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Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradeTypePriceQty
U.N (1979) Music NoteI`m In The Groove Hot Lover (Promo) Prelude8005MintSoul $8.00 1
U-Dwi Peoples Paraphernalia Music NotePush And Pull (The Tom Jones) Terrible Train (Promo) BRC102Mint-Funk $12.00 1
Uggams, Leslie Music NoteIn The Land Of Make Believe River Deep-Mountain High Atlantic2524MintSoul $12.00 1
Uggams, Leslie Music NoteHallelujah Baby My Own Morning (Promo) Atlantic2397MintJazz $8.00 1
Uggams, Leslie Music NoteI (Who Have Nothing) (Island) A House Built On Sand Atlantic2469Mint-Soul $10.00 1
Uggams, Leslie (1976) Music NoteI Want To Make It Easy For You Same (Promo) Gordy7149VG+Soul $5.00 1
Ujima (1975) Music NoteA Shoulder To Lean On `same` (Promo) Epic50095Mint-70`s Soul $12.00 1
Ujima (19076) Music NoteKeep On Roling `same` (Promo) Roxbury2021MintSoul $10.00 1
Ullanda (1979) Music NoteWant Ads Around And Around Ocean Ariola7500MintSoul $6.00 1
Ultimate Truth (*) Music NoteTake A Little Time Hooked On Love (And We Just Don`t Know How Deep) (Island) J City275Mint-Soul $15.00 1
Ultrafunk (1976) Music NoteGotham City Boogie Indigo Country (Promo) Contempo7002MintFunk $10.00 1
Ultrafunk feat: Mr. Superbad Freddie Mack (1976) Music NoteKung Fu Man Same (Inst) Contempo7701MintFunk $12.00 1
Uncle Louie (1979) Music NoteFull Tilt Boogie Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Marlin3335MintFunk $6.00 1
Undisputed Truth Music NoteLaw Of the Land Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) Gordy7130MintFunk $8.00 1
Undisputed Truth (1972) Music NoteGirl You`re Alright With A Little Help From My Friends Gordy7122Mint-70`s Soul $15.00 1
Undisputed Truth (1974) Music NoteHelp Yourself What`s Going On (Island) Gordy7134MintSoul $8.00 3
Undisputed Truth (1971) Music NoteSmiling Faces Sometimes `same` (Promo) Gordy7108MintMotown Soul $15.00 1
Undisputed Truth (1973) Music NoteMama I Gotta Brand New Thing Gotta Keep On Trying Till I Win Your Love Gordy712MintSoul $10.00 1
Undisputed Truth (1974) Music NoteLil` Red Riding Hood `same` (Promo) Gordy7140MintSoul $8.00 1
Undisputed Truth (1974) Music NoteI`m A Fool For You "same" (Promo) Gordy7139MintFunk $10.00 2
Undisputed Truth (1979) Music NoteShow Time Pt 1 `same` (Promo) Whitfield8781MintSoul $6.00 1
Unexpected Music Note(Hey You) Work Your Show same (Promo) Monument208VG++70`s Soul $30.00 1
Unexpected (1976) Music NoteOpen Up Your Heart Time Consumer (Promo) Sound Stage Seven1517Mint- (Date Stamp O/L`s)Soul $12.00 1
Unifics Music NoteMemories Got To Get You Kapp2058Mint `BB` holeSoul/Funk $15.00 1
Unifics Music NoteIt`s A Groovy World! Memories Kapp985Mint-Soul $10.00 1
Unifics Music NoteToshisumasu (Island) `same` (Promo) Kapp2026VG++/VG+Soul $10.00 1
Unifics Music NoteWhich One Should I Choose Court Of Love (Island) Kapp935Mint- ("BB" Hole)Soul $12.00 3
Unique (1979) Music NoteParty Down `same` (Promo) DJM1301VG++Soul $6.00 1
Unique (1982) Music NoteJust My Imagination (Running Away With Me) (Island) `same` (Instr.) (Promo) RSP1368Mint-Group Soul $20.00 1
