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Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradeTypePriceQty
U.N (1979) I`m In The Groove Hot Lover (Promo) Prelude8005MintSoul $8.00 1
U-Dwi Peoples Paraphernalia Push And Pull (The Tom Jones) Terrible Train (Promo) BRC102Mint-Funk $12.00 1
Uggams, Leslie In The Land Of Make Believe River Deep-Mountain High Atlantic2524MintSoul $12.00 1
Uggams, Leslie Hallelujah Baby My Own Morning (Promo) Atlantic2397MintJazz $8.00 1
Uggams, Leslie I (Who Have Nothing) (Island) A House Built On Sand Atlantic2469Mint-Soul $10.00 1
Uggams, Leslie (1976) I Want To Make It Easy For You Same (Promo) Gordy7149VG+Soul $5.00 1
Ujima (1975) A Shoulder To Lean On `same` (Promo) Epic50095Mint-70`s Soul $12.00 1
Ullanda (1979) Want Ads Around And Around Ocean Ariola7500MintSoul $6.00 1
Ultimate Truth (*) Take A Little Time Hooked On Love (And We Just Don`t Know How Deep) (Island) J City275Mint-Soul $15.00 1
Ultrafunk (1976) Gotham City Boogie Indigo Country (Promo) Contempo7002MintFunk $10.00 1
Uncle Louie (1979) Full Tilt Boogie Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Marlin3335MintFunk $6.00 1
Undisputed Truth Law Of the Land Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) Gordy7130MintFunk $8.00 1
Undisputed Truth (1972) Girl You`re Alright With A Little Help From My Friends Gordy7122Mint-70`s Soul $15.00 1
Undisputed Truth (1974) Help Yourself What`s Going On (Island) Gordy7134MintSoul $8.00 3
Undisputed Truth (1971) Smiling Faces Sometimes `same` (Promo) Gordy7108MintMotown Soul $15.00 1
Undisputed Truth (1973) Mama I Gotta Brand New Thing Gotta Keep On Trying Till I Win Your Love Gordy712MintSoul $10.00 1
Undisputed Truth (1974) Lil` Red Riding Hood `same` (Promo) Gordy7140MintSoul $8.00 1
Undisputed Truth (1974) I`m A Fool For You "same" (Promo) Gordy7139MintFunk $10.00 2
Undisputed Truth (1979) Show Time Pt 1 `same` (Promo) Whitfield8781MintSoul $6.00 1
Unexpected (Hey You) Work Your Show same (Promo) Monument208VG++70`s Soul $30.00 1
Unexpected (1976) Open Up Your Heart Time Consumer (Promo) Sound Stage Seven1517Mint- (Date Stamp O/L`s)Soul $12.00 1
Unifics Memories Got To Get You Kapp2058Mint `BB` holeSoul/Funk $15.00 1
Unifics It`s A Groovy World! Memories Kapp985Mint-Soul $10.00 1
Unifics Toshisumasu (Island) `same` (Promo) Kapp2026VG++/VG+Soul $10.00 1
Unique (1979) Party Down `same` (Promo) DJM1301VG++Soul $6.00 1
Unique (1982) Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) (Island) `same` (Instr.) (Promo) RSP1368Mint-Group Soul $20.00 1
Unique (1983) What I Got Is What You Need `same` (Promo) Prelude8077MintSoul $8.00 1
Unique Gospel Singers I Had To Tell It I Wonder Where Would You Be (Promo) Gospel1014Mint-Gospel Soul $10.00 1
Uniques Too Good To Be True Never Been In Love Paula (Red Label)222MintSoul $20.00 2
Uniques Lady`s Man Bolivar J (Promo) Paula227MintSoul $25.00 1
Uniques Loving You Blue Skies Capitol4949VG++Soul $40.00 1
Uniques Blue Skies (Belgium Pop) Loving You Capitol4949VG (W.O.L`s.)Soul $15.00 1
Unit Plus What`s The Price Of Happiness Just Walk Away (Promo) Verve10636Mint-Soul $50.00 1
United Brass & Steel You Gotta Do It Good same (Promo) Chumley90006MintFunk $12.00 1
Unity (1980) I Don`t Think I Can Make It (Without You) (Heartache`s) The Price U.A.1370VG+Soul $6.00 1
Universal Mind Reach Out For Me `same` (Promo) Red Coach811Mint-Soul $10.00 1
