol Starline6113Mint $3.00 1
Hall, Daryl & John Oates
Sara Smiles Do What You Want, Be What You Are RCA Golden Greats10942Mint $3.00 1
Hall, Tom T. (C&W)
A Week In A Country Jail Shoeshine Man Mercury Celebrity Series35001Mint $3.00 1
Hamilton IV, George
A Rose & A Baby Ruth Why Don`t They Understand Goldies 451469Mint $3.00 1
Hamilton IV, George
A Rose & A Baby Ruth If You Don`t Know Roulette Golden Goodies143Mint $3.00 1
Hamilton IV, George
Abilene There`s More Pretty Girls Than One RCA Gold Standard0717Mint $3.00 1
Hamilton IV, George
A Rose & A Baby Ruth Why Don`t They Understand Dunhill Oldies 451469Mint $3.00 1
Hamilton, Roy
Don`t Let Go You`ll Never Walk Alone Memory Lane2201VG+ $2.00 1
Hamilton, Roy
Ebb Tide You Can Have Her Memory Lane2213VG+ $2.00 1
Hampshire, Keith / Blue Haze
Big Time Operator Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Blue Haze A&M Forget Me Nots8569Mint $3.00 1
Harden Trio
Tippy Toeing Husbands And Wives Columbia Hall Of Fame33128Mint $3.00 1
Harpers Bizarre
Chattanooga Choo Choo Anything Goes W.B. Back To Back Hits7123Mint (W.O.L`s.) $3.00 1
Harpers Bizarre
The 59th Street Bridge Song Come To The Sunshine W.B. Back To Back Hits7106Mint $3.00 1
Life Is But A Dream It All Depends On You Collectables1043Mint (W O/L`s) $3.00 1
Harptones / Dells
The Shrine Of St. Cecila I Wanna Go Home-Dells Oldies 45155Mint $3.00 2
Harptones feat. Willie Winfield/Dells
I Almost Lost My Mind I Wanna Go Home-Dells Oldies 45100Mint $3.00 1
Harris, Betty
Cry To Me I`ll Be A Liar Trip Oldies106Mint $3.00 1
Harris, Betty
His Kiss It`s Dark Outside Virgo6036VG++/Mint $3.00 1
Harris, Eddie
Exodus Alicia Oldies 4515Mint $3.00 1
Harris, Richard
The Yard Went On Forever Mac Arthur Park MCA1434Mint $3.00 1
Harris, Richard
Mac Arthur Park The Yard Went On Forever MCA 1434Mint $3.00 1
Harris, Rolf
Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport Two Little Boys Eric213Mint- $3.00 1
Harris, Thurston Bobby Day
Little Bitty Pretty One Rockin` Robin- Bobby Day Collectables3106Mint $3.00 1
Harrison, Wilbert
Kansas City Listen My Darling Lost Nite365Mint $3.00 1
Hart, Freddie (C&W)
Easy Lovin` Rumor Has It Fifth Street Classic Reissue114Mint $3.00 1
Hathaway, Donny & June Conquest
I Thank You Just Another Reason Radio Active Gold106Mint $3.00 1
Hawkins, Hawwshaw (C&W)
Lonesome 7-7203 Slowpoke Starday/Gusto105VG+/VG++ (W.O.L.) $2.00 1
Hawkins, Jennell
Moments To Remember Can I Oldies 4579Mint $3.00 1
Hawkins, Jennell
Moments Can I Trip154Mint $3.00 1
It Ain`t That Way I-Yi Commodor206Mint- (W O/L) $10.00 1
Hayes, Bill / Julius La Rosa
Ballad Of Davy Crocket Eh, Cumpari - Julius La Rosa Cadence Gold Record Series1601Mint $3.00 1
Hayman, Richard
Ruby Dansero Mercury Celebrity Series30014Mint $3.00 1
Crazy For You Darling How Long Roulette Golden Goodies25Mint $3.00 1
Five Hundred Miles To Go ASfter New Year`s Eve Roulette Golden Goodies Hits Series27Mint- $3.00 1
Boogie Nights Always And Forever Epic Collectables2377VG++ $2.00 1
Helms, Bobby
Jingle Bell Rock Captain Santa Claus MCA65026Mint- (W.O.L.) $3.00 1
Henderson, Joe
Snap Your Fingers If You See Me Cry Trip Oldies112Mint $3.00 1
Henderson, Joe/ Betty Harris
Snap Your Fingers Cry To Me- Betty Harris Virgo6014VG+ $2.00 1
Herman`s Hermits
Dandy Listen People Abkco4024Mint $3.00 1
Heywood, Eddie
Soft Summer Breeze Tenderly Mercury Celebrity Series30038Mint $3.00 1
Higgins, Bernie
Just Another Day In Paradise Key Largo Etic301Mint $3.00 1
Higgins, Bertie / Tams
Key Largo Tams Medley- Tams Ripete Gold Nuggets241Mint $3.00 1
Highway (1979)
You Made A Fool "same" (Promo) RSO923Mint $6.00 1
Hill, Tiny
Angry I Get The Blues Mercury30094Mint- $3.00 1
P.S. I Love You Trying Dot112Mint $3.00 3
Till Then Only You (And You Alone) Dot114VG+ $2.00 1
Hirt, Al
Cotton Candy Sugar Lips RCA Gold Standard0727Mint $3.00 1
Hirt, Al