Unique (1983) Music NoteWhat I Got Is What You Need `same` (Promo) Prelude8077MintSoul $8.00 1
Unique Gospel Singers Music NoteI Had To Tell It I Wonder Where Would You Be (Promo) Gospel1014Mint-Gospel Soul $10.00 1
Uniques Music NoteLady`s Man Bolivar J (Promo) Paula227MintSoul $25.00 1
Uniques Music NoteToo Good To Be True Never Been In Love Paula (Red Label)222MintSoul $20.00 2
Uniques Music NoteBlue Skies (Belgium Pop) Loving You Capitol4949VG (W.O.L`s.)Soul $15.00 1
Uniques Music NoteLoving You Blue Skies Capitol4949VG++Soul $40.00 1
Unit Plus Music NoteWhat`s The Price Of Happiness Just Walk Away (Promo) Verve10636Mint-Soul $50.00 1
United Brass & Steel Music NoteYou Gotta Do It Good same (Promo) Chumley90006MintFunk $12.00 1
Unity (1980) Music NoteI Don`t Think I Can Make It (Without You) (Heartache`s) The Price U.A.1370VG+Soul $6.00 1
Unity (1980) Music NoteTell A Star Same (Inst.) United1388MintReggae Soul $5.00 1
Universal Mind Music NoteReach Out For Me `same` (Promo) Red Coach811Mint-Soul $10.00 1
Universal Mind (1974) Music NoteSomething Fishy Going On Same (promo) Red Coach807MintSoul $15.00 5
Universal Mind (1974) (*) Music NoteFor You Girl (Island) Something Fishy Going On red Coach807MintSoul $15.00 1
Unlimited Four Music NoteI Wanna Be Happy Calling Chanson1178MintSoul $20.00 1
Unluv`d Music NoteI Got It Bad Steadfastly (Promo) MGM13903Mint (W O/L`s)Soul $20.00 1
Untouchables Music NoteRaisin` Sugar Cane (Belgium Pop) Do Your Best (Promo) Madison147Mint-Soul $60.00 1
Untouchables (1960) Music NotePoor Boy Needs A Preacher (Belgium Pop) New Fad Madison128Mint- (W.O.L.)Soul $40.00 1
Upchurch, Phil Music NoteThe Persian Organ Grinder`s Twist U.A.417MintLatin Soul Instr. $12.00 1
Upchurch, Phil Music NoteSoftly (Island) You Don`t Have To Know (Promo) Cadet5675VG++/MintSoul Instr. $10.00 1
Upchurch, Phil Music NoteThe Hog That`s Where It Is (Promo) U.A.385VG++/MInt-Soul Instr. $8.00 1
Upchurch, Phil (1961) Music NoteThe Hog That`s Where It Is (Promo) U.A.385Mint/VG++Soul Instr. $15.00 1
Upchurch, Phil (1972) Music NoteDarkness, Darkness Pt 1 Pt 2 (Promo) Blue Thunb214MintSoul Instr. $6.00 1
Upchurch, Robert (1973) Music NoteThe Devil Made Me Do It `same` (Promo) Golden Fleece3254Mint-Soul $25.00 1
Upchurch, Robert (1973) Music NoteThe Devil Made Me Do It Same (Promo) Golden Fleece3254Mint (Date Stamp O/L`s)Soul $12.00 1
Upfronts Music NoteBaby, For Your Love It Took Time (It Took You) Lummtone108VG++Soul $50.00 1
Upp (1976) Music NoteNever Gonna Turn My Back On You `same` (Promo) Epic50233Mint-70`s Soul $35.00 1
Upsetters feat. Jimmy Wess Music NoteDown Home Don`t Be Cruel (Promo) ABC11120Mint Latin Soul Inst $20.00 1
Upshaw, Bernard Singers Music NoteHe Included Me I`m Grateful Bus172VG+/VG++Gospel Soul $8.00 1
Upstarts Music NoteGet It Together Lovely Dream Top Ten57000MintFunk/70`s Soul $60.00 1
Uptight Sound Creation Music NoteOne For L.U.V. (Love) (Instr.) Blind Am I Mercury72910Good ("BB" Hole)Soul $10.00 1
Uptights Music NoteFree At Last You Gits None Of This Skye4525VG++Deep Soul $30.00 1