Universal Mind (1974) Something Fishy Going On Same (promo) Red Coach807MintSoul $15.00 5
Universal Mind (1974) (*) For You Girl (Island) Something Fishy Going On red Coach807MintSoul $15.00 1
Unlimited Four I Wanna Be Happy Calling Chanson1178MintSoul $20.00 1
Unlimited Touch (1980) In The Middle I Hear Music In The Streets Prelude8023MintSoul $20.00 1
Unluv`d I Got It Bad Steadfastly (Promo) MGM13903Mint (W O/L`s)Soul $20.00 1
Untouchables Raisin` Sugar Cane (Belgium Pop) Do Your Best (Promo) Madison147Mint-Soul $60.00 1
Untouchables (1960) Poor Boy Needs A Preacher (Belgium Pop) New Fad Madison128Mint- (W.O.L.)Soul $40.00 1
Upchurch, Phil The Persian Organ Grinder`s Twist U.A.417MintLatin Soul Instr. $12.00 1
Upchurch, Phil Softly (Island) You Don`t Have To Know (Promo) Cadet5675VG++/MintSoul Instr. $10.00 1
Upchurch, Phil The Hog That`s Where It Is (Promo) U.A.385VG++/MInt-Soul Instr. $8.00 1
Upchurch, Phil (1961) The Hog That`s Where It Is (Promo) U.A.385Mint/VG++Soul Instr. $15.00 1
Upchurch, Phil (1972) Darkness, Darkness Pt 1 Pt 2 (Promo) Blue Thunb214MintSoul Instr. $6.00 1
Upchurch, Robert (1973) The Devil Made Me Do It `same` (Promo) Golden Fleece3254Mint-Soul $25.00 1
Upchurch, Robert (1973) The Devil Made Me Do It Same (Promo) Golden Fleece3254Mint (Date Stamp O/L`s)Soul $12.00 1
Upfronts Baby, For Your Love It Took Time (It Took You) Lummtone108VG++Soul $50.00 1
Upp (1976) Never Gonna Turn My Back On You `same` (Promo) Epic50233Mint-70`s Soul $35.00 1
Upsetters feat. Jimmy Wess Down Home Don`t Be Cruel (Promo) ABC11120Mint Latin Soul Inst $20.00 1
Upsetters feat: Jimmy Wess Always In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time (Island) Tossin` And Turnin` (Promo) ABC11081MintDeep Soul/Soul $60.00 1
Upshaw, Bernard Singers He Included Me I`m Grateful Bus172VG+/VG++Gospel Soul $8.00 1
Uptight Sound Creation One For L.U.V. (Love) (Instr.) Blind Am I Mercury72910Good ("BB" Hole)Soul $10.00 1
Uptights Free At Last You Gits None Of This Skye4525VG++Deep Soul $30.00 1
Uptown (I Know) I`m Losing You Get Ready (Robin Stanley) Oak Lawn3810VG+/VG++Soul $6.00 1
Us (1974) Ostrich Same (Promo) Spring150MintFunk $10.00 1
Us, Inc. Funky Guitar, Leather Harmonica Blues `same` (Promo) Honor Brigade11MintFunk Instr. $20.00 1
Utmost Whole Lotta Lovin` `same` (Instr.) Lemco901MintSoul $75.00 3
Utopians Do You Feel It? Holding On (Island) Sunny-Fla0971VG++/Mint-70`s Soul $50.00 1
V Wages Until I Found You Lucky I Found You Salem1013MintX-O Soul $25.00 1
V.I.P.`s You Pulled A Fast One (Belgium Pop) Flashback Big Top518MintSoul $25.00 1
V.I.P.`s I`m On To You Baby If He Wants Me (Island) (Promo) Big Top521MintGroup Soul $40.00 2
V.I.P`s Strange Little Girl My Girl Cried (Promo) Congress211Mint/VG++Soul $225.00 1
Valadiers I Found A Girl You`ll Be Sorry Someday Gordy7030GoodMotown Soul $25.00 1
Valadiers Greetings (This Is Uncle Sam) Take A Chance Miracle6Mint (W O/L)Motown Soul $50.00 1
Valentin, Bobby Huracan El Mensajero Fania556MintLatin Soul $12.00 1
Valentin, Dave (1982) Street Beat Leo & The Sun Arista3000MintSoul $6.00 1
Valentine, Billy (1955) Your Love Has Got Me (Reelin` And A-Rockin`) It`s A Sin (Promo) Capitol3145Mint-R&B $40.00 1
Valentine, Don Being Together Nobody Knows (Promo) U.T.4003Mint-/VG++R&B $35.00 1
Valentine, Don (1959) Being Together Nobody Knows (Promo) U.T.4003Mint-R&B $40.00 1
Valentine, Joe Hands On, Hands Off A Woman`s Love Ronn30Mint-Funk $40.00 1