Alley Cat Fancy Pants RCA Gold Standard0744Mint (Promo Sticker O/L.) $3.00 1
Hirt, Al
Sugar Lips Cotton Candy RCA Gold Standard0727Mint $3.00 1
Hirt, Al
Java Al Di La RCA Gold Standard0712Mint $3.00 1
Ho, Don
Tiny Bubbles Do I Love You? Reprise0705Mint- $3.00 1
Hodges, Eddie
I`m Gonna Knock On Your Door (Girls, girls, Girls) Made To Love Collectables (Clear Yellow Vinyl)4031Mint $3.00 1
Hodges, Eddie
I`m Gonna Know On Your Door (Girls, Girls, Girls) Made To Love Eric253Mint $3.00 1
Holden, Ron
Love You So My Babe Lost Nite199Mint $3.00 1
Holden, Ron
Gee, But I`m Lonesome Susie Jane Lost-Nite207Mint $3.00 1
Jennifer Eccles The Air That I Breathe Epic Memory Lane2346Mint $3.00 2
Holloway, Nancy
T`en Va Pas Commeca (Don`t Make Me Over) (Island) C`est Bon D`etre En-Ete (That`s How Heartaches Are Made) Paris Stage001Mint $15.00 1
Holman, Eddie / Tyrone Davis
Hey There Lonely Girl Can I Change My Mind Roulette139Mint $3.00 2
Holmes, Clint
Playground In My Mind Shiddle-Ee-Dee Memory Lane2340Mint $3.00 1
Let It All Out Go Girl Go Verve Sounds Of Fame150Mint $3.00 1
Have I The Right I Can`t Stop Now Eric157Mint $3.00 1
And We Danced All You Zombies Columbia/Collectables06384Mint- $3.00 1
Hot Butter
Popcorn At The Movies Musicor Startime Series1959Mint $3.00 1
Hot Toddy`s / Les Elegart
Rockin` Crickets Bandstand Boogie- Les Elegant Underground1087Mint $3.00 1
Hotlegs / Pipkins
Neanderthat Man Gimme Dat Ding- Pipkins Capitol Starline6210Mint $3.00 1
Houston, David (C&W)
I`m Down To My Last "I Love You" Baby, Baby (I Know You`re A Lady) Epic Memory Lane2290Mint- $3.00 1
Houston, David (C&W)
Mountain Of Love Livin` In A House Full Of Love Epic Memory Lane2253Mint $3.00 1
Houston, David (C&W)
Have A Little Faith You Mean The World To Me Epic Memory Lane2276Mint $3.00 1
Houston, David (C&W)
Almost Persuaded Where Could O Go (But To Her) Epic Memory Lane2257Mint $3.00 1
Houston, Joe
All Night Long Time Out Modern16Mint $3.00 1
Houston, Whitney
Where Do broken Hearts Go Love Will Save The Day Flashback9820VG $1.00 1
Howard, Eddy
It`s No Sin To Each His Own Mercury Celebrity Series30015Mint ("BB" Hole) $3.00 1
Howard, Eddy
Careless Ragtime Cowby Joe Mercury Celebrity Series30058Mint ("BB" Hole) $3.00 1
Howard, Eddy
Auld Lang Syne There`s A Christmas Tree In Heaven Mercury Celebrity Series5752Mint ("BB" Hole) $3.00 1
Howard, Eddy
My Last Goodbye My Best To You Mercury Celebrity Series30053Mint $3.00 1
Howard, Eddy
Happy Birthday Anniversary Waltz Mercury Celebrity Series30016Mint $3.00 1
Howard, Eddy
Daddy`s Little Boy Daddy`s Little Girl Mercury Celebrity Series30071Mint $3.00 1
Howard, Eddy
Ragtime Cowboy Joe Careless Mercury Celebrity Series30058Mint- ("BB" Hole) $3.00 1
Hues Corporation
Rockin` Soul Go To The Poet RCa10480Mint $3.00 1
Hughes, Jimmy
Steal Away Lolly Pops, Lace & lipstick Oldies 45184Mint $3.00 1
Hughes, Jimmy / Wade Flemons
Steal Away Here I Stand - Wade Flemons Trip Oldies47Mint $3.00 1
Humperdinck, Engelbert
There Goes My Everything Release Me (And Let Me Love Again) Parrot Great Hits59036Mint $3.00 1
Humperdinck, Engelbert
Release Me (And Let Me Love Again) There Goes My Everything Parrot Great Hits59036Mint $3.00 1
Hunt, Tommy
Human Jerkin Around Scepter/Wand Forever21021Mint $3.00 1
Hunt, Tommy
Human Biggest Man Musicor Startime Series1952Mint $3.00 1
Hunter, Ivory Joe / Sammy Turner
Since I Met You Baby Lavender Blue Gold Soul9VG+ $2.00 1
Husky, Ferlin (C&W)
I Hear Little Rock Calling What Does Your Conscience Say To You Capitol Star Line6115VG+ $2.00 1
Husky, Ferlin / Griffith, Andy
Gone What It Was, Was Football-Andy Griffith Collectables6065VG+ $2.00 1
Hyland, Brian
The Joker Went Wild Run, Run Look And See Collectables4325Mint $3.00 1
Hyland, Brian / Jerry Keller
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini Here Comes Summer-Jerry Keller MCA60027Mint $3.00 1
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