Uptown Music Note(I Know) I`m Losing You Get Ready (Robin Stanley) Oak Lawn3810VG+/VG++Soul $6.00 1
Uptowns Music NoteWhere Have You Been Loud And Clear Pt 2 (Instr.) Shangr-La103VG+/VG++ (W.O.L.)Soul $75.00 1
Us (1974) Music NoteOstrich Same (Promo) Spring150MintFunk $10.00 1
Us, Inc. Music NoteFunky Guitar, Leather Harmonica Blues `same` (Promo) Honor Brigade11MintFunk Instr. $20.00 1
Utmost Music NoteWhole Lotta Lovin` `same` (Instr.) Lemco901MintSoul $75.00 3
Utopians Music NoteDo You Feel It? Holding On (Island) Sunny-Fla0971VG++/Mint-70`s Soul $50.00 1
V Wages Music NoteUntil I Found You Lucky I Found You Salem1013MintX-O Soul $25.00 1
V.I.P.`s Music NoteYou Pulled A Fast One (Belgium Pop) Flashback Big Top518MintSoul $25.00 1
V.I.P.`s Music NoteI`m On To You Baby If He Wants Me (Island) (Promo) Big Top521MintGroup Soul $40.00 2
Valadiers Music NoteGreetings (This Is Uncle Sam) Take A Chance Miracle6Mint (W O/L)Motown Soul $50.00 1
Valadiers Music NoteI Found A Girl You`ll Be Sorry Someday Gordy7030GoodMotown Soul $25.00 1
Valentin, Bobby Music NoteHuracan El Mensajero Fania556MintLatin Soul $12.00 1
Valentin, Dave (1982) Music NoteStreet Beat Leo & The Sun Arista3000MintSoul $6.00 1
Valentine, Billy (1955) Music NoteYour Love Has Got Me (Reelin` And A-Rockin`) It`s A Sin (Promo) Capitol3145Mint-R&B $40.00 1
Valentine, Don Music NoteBeing Together Nobody Knows (Promo) U.T.4003Mint-/VG++R&B $35.00 1
Valentine, Don (1959) Music NoteBeing Together Nobody Knows (Promo) U.T.4003Mint-R&B $40.00 1
Valentine, Joe Music NoteHands On, Hands Off A Woman`s Love Ronn30Mint-Funk $40.00 1
Valentine, Joe Music NoteI Can`t Stand To See You Cry (Island) One Night Of Satisfaction Ronn14VG++Soul $15.00 1
Valentine, Liz Music NoteI Won`t Do Anything I`ve Got To Keep On Loving You All Platinum2305VG+/VGSoul $15.00 1
Valentino (1975) Music NoteLiberation I Was Born This Way Gaiee7040VG++/Mint-70`s Soul $12.00 1
Valentino (1975) Music NoteI Was Born This Way Liberation Gaiee7640Mint70`s Soul $25.00 1
Valentinos Music NoteBitter Dreams Everybody Wants To Fall In Love Sar155VG+Soul $15.00 1
Valentinos Music NoteBaby, Lots Of Luck (Belgium Pop) She`s So Good To Me Sar144GoodSoul $10.00 1
Valentinos Music NoteTired Of Being Nobody The Death Of Love Jubilee5636VG+Soul $12.00 1
Valentinos Music NoteBaby, Lots Of Luck (Belgium Pop;) She`s So Good To Me (Promo) Sar144VG+Soul $25.00 1
Valentinos Music NoteIt`s All Over Now Tired Of Livin` In The Country Sar152Mint-Soul $25.00 1
Valentinos Music NoteYou`ve Got The Kind Of Love That`s For Real Two Lovers History (Island) (Promo) Jubilee5650Mint/VG++Soul $25.00 1
Valentinos Music NoteBaby, Lots Of Luck (Belgium Pop) She`s So Good To Me Sar144Mint-/VG++(Stamp O/L`s.) (W.O.L.)Soul $30.00 1
Valerie & Nick Music NoteI`ll Find You Lonely Town (Promo) Glover3000Mint-/VG++ (W.O.L.)Soul $75.00 1
Valerie & Nick Music NoteI`ll Find You LonelyTown Glover3000VG++ ("BB" Hole)Soul $100.00 1
Valerie & Nick Music NoteI`ll Find You Lonely Town Glover3000Good-Soul $20.00 1