Valentine, Joe I Can`t Stand To See You Cry (Island) One Night Of Satisfaction Ronn14VG++Soul $15.00 1
Valentine, Liz I Won`t Do Anything I`ve Got To Keep On Loving You All Platinum2305VG+/VGSoul $15.00 1
Valentine, Patience (1964) Woman In A Man`s World (Island) Lost And Lookin` (Island) Sar157MintSoul Ballads $50.00 1
Valentino (1975) Liberation I Was Born This Way Gaiee7040VG++/Mint-70`s Soul $12.00 1
Valentino (1975) I Was Born This Way Liberation Gaiee7640Mint70`s Soul $25.00 1
Valentinos Baby, Lots Of Luck (Belgium Pop) She`s So Good To Me Sar144GoodSoul $10.00 1
Valentinos Bitter Dreams Everybody Wants To Fall In Love Sar155VG+Soul $15.00 1
Valentinos Tired Of Being Nobody The Death Of Love Jubilee5636VG+Soul $12.00 1
Valentinos Baby, Lots Of Luck (Belgium Pop;) She`s So Good To Me (Promo) Sar144VG+Soul $25.00 1
Valentinos You`ve Got The Kind Of Love That`s For Real Two Lovers History (Island) (Promo) Jubilee5650Mint/VG++Soul $25.00 1
Valentinos Baby, Lots Of Luck (Belgium Pop) She`s So Good To Me Sar144Mint-/VG++(Stamp O/L`s.) (W.O.L.)Soul $30.00 1
Valentinos It`s All Over Now Tired Of Livin` In The Country Sar152Mint-Soul $25.00 1
Valerie & Nick I`ll Find You Lonely Town (Promo) Glover3000Mint-/VG++ (W.O.L.)Soul $75.00 1
Valerie & Nick I`ll Find You LonelyTown Glover3000VG++ ("BB" Hole)Soul $100.00 1
Valerie & Nick I`ll Find You Lonely Town Glover3000Good-Soul $20.00 1
Valery, Dana I`m A Woman Now The Fountain Brunswick55494MintSoul $10.00 1
Valery, Dana (1975) Will You Love Me Tomorrow `same` (Promo) Phantom10566MintSoul $12.00 1
Valley Womders God`s Gonna Move His Hands Troubled Heart (Promo) Song Bird1034MintGospel Soul $10.00 1
Valley Wonders The Twent Third Psalms The Lord`s Prayer Song Bird1011Mint-Gospel Soul $10.00 1
Valli (w/Shirelles) Hurry Home To Me (Soldier Boy) Jimmy`s In A Hurry (Promo) Scepter1233VG++Soul $20.00 1
Valor, Tony Midnight Affair Dome Esa Cosa (Promo) Paula436VG++/Mint-Soul $6.00 1
Val-Rays It Hurts Doesn`t It Girl I`m Walkin` Proud (Promo) U.A.50145Mint-/VG++Soul $25.00 1
Vamp, Clarence Johns Don`t Mind Waiting After I`m Gone, Before I Leave Mar-Vel5100Mint70`s Soul $120.00 1
Van & Titus The Vulture Cry Baby Cry Elf90016Mint/VG++ (W.O.L)Soul $12.00 1
Van And Grace Set Me Free Crossroads Of Love SSS International765Mint (BB Hole)Soul Ballads $10.00 1
Van Dyke, Earl Runaway Child, Running Wild (Promo) Gonna Give Her The Love I`ve Got Soul35059MintSoul $35.00 1
Van Dykes A Sunday Kind Of Love (Island) I`m So Happy Mala566Mint- ("BB" Hole)Soul $25.00 1
Van Dykes I`ve Got To Find A Love Never Let Me Go Mala539VG+Soul $15.00 1
Van Dykes (*) What Will I Do (If I Lose You) I`ve Got To Go On Without You (Island) Mala530MintSoul $20.00 1
Van Dykes (*) You`re Shakin` Me Up You Need Confidence (Island) Mala549MintSoul $20.00 1
Van Peebles, Melvin Love, That`s America Same (Promo) Beverly Hills9352Mint (Date Stamp O/L)Soul $15.00 1
Van, Ila Your Love Got To Get To Jim Johnson (Promo) Roulette4772VGSoul $15.00 1
Van, Ila What`s The Matter Baby (Island) It Must Be Love (Belgium Pop) Liberty55595Mint (Stamps O/L.)  $25.00 1
Vance, Frankie Do You Hear Me Baby? Can`t Break The Habit (Of Your Love) Revue11048Mint- ("BB" Hole)Soul $20.00 1
Vance, Frankie Somewhere In Your Life You Are My Solution Revue11062Mint (”BB” Hole)Soul $25.00 1
Vance, Joel Slippin` And Slidin` Stars Fell On Alabama Cadet/Concept7022MInt (W.O.L.`s)Soul $10.00 1