Valery, Dana Music NoteI`m A Woman Now The Fountain Brunswick55494MintSoul $10.00 1
Valery, Dana (1975) Music NoteWill You Love Me Tomorrow `same` (Promo) Phantom10566MintSoul $12.00 1
Valley Womders Music NoteGod`s Gonna Move His Hands Troubled Heart (Promo) Song Bird1034MintGospel Soul $10.00 1
Valley Wonders Music NoteThe Twent Third Psalms The Lord`s Prayer Song Bird1011Mint-Gospel Soul $10.00 1
Valli (w/Shirelles) Hurry Home To Me (Soldier Boy) Jimmy`s In A Hurry (Promo) Scepter1233VG++Soul $20.00 1
Valor, Tony Music NoteMidnight Affair Dome Esa Cosa (Promo) Paula436VG++/Mint-Soul $6.00 1
Vamp, Clarence Johns Music NoteDon`t Mind Waiting After I`m Gone, Before I Leave Mar-Vel5100Mint70`s Soul $120.00 1
Van & Titus Music NoteThe Vulture Cry Baby Cry Elf90016Mint/VG++ (W.O.L)Soul $12.00 1
Van And Grace Music NoteSet Me Free Crossroads Of Love SSS International765Mint (BB Hole)Soul Ballads $10.00 1
Van Dykes Music NoteA Sunday Kind Of Love (Island) I`m So Happy Mala566Mint- ("BB" Hole)Soul $25.00 1
Van Dykes Music NoteI`ve Got To Find A Love Never Let Me Go Mala539VG+Soul $15.00 1
Van Dykes (*) Music NoteYou`re Shakin` Me Up You Need Confidence (Island) Mala549MintSoul $20.00 1
Van, Ila Music NoteYour Love Got To Get To Jim Johnson (Promo) Roulette4772VGSoul $15.00 1
Van, Ila Music NoteWhat`s The Matter Baby (Island) It Must Be Love (Belgium Pop) Liberty55595Mint (Stamps O/L.)  $25.00 1
Vance, Frankie Music NoteDo You Hear Me Baby? Can`t Break The Habit (Of Your Love) Revue11048Mint- ("BB" Hole)Soul $20.00 1
Vance, Frankie Music NoteSomewhere In Your Life You Are My Solution Revue11062Mint (”BB” Hole)Soul $25.00 1
Vance, Joel Music NoteSlippin` And Slidin` Stars Fell On Alabama Cadet/Concept7022MInt (W.O.L.`s)Soul $10.00 1
Vance, Ulye De & The Right Kind (1983) Music NotePlease Don`t Leave Me (This Way) (Island) Rocking Blues Dello645MintGroup Soul $60.00 1
Vance, Ulye De & The Right Kind (1983) Music NoteYou`re The One danger Of The Blues Dello644Mint-Soul $15.00 1
Vandals Music NoteIn My Opinion (Island) Pt. 2 T-Neck923VG++/Mint-Soul $35.00 1
Vandell, Walter Music NoteThe Charge Same (Part 2) Tempo701MintSoul $15.00 3
Vandross, Luther (1982) Music NoteBad Boy / Having A Party Once You Know How Epic03205MintSoul $5.00 1
Vandross, Luther (1983) Music NoteI`ll Let You Slide `same` (Promo) Epic04231Mint (Sticker O/L)Soul $5.00 1
Vandross, Luther (1985) Music Note`Til My Baby Comes Home `same` (Instr.) Epic04760Mint-Soul $5.00 1
Vandross, Luther w/Gregory Hines(1986) Music NoteThere`s Nothing Better Than Love (Island) `same` (Promo) Epic06978MintSoul $5.00 1
Vandross, Luther (1981) Music NoteDon`t You Know That? I`ve Been Working Epic02658MintSoul $6.00 2
Vandross, Luther (1981) Music NoteSugar And Spice (I Found Me A Girl) `same` (Promo) Epic02842MintSoul $8.00 1
Vandross, Luther (1982) Music NoteSince I Lost My Baby (Island) You`re The Sweetest One Epic03487Mint-Soul $6.00 1
Vandross, Luther (1983) Music NoteI Wanted Your Love Superstar (Don`t You Remember....) Epic04441MintSoul $6.00 1
Vandross, Luther (1993) Music NoteCan`t Be Doin` That Now (Island) Never Let Me Go (Island) Epic77209VG++/Mint-Soul $5.00 1
Vaness, Theo (1978) Music NoteNobody But You Back To Music (Promo) Prelude71107MintSoul $6.00 1
Vaness, Theo (1979) Music NoteI Can`t Dance Without You Thank God There`s Music (Promo) Prelude8006MintSoul $8.00 1
Vanguards Music NoteGirl Go Away (It`s Wriong To Love Two) (Island) Man Without Knowledge (Island) (Promo) Lamp81MintGroup Soul $40.00 1
Vanguards Music NoteI Can`t Use You Girl Somebody Please (Island) Whiz612MintSoul $25.00 1
Vanilli, Milli (1989) Music NoteGirl I`m Gonna Miss You (Island) All Or Nothing (remix) Arista9870MintSoul $5.00 1
Vanity (1984) Music NotePretty Mess "same" (Instr.) Motown1752Mint (Sticker O/L.)Soul $5.00 1
Vanity (1986) Music NoteAnimals Gun Shy Motown1848Mint (Sticker O/L.)Soul $5.00 1
Vanity (1986) Music NoteUnder The Influence Wild Animal Motown1833Mint (Sticker O/L.)Soul $5.00 1
Vanity 6 (1982) Music NoteDrive Me Wild Nasty Girl W.B.29908Mint-Soul $5.00 1
Vann, Donnie Music NoteDisco Train Theme From The Disco Train To-Keh101Mint (D.J.Stamp Both Sides O/L.)70`s Soul $12.00 1
Vann, Donnie Music NoteA Hundred Pounds Of Clay Hold Back The Night (Promo) (Island) Gamble241Mint (W O/L)Soul/Deep Soul $20.00 1
Vann, Donnie Music NoteTurn Me Loose `same` (Promo) Dakar4531MintSoul $20.00 1
Vann, Donnie (1973) Music NoteYou`ll Never Get Rid Of Me `same` (Promo) BRC108MintSoul $15.00 1
Vann, Ila Music NoteMy Mother Said `same` (Promo) P.I.P.8933MintSoul $15.00 1
Vann, Paul Music NoteTaking All The Love I Can Since I Lost You (Promo) Sound Stage 72638VG++ (W.O.L)Soul $15.00 1
Vann, Paul (*) Music NoteSoul Children Just The Touch Of Your Hand (Promo) (Island) Sound Stage Seven2629VG++ (W O/L)Soul $15.00 1
Vann, Tommy Music NoteToo Young Give A Little Bit Academy118VG+ ("BB" Hole)Soul $15.00 1
Vann, Tommy & Echoes Music NotePretty Flamingo I`ll Forget Her Tomorrow (Promo) Academy120MintSoul $35.00 1
Vann, Tommy & The Echoes Music NoteIs This Love (Catching Up To Me) What Can You Do With A Broken Heart Academy123VG+ ("BB" Hole)Soul $15.00 1
Vann, Tommy & The Professionals Music NoteSoul Sister Annie For Goodness Sake (Promo) Capitol2168Mint-Soul $20.00 1
Vantrease, Ernest And The McDaniel And MAry Street Group Music NoteThese Are The Things Love The Way It Seems (Promo) RCA0349MintFunk $15.00 1
Variations Music NotePut The Music On Funk (Part 1) Same (Part 2) Amour1977MintFunk $10.00 1
Variations Music NoteA Shot Of Love Tra La La La La (Instr.) (Promo) Amy11006VG++/MintSoul $50.00 1
Variations Music NoteYesterday Is Gone Empty Words (Promo) Okeh7324VG+/VG++Soul $25.00 1
Variations Music NoteYesterday Is Gone Empty Words Bob-Joy1001Good (Major W.O.L. "B" Side)Soul $20.00 1
Variations (1980) Music NoteGet On Up Same (Promo) Amour4200MintSoul $10.00 1
Variations Of Love (1975) Music NoteI`ll Always Love You (Island) `same` (Promo) Gold Plate1948MintGroup Soul $20.00 1
Variations Of Love (1975) Music NoteI`ll Always Love You (Island) Reach For The Truth (Isdland) Gold Plate1948VG++Group Soul $15.00 1