Vance, Ulye De & The Right Kind (1983) Please Don`t Leave Me (This Way) (Island) Rocking Blues Dello645MintGroup Soul $60.00 1
Vance, Ulye De & The Right Kind (1983) You`re The One danger Of The Blues Dello644Mint-Soul $15.00 1
Vandals In My Opinion (Island) Pt. 2 T-Neck923VG++/Mint-Soul $35.00 1
Vandell, Walter The Charge Same (Part 2) Tempo701MintSoul $15.00 3
Vandross, Luther (1982) Bad Boy / Having A Party Once You Know How Epic03205MintSoul $5.00 1
Vandross, Luther (1983) I`ll Let You Slide `same` (Promo) Epic04231Mint (Sticker O/L)Soul $5.00 1
Vandross, Luther (1985) `Til My Baby Comes Home `same` (Instr.) Epic04760Mint-Soul $5.00 1
Vandross, Luther w/Gregory Hines(1986) There`s Nothing Better Than Love (Island) `same` (Promo) Epic06978MintSoul $5.00 1
Vandross, Luther (1981) Don`t You Know That? I`ve Been Working Epic02658MintSoul $6.00 2
Vandross, Luther (1981) Sugar And Spice (I Found Me A Girl) `same` (Promo) Epic02842MintSoul $8.00 1
Vandross, Luther (1982) Since I Lost My Baby (Island) You`re The Sweetest One Epic03487Mint-Soul $6.00 1
Vandross, Luther (1983) I Wanted Your Love Superstar (Don`t You Remember....) Epic04441MintSoul $6.00 1
Vandross, Luther (1993) Can`t Be Doin` That Now (Island) Never Let Me Go (Island) Epic77209VG++/Mint-Soul $5.00 1
Vaness, Theo (1978) Nobody But You Back To Music (Promo) Prelude71107MintSoul $6.00 1
Vaness, Theo (1979) I Can`t Dance Without You Thank God There`s Music (Promo) Prelude8006MintSoul $8.00 1
Vanguards Girl Go Away (It`s Wrong To Love Two) (Island) Man Without Knowledge (Island) Lamp (Gold Label)81VG++ (W.O.L.)70`s Soul $40.00 1
Vanguards (*) I Can`t Use You Girl Somebody Please (Island) Whiz612MintSoul $30.00 1
Vanilli, Milli (1989) Girl I`m Gonna Miss You (Island) All Or Nothing (remix) Arista9870MintSoul $5.00 1
Vanity (1984) Pretty Mess "same" (Instr.) Motown1752Mint (Sticker O/L.)Soul $5.00 1
Vanity (1986) Animals Gun Shy Motown1848Mint (Sticker O/L.)Soul $5.00 1
Vanity (1986) Under The Influence Wild Animal Motown1833Mint (Sticker O/L.)Soul $5.00 1
Vanity 6 (1982) Drive Me Wild Nasty Girl W.B.29908Mint-Soul $5.00 1
Vann, Donnie Disco Train Theme From The Disco Train To-Keh101Mint (D.J.Stamp Both Sides O/L.)70`s Soul $12.00 1
Vann, Donnie Turn Me Loose `same` (Promo) Dakar4531MintSoul $20.00 1
Vann, Donnie A Hundred Pounds Of Clay Hold Back The Night (Promo) (Island) Gamble241Mint (W O/L)Soul/Deep Soul $20.00 1
Vann, Donnie (1973) You`ll Never Get Rid Of Me `same` (Promo) BRC108MintSoul $15.00 1
Vann, Ila My Mother Said `same` (Promo) P.I.P.8933MintSoul $15.00 1
Vann, Paul Taking All The Love I Can Since I Lost You (Promo) Sound Stage 72638VG++ (W.O.L)Soul $15.00 1
Vann, Paul (*) Soul Children Just The Touch Of Your Hand (Promo) (Island) Sound Stage Seven2629VG++ (W O/L)Soul $15.00 1
Vann, Tommy Too Young Give A Little Bit Academy118VG+ ("BB" Hole)Soul $15.00 1
Vann, Tommy & Echoes Pretty Flamingo I`ll Forget Her Tomorrow (Promo) Academy120MintSoul $35.00 1
Vann, Tommy & The Echoes Is This Love (Catching Up To Me) What Can You Do With A Broken Heart Academy123VG+ ("BB" Hole)Soul $15.00 1
Vann, Tommy & The Professionals Soul Sister Annie For Goodness Sake (Promo) Capitol2168Mint-Soul $20.00 1
Vantrease, Ernest And The McDaniel And MAry Street Group These Are The Things Love The Way It Seems (Promo) RCA0349MintFunk $15.00 1
Variations Put The Music On Funk (Part 1) Same (Part 2) Amour1977MintFunk $10.00 1