Varisco, Paul & Milestone Music NoteGotta Have Love (Island) Look Around You People (Promo) Date1650Mint-Soul $25.00 1
Varisco, Paul & Milestones Music NoteHey Girl (Belgium Pop) She`s A Big Girl Now Morceau5000MintSoul $25.00 1
Varisco, Paul & Milestones Music NoteGott`A Have Love Look Around You People S.A.C.6000Mint-/VG++Soul $15.00 1
Varner, Don Music NoteHandshakin` More Power To Ya Diamond764VGSoul $12.00 1
Vast Majority Move It Take It D&M5004VG++Funk $10.00 1
Vast Majority (1975) Music NoteLove For Sale Ocean`s Apart D&M5002MintSoul Instr. $10.00 1
Vaughan, Sarah Music NoteTrue Believer What`s The Use Roulete4325MintSoul $10.00 1
Vaughan, Sarah Music NoteBroken Hearted Melody (Belgium Pop) Misty Mercury71477MintSoul $20.00 1
Vaughan, Sarah Music NoteOoh! What A Day! My Dear Little Sweetheart Roulette4256MintR&B $20.00 3
Vaughan, Sarah Music NoteYou`re My Baby Eternally (Promo) Mercury71562Mint- R&B $15.00 1
Vaughan, Sarah Music NoteShow Me A Man Gone Mercury72187Mint- ("BB" Hole)R&B $15.00 1
Vaughan, Sarah Music Note1, 2, 3 Everybody Loves Somebody (Promo) Mercury72588MintSoul $12.00 1
Vaughan, Sarah Music NoteSole, Sole,Sole How`s The World Treating You (Promo) Mercury72300Mint-Latin Soul $15.00 1
Vaughan, Sarah Music NoteA Lover`s Concerto First Thing Every Morning Mercury72543MintSoul $12.00 1
Vaughan, Sarah (1974) Music NoteI Need You More (Than Ever Now) (Island) Do Away With April (Island) Mainstream5553VG++/Mint-70`s Soul $50.00 1
Vaughan, Sarah (1959) Music NoteSmooth Operator Maybe It`s Because (Promo) Mercurty71519VG++Soul $15.00 1
Vaughan, Sarah (1969) Music NoteThe Time For Love Is Anytime (Island) I`m A Believer Bell832VG++Soul $8.00 1
Vaughn, Morris Music NoteHelp Me Just One Look Gatetown2105Good- (Major W.O.L`s.)X O Soul $8.00 1
Vaughn, Shirley & Kurtis Music NoteLet Me Love You Again (Island) That`s How It Is Green Mountain411MintSoul $8.00 1
Vega, Carol Music NoteI Need You Around Sugar Over You Constellation121VG++Soul $15.00 1
Vega, Tata (1980) Music NoteYou Keep Me Hangin` On You Better Watch Out Tamla54316MintSoul $6.00 1
Vegas Music NoteI Need Your Love (Island) 10,000 Students Going To The School Of Love Cle An Thair7777MintSoul $40.00 1
Vegas, Pat & Lolly Music NoteLet`s Get It On Walk On (Right Out Of My Life) (Promo) Mercury72509MintSoul $20.00 1
Vegas, Pat & Lolly (1964) Music NoteRobot Walk (Belgium Pop) Don`t You Remember Apogee101VG+Soul $15.00 1
Velez, Martha (1976) Music NoteThere You Are Money Man Sire735MintReggae Soul $5.00 1
Vells Music NoteThere He Is (At My Door) (Belgium Pop) You`ll Never Cherish A Love So True (Promo) (Belgium Pop) Mel-O-Dy103GoodMotown Soul $30.00 1
Velons Music NoteWhy Don`t You Write Me (Island) Summer Love BJM6568MintGroup Soul $20.00 1
Velons Music NoteBlue Lover (Island) Somewhere (Island) BJM0006MintGroup Soul $20.00 1
Vels Music NoteIn Laws Do The Walk (Promo) Amy881VG++/Mint-Soul $100.00 1
Vels Music NoteDo The Walk In-Laws (Promo) Amy881GoodR&B $25.00 1
Vels (1984) Music NoteLook My Way `same` (Promo) Mercury880-547-7MintSoul $6.00 1
Velvelettes Music NoteThere He Goes (Belgium Pop) That`s The Reason Why IPG1002Mint- (Label; Wear Both Sides & W.O.L.)Soul $40.00 1
Velvelettes Music NoteThere He Goes That`s The Reason Why (Belgium Pop) IPG1002VG++Soul $50.00 1
Velvelettes (1964) Music NoteNeedle In A Haystack Should I Tell Them V.I.P.25007VG++Motown Soul $25.00 1
Velvelettes (1966) Music NoteThese Things Will Keep Me "same" Soul35025VG++Motown Soul $30.00 1
Velvet Music NoteBet You If You Ask Around `same` (Promo) Perception543Mint70`s Soul $35.00 1
Velvet (1972) Music NoteGive It Up (Island) It`s The Right Time To Go (Promo) Perception514Mint-Group Deep Soul $20.00 1
Velvet Fire (1976) Music NoteStop And Check Your Tree Same (Promo) Happy Fox512MintSoul $10.00 1
Velvet Hammer Music NoteDidn`t It Rain On Tomorrow (Promo) Epic10664MintSoul $12.00 1
Velvet, James Music NoteBouquet Of Flowers When I Needed You Cub9111Mint/VG++Soul $25.00 1
Velvet, James Music NoteBouquet Of Flowers Whebn I Needed You Correc-Tone502VG+Soul $20.00 1
Velvet, James (1962) Music NoteBouquet Of Flowers When I Needed You (Promo) Cub9111MintSoul $25.00 1
Velvet, James (1st Issue) Music NoteBouquet Of Flowers When I Needed You (Promo) Correc-Tone502VG+ (W O/L)Soul $20.00 1
Velvetones Hairy Lumpty Bump What Can The Matter Be (Promo) Verve10514MintSoul $35.00 1
Velvets Music NoteDon`t Let Him Take My Baby The Love Express Monument458MintSoul $60.00 1
Veniece Yesterday Man (Promo) Let`s Stop (Belgium Pop) Hi2099VG+/VG++ (W.O.L.)Soul $10.00 1
Veniece (1975) Music NoteTrying To Live My Life Without You I Still Love You (Promo) Hi2289VG++/Mint-70`s Soul $10.00 1
Vent, Joanne (1975) Music NoteCall My Name Huggin` RCA10155Mint-Soul $15.00 1
Vent, Joanne (1975) Music NoteCall My Name `same` (Promo) RCA10155Mint- (W.O.L.)70`s Soul $20.00 1
Venti, Sam Music NoteI`ll Be Laughing Tonight Don`t Ever Try To Win My Heart Again Good Luck3778VG+Funk $15.00 1
Venturas Music NoteCry I Cried Tired Of Living In101VG+Soul $75.00 1
Venus (1976) Music NoteMadison`76 Pt. 1 `same` (Promo) Columbia10341Mint- Funk Inst $8.00 1
Vera, Billy Music NoteI`ve Never Been Loved J.W.`s Dream (Promo) Atlantic2700Mint (Sticker O/L)Soul $8.00 1
Vera, Billy Music NoteWith Pen In Hand (Island) Good Morning Blues Atlantic2526Mint ("BB" Hole)Soul $8.00 1
Vera, Billy Music NoteJulie Time Doesn`t Matter Any More (Promo) Atlantic2586Mint-Soul $8.00 1
Vera, Billy & Judy Clay When You Go Even Since (Promo) Atlantic2515Mint-Soul $8.00 1
Vera, Billy & Judy Clay Music NoteReally Together Storybook Children Atlantic2445MInt- (W.O.L..)Soul $10.00 1
Vera, Billy & Judy Clay Music NoteEver Since When Do We Go (Island) Atlantic2515Mint ("BB" Hole)Soul Ballad/Blues $10.00 1
Vera, Billy & Judy Clay (1969) Music NoteTell It Like It Is (Island) Reaching For The Moon (Promo) Atlsantic2654MintSoul $10.00 1
Verdeel, Jackie Music NoteExactly Like You Save Your Love For Me New Sound7415VG+Soul $15.00 1
Verdell, Jackie Music NoteCome On And Love Me (Belgium Pop) Y.K.W. Peacock1930Mint-/VG++ (Major Label Damaged both Sides)R&B $10.00 1
Verdell, Jackie Music NoteHush Why Not Give Me A Chance (Promo) Peacock1921Mint-Soul $20.00 1