Variations Yesterday Is Gone Empty Words (Promo) Okeh7324VG+/VG++Soul $25.00 1
Variations Yesterday Is Gone Empty Words Bob-Joy1001Good (Major W.O.L. "B" Side)Soul $20.00 1
Variations (1980) Get On Up Same (Promo) Amour4200MintSoul $10.00 1
Variations Of Love (1975) I`ll Always Love You (Island) `same` (Promo) Gold Plate1948MintGroup Soul $20.00 1
Variations Of Love (1975) I`ll Always Love You (Island) Reach For The Truth (Isdland) Gold Plate1948VG++Group Soul $15.00 1
Various Artist-"Seeburg" 33 1/3 (Record Only) 1) Sting Ray 2) Sweet Little Sixteen 3) Pack My Things And Go (Sound Clip) 1) Mojo Workout 2) Dance With Me Henry 3) So Low Seeburg (Small Center Hole)302VG++Soul $10.00 1
Varisco, Paul & Milestone Gotta Have Love (Island) Look Around You People (Promo) Date1650Mint-Soul $25.00 1
Varisco, Paul & Milestones Hey Girl (Belgium Pop) She`s A Big Girl Now Morceau5000MintSoul $25.00 1
Varisco, Paul & Milestones Gott`A Have Love Look Around You People S.A.C.6000Mint-/VG++Soul $15.00 1
Varner, Don Masquerade Down In Texas South Camp7003VG+Soul $60.00 1
Varner, Don Handshakin` More Power To Ya Diamond764VGSoul $12.00 1
Varner, Don (1969) Handshakin` More Poewr To Ya (Promo) Diamond264MintSoul $50.00 1
Vast Majority Move It Take It D&M5004VG++Funk $10.00 1
Vast Majority (1975) Love For Sale Ocean`s Apart D&M5002MintSoul Instr. $10.00 1
Vaughan, Sarah True Believer What`s The Use Roulete4325MintSoul $10.00 1
Vaughan, Sarah Broken Hearted Melody (Belgium Pop) Misty Mercury71477MintSoul $20.00 1
Vaughan, Sarah Ooh! What A Day! My Dear Little Sweetheart Roulette4256MintR&B $20.00 3
Vaughan, Sarah You`re My Baby Eternally (Promo) Mercury71562Mint- R&B $15.00 1
Vaughan, Sarah Show Me A Man Gone Mercury72187Mint- ("BB" Hole)R&B $15.00 1
Vaughan, Sarah A Lover`s Concerto First Thing Every Morning Mercury72543MintSoul $12.00 1
Vaughan, Sarah Sole, Sole,Sole How`s The World Treating You (Promo) Mercury72300Mint-Latin Soul $15.00 1
Vaughan, Sarah 1, 2, 3 Everybody Loves Somebody (Promo) Mercury72588MintSoul $12.00 1
Vaughan, Sarah (1974) I Need You More (Than Ever Now) (Island) Do Away With April (Island) Mainstream5553VG++/Mint-70`s Soul $50.00 1
Vaughan, Sarah (1969) The Time For Love Is Anytime (Island) I`m A Believer Bell832VG++Soul $8.00 1
Vaughn, Morris Help Me Just One Look Gatetown2105Good- (Major W.O.L`s.)X O Soul $8.00 1
Vaughn, Shirley & Kurtis Let Me Love You Again (Island) That`s How It Is Green Mountain411MintSoul $8.00 1
Vega, Carol I Need You Around Sugar Over You Constellation121VG++Soul $15.00 1
Vega, Tata (1980) You Keep Me Hangin` On You Better Watch Out Tamla54316MintSoul $6.00 1
Vegas I Need Your Love (Island) 10,000 Students Going To The School Of Love Cle An Thair7777MintSoul $40.00 1
Vegas, Pat & Lolly Let`s Get It On Walk On (Right Out Of My Life) (Promo) Mercury72509MintSoul $20.00 1
Vegas, Pat & Lolly (1964) Robot Walk (Belgium Pop) Don`t You Remember Apogee101VG+Soul $15.00 1
Velez, Martha (1976) There You Are Money Man Sire735MintReggae Soul $5.00 1
Vells There He Is (At My Door) (Belgium Pop) You`ll Never Cherish A Love So True (Promo) (Belgium Pop) Mel-O-Dy103GoodMotown Soul $30.00 1
Velons Why Don`t You Write Me (Island) Summer Love BJM6568MintGroup Soul $20.00 1
Velons Blue Lover (Island) Somewhere (Island) BJM0006MintGroup Soul $20.00 1
Vels In Laws Do The Walk (Promo) Amy881VG++/Mint-Soul $100.00 1
Vels Do The Walk In-Laws (Promo) Amy881GoodR&B $25.00 1
Vels (1984) Look My Way `same` (Promo) Mercury880-547-7MintSoul $6.00 1
Velvelettes Throw A Farewell Kiss (Belgium Pop) He Was Really Sayin` Something V.I.P.25013GoodMotown Soul $8.00 1
Velvelettes There He Goes (Belgium Pop) That`s The Reason Why IPG1002Mint- (Label; Wear Both Sides & W.O.L.)Soul $40.00 1
Velvelettes There He Goes That`s The Reason Why (Belgium Pop) IPG1002VG++Soul $50.00 1
Velvet Bet You If You Ask Around `same` (Promo) Perception543Mint70`s Soul $35.00 1
Velvet (1972) Give It Up (Island) It`s The Right Time To Go (Promo) Perception514Mint-Group Deep Soul $20.00 1
Velvet Fire (1976) Stop And Check Your Tree Same (Promo) Happy Fox512MintSoul $10.00 1
Velvet Hammer Didn`t It Rain On Tomorrow (Promo) Epic10664MintSoul $12.00 1
Velvet, James Bouquet Of Flowers When I Needed You Cub9111Mint/VG++Soul $25.00 1
Velvet, James (1962) Bouquet Of Flowers When I Needed You (Promo) Cub9111MintSoul $25.00 1
Velvet, James (1st Issue) Bouquet Of Flowers When I Needed You (Promo) Correc-Tone502VG+ (W O/L)Soul $20.00 1
Velvetones Hairy Lumpty Bump What Can The Matter Be (Promo) Verve10514MintSoul $35.00 1
Velvets Don`t Let Him Take My Baby The Love Express Monument458MintSoul $60.00 1
Velvets feat. Virgil Johnson Nightmare Here Comes That Song Again (Promo) Monument836VG++Soul $15.00 1
Veniece Yesterday Man (Promo) Let`s Stop (Belgium Pop) Hi2099VG+/VG++ (W.O.L.)Soul $10.00 1
Veniece (1975) Trying To Live My Life Without You I Still Love You (Promo) Hi2289VG++/Mint-70`s Soul $10.00 1
Vent, Joanne (1975) Call My Name Huggin` RCA10155Mint-Soul $15.00 1
Vent, Joanne (1975) Call My Name `same` (Promo) RCA10155Mint- (W.O.L.)70`s Soul $20.00 1
Venti, Sam I`ll Be Laughing Tonight Don`t Ever Try To Win My Heart Again Good Luck3778VG+Funk $15.00 1
Venturas Cry I Cried Tired Of Living In101VG+Soul $75.00 1
Venus (1976) Madison`76 Pt. 1 `same` (Promo) Columbia10341Mint- Funk Inst $8.00 1
Vera, Billy I`ve Never Been Loved J.W.`s Dream (Promo) Atlantic2700Mint (Sticker O/L)Soul $8.00 1
Vera, Billy With Pen In Hand (Island) Good Morning Blues Atlantic2526Mint ("BB" Hole)Soul $8.00 1
Vera, Billy Julie Time Doesn`t Matter Any More (Promo) Atlantic2586Mint-Soul $8.00 1
Vera, Billy & Judy Clay When You Go Even Since (Promo) Atlantic2515Mint-Soul $8.00 1
Vera, Billy & Judy Clay Really Together Storybook Children Atlantic2445MInt- (W.O.L..)Soul $10.00 1
Added 26 days ago on 1/21/2019Vera, Billy & Judy Clay (1969) Tell It Like It Is (Island) Reaching For The Moon (Promo) Atlsantic2654MintSoul $10.00 1
Verdeel, Jackie Exactly Like You Save Your Love For Me New Sound7415VG+Soul $15.00 1
Verdell, Jackie Come Let Me Love You (Belgium Pop) Y.K.W. Peacock1930VG++ (Major Damaged Label "A" & Minor Damaged Label "B" Side)Soul $25.00 1
Verdell, Jackie If We Are Really In Love ($) Call On Me Coral62555Mint ("BB" Hole)Deep Soul/Soul $35.00 1
Verdell, Jackie You Ought To Know Him Bye Bye Blackbyrd (Promo) Peacock1095VG++ (W.O.L`s.)Soul $10.00 1
Verdell, Jackie (*) Are You Ready For This I`m Your Girl (Island) Decca32118MintSoul/Deep Soul $25.00 1
Verdell, Jacqui (1973) He`s Mine (Island) We`re Gonna Have A Good Time Respect2505MintSoul $15.00 1
Verdree, Vivian & Ed Boze (*) Mister Soul Singer (Island) `same` (Promo) Avco4650MintDeep Soul $20.00 1
Verdree, Vivian (1974) Sad Song `same` (Promo) Avco4642MintSoul $15.00 1