Verdell, Jackie Music NoteIf We Are Really In Love ($) Call On Me Coral62555Mint ("BB" Hole)Deep Soul/Soul $35.00 1
Verdell, Jackie Music NoteDon`t Set Me Free Does She Ever Remind You Of Me Decca32181MintSoul $30.00 1
Verdell, Jackie (*) Music NoteAre You Ready For This I`m Your Girl (Island) Decca32118MintSoul/Deep Soul $25.00 1
Verdell, Jacqui (1973) Music NoteHe`s Mine (Island) We`re Gonna Have A Good Time Respect2505MintSoul $15.00 1
Verdree, Vivian & Ed Boze (*) Music NoteMister Soul Singer (Island) `same` (Promo) Avco4650MintDeep Soul $20.00 1
Verdree, Vivian (1974) Music NoteSad Song `same` (Promo) Avco4642MintSoul $15.00 1
Vereen, Ben (1975) Music NoteStop Your Half-Steppin` Ma Ma `same` (Promo) Buddah450MintFunk $10.00 1
Vernon & (Jue Baby) Jewel Music NoteYou`re Gonna Be Paid Sail On (Promo)- Russell Jacquet`s Orch. Imperial5722MintR&B $35.00 1
Vernon & Jewel Music NoteIt Hit Me Where It Hurts Since You Left Me All Alone Bay-Tone112MintR&B $40.00 1
Vernon & Jewell Music NoteThat`s A Rockin` Good Way Those Lonely, Lonely Nights Kent405Mint-R&B $40.00 1
Vernon And Jewel Music NoteI Got To Get Closer To My Baby I Love You Bay-Tone111MintR&B $25.00 1
Vespa, Eddie Music NoteI Used To Work In Chicago Letter To My Ex Wife Vic Records1328MintSoul $6.00 1
Vibrations Music NoteThe Watusi Wallflower Checker969Mint-R&B $20.00 1
Vibrations Music NoteThe New Hully Gully Anytime Checker1011MintR&B $15.00 1
Vibrations Music NoteCanadian Sunset The Story Of A Starry Night Okeh7241GoodSoul $6.00 1
Vibrations Music NoteSmoke Signals Who`s Gonna Help My Baby (Promo) Neptune21Mint (Slight Warp)Soul $10.00 1
Vibrations Music NoteDancing Danny `same` (Instr.) Checker1061VG++ (W.O.L.)Soul $35.00 1
Vibrations Music NoteContinental With Me Baby The Junkernoo Checker974VG+Group Soul $8.00 1
Vibrations Music NoteWind Up Toy Ain`t No Greens In Harlem Mandala2511MintX O Soul $25.00 1
Vibrations Music NoteMy Girl Sloopy Daddy Woo-Woo Atlantic2221VG++/VG+R&B $12.00 1
Vibrations Music NoteLove In Them There Hills Remember The Rain (Island) Okeh7311GoodSoul $6.00 1
Vibrations Music NoteMay The Best Man Win Since I Fell For You Checker1038MintR&B $20.00 1
Vibrations Music NoteKeep On Keeping On Hello Happiness (Island) Okeh7212MintSoul $50.00 1
Vibrations Music NoteCome To Yourself Together Okeh7297Mint ("BB" Hole)Soul $40.00 1
Vibrations Music NoteFinding Out The Hard Way Misty Okeh7230Mint (Sticker O/L.)Soul $30.00 1
Vibrations Music NoteAnd I Love Her (Island) Soul A Go-Go Okeh7257Mint-Soul $25.00 1
Vibrations Music NoteLonesome Little Lonely Girl (Belgium Pop) Between Hello And Goodbye (Promo) (Island) Atlantic2204MintSoul $25.00 1
Vibrations Music NoteWatusi Time Sloop Dance Okeh7205Mint-Soul $20.00 1
Vibrations Music NoteCanadian Sunset The Story Of A Starry Night Okeh7241Mint/VG++ (Sticker O/L. & W.O.L.)Soul $20.00 1
Vibrations Music NoteCanadian Sunset The Story Of A Starry Night Okeh7241Mint-Soul $15.00 1
Vibrations Music NoteWatusi Time Sloop Dance (Promo) Okeh7205VG++/Mint- (W.O.L.)Soul $