Vereen, Ben (1975) Stop Your Half-Steppin` Ma Ma `same` (Promo) Buddah450MintFunk $10.00 1
Vernon & (Jue Baby) Jewel You`re Gonna Be Paid Sail On (Promo)- Russell Jacquet`s Orch. Imperial5722MintR&B $35.00 1
Vernon & Jewel It Hit Me Where It Hurts Since You Left Me All Alone Bay-Tone112MintR&B $40.00 1
Vernon & Jewell That`s A Rockin` Good Way Those Lonely, Lonely Nights Kent405Mint-R&B $40.00 1
Vernon And Jewel I Got To Get Closer To My Baby I Love You Bay-Tone111MintR&B $25.00 1
Vespa, Eddie I Used To Work In Chicago Letter To My Ex Wife Vic Records1328MintSoul $6.00 1
Vibrations The Watusi Wallflower Checker969Mint-R&B $20.00 1
Vibrations The New Hully Gully Anytime Checker1011MintR&B $15.00 1
Vibrations Canadian Sunset The Story Of A Starry Night Okeh7241GoodSoul $6.00 1
Vibrations Smoke Signals Who`s Gonna Help My Baby (Promo) Neptune21Mint (Slight Warp)Soul $10.00 1
Vibrations Dancing Danny `same` (Instr.) Checker1061VG++ (W.O.L.)Soul $35.00 1
Vibrations Continental With Me Baby The Junkernoo Checker974VG+Group Soul $8.00 1
Vibrations Wind Up Toy Ain`t No Greens In Harlem Mandala2511MintX O Soul $25.00 1
Vibrations My Girl Sloopy Daddy Woo-Woo Atlantic2221VG++/VG+R&B $12.00 1
Vibrations Love In Them There Hills Remember The Rain (Island) Okeh7311GoodSoul $6.00 1
Vibrations May The Best Man Win Sionce I Fell For You Checker1038MintR&B $20.00 1
Vibrations And I Love Her (Island) Soul A Go-Go Okeh7257Mint-Soul $25.00 1
Vibrations Finding Out The Hard Way Misty Okeh7230Mint (Sticker O/L.)Soul $30.00 1
Vibrations Lonesome Little Lonely Girl (Belgium Pop) Between Hello And Goodbye (Promo) (Island) Atlantic2204MintSoul $25.00 1
Vibrations Watusi Time Sloop Dance Okeh7205Mint-Soul $20.00 1
Vibrations Watusi Time Sloop Dance (Promo) Okeh7205VG++/Mint- (W.O.L.)Soul $35.00 1
Vibrations Canadian Sunset The Story Of A Starry Night Okeh7241Mint/VG++ (Sticker O/L. & W.O.L.)Soul $20.00 1
Vibrations Canadian Sunset The Story Of A Starry Night Okeh7241Mint-Soul $15.00 1
Vibrations (*) Expressway To Your Heart Who`s Gonna Help Me Now? (Island) Neptune19Mint ("BB" Hole)Soul $10.00 1
Vibrations (1961) What Made You Change Your Mind Let`s Pony Again Checker990VG++R&B $25.00 1
Vickers, Charles Do Me Good Lost My Faith In You (Promo) King12278VG++Soul/Deep Soul $60.00 1
Vickers, Charles Do Me Good Lost My Faith In You (Island) King6128VG+ (Sticker O/L.) ("BB" Hole)Soul/Deep Soul $30.00 1
Victones My Baby Changes I Need You So Front Page1001MintSoul $50.00 1
Victones Two Sides To Love Somebody Really Loves You (Guess Who) Front Page (White Label)2302VG+Soul $10.00 1
Victory Choral Union Of Philadelphia, PA The Blood Done Signed My Name I`ll Be Ready (Promo) Gospel1073Mint (stamp O?L)Gospel Soul $10.00 1
Village Callers Evil Ways When You`re Gone Bell824Mint- ("BB" Hole)Funk $25.00 1
Village Callers Hector I`m Leaving Rampart659Mint/VG++ (W.O.L.)Funk Instr $50.00 1
Village Callers Evil Ways When You`re Gone Rampart683VG+ Funk $20.00 1
Village Choir Mind Of A Fool, Wisdom Of A Genius Sensitivity Paramount0254VG+Soul Ballad $7.00 1
Village Soul Choir The Country Walk The Cat Walk Abbott2010MintSoul $12.00 1
Village Soul Choir The Sissy Football Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Abbott2028Mint-Funk $20.00 1
Vincent, Silky Funky World Pt. 1 Pt. 2 (Promo) Eastbound618Mint (1/16th Small Edge Chip-Not In Playing Surface)Funk $50.00 1
Vincent, Tami When I Fall In Love (Island) If It Hadn`t Been For You (Promo) RCA885Mint (W O/L)Soul $20.00 1
Vinson, Eddie "Cleanhead" Hold It! Back Door Blues Riverside4512MintR&B $20.00 1
Vinson, Eddier "Cleanhead" Old Maid Got Married Cadillac Blues Bluesway610Mint (Label Wear "B" Side)R&B $15.00 1
Violettes (Girl Group) I Won`t Cry If You Walk Away (It`s Easier Said Than Done) I`ll Love No One But You (Promo) Diamond243VG++Soul $50.00 1
Violinaires I Don`t Know Call On Him (Promo) Checker5043VG+Gospel Soul $10.00 1
Violinaires Solid Rock The Upper Way Jewel170Mint-Gospel Soul $8.00 1
Violinaires (1973) You`ve Been Good To Me All The Way Jewel201VG++Gospel Soul $10.00 1
Violinaires (1973) Woke Up This Morning Condition (Promo) Jewel217VG++/MintGospel Soul $10.00 1
Virgil Brothers Temptation `Bout To Get Me (Island) Look Away (Promo) Rare Earth5006Mint-Soul $40.00 1
Visions Keepin` Your Eyes On The Sun Small Town Commotion (Promo) Uni55042Mint- (W.O.L`s.)Soul $40.00 1
Visions Secret World (Of Tears) (Belgium Pop) Swingin` Wedding (Promo) Big Top3119Mint-Soul $50.00 1
Visions Of A New `Our Everything I Am I Won`t Be So Brave Tomorrow (Promo) (Island) Capitol2554Mint Soul $20.00 1
Visiters I`m In Danger Until You Came Along Dakar603VGSoul $10.00 1
Vitamin "B" (1977) Sharing (Island) Back Here Again Buddah574MintGroup Soul/Funk $25.00 1
Vitamin E" (1977) Sharing (Island) `same` (Promo) Buddah574MintSoul $10.00 3
Voice Of The Clouds Fire And Holy Ghost Jacob`s Ladder (Promo) Song Bird1139Mint/VG++Gospel Soul $8.00 1
Voices Baby You`re Messin` Up My Mind An Imnitation Of Life Victoria1000MintSoul $450.00 1
Voices Of East Harlem Giving Love (Island) New Vibrations Just Sunshine504Mint70`s Soul $20.00 1
Voices Of Harlem Giving Love (Island) New Vibrations (Promo) Just Sunshine504Mint (Date Stamp O/L`s)Soul $20.00 1
Voices Of Nashville (1975) I Believe In Jesus Release Me Nashboro1024MintGospel Soul $8.00 1
Voices Of Tabernacle Jesus The Love Of God HOB113MintGospel Soul $8.00 1
Voices Of The White Rock Baptized Believer The Love That Lights Our Way HOB Is Gospel13009Mint (Date Stamp O/L)Gospel Soul $8.00 1
Voices Of The White Rock Bapist Choir (1973) Thy Word Enduring Power Hob Is Gospel1394MintGospel Soul $10.00 1
Voltage Brothers (1977) Feeling Good Same (Promo) Lifesong1762MintSoul $6.00 1
Voltage Brothers (1978) Happening In The Streets Same (Promo) Lifesong1766MintSoul $10.00 1
Volumes Our Song Oh My Mother-In-Law Jubilee5454VG+ (Torn Label)Soul $10.00 1
Volumes Gotta Give Her Love I Can`t Live Without You American Arts6VG+/VGSoul $15.00 1
Volumes Come Back Into My Heart The Bell Chex1005VG+ (W O/L`s)Soul $15.00 1
Von, Tawny (1966) Last Night (I Found The Boy) Don`t Say It Never Was Entre1002VG++ (Stamp O/L.)Soul $80.00 1
Vondel, Jato Having A Good Time These Happy Days (Island) Gregory5550Mint/VGSoul $50.00 1
Vontastics Lady Love When My Baby Comes Back Home Moonshot6702VG++/Mint ("BB" Hole)Soul $50.00 1
Vontastics I Need You Keep On Rolling (Promo) St. Lawrence1009VG++/VG+Soul $15.00 1
Vontastics Let Me Down Easy I`m The One You Need Toddlin Town115MintSoul $25.00 1
Vontastics Day Dripper My Baby St. Lawerence1014Mint-Soul $20.00 1
Voyage (1980) I Love You Dancer I Don`t Want To Fall In Love Again Marx3342MintSoul $6.00 1
Vulcanes Let`s Go Baby Walkin` To Memphis (Promo) Liberty55995Mint-Latin Soul $20.00 1
Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradeType Qty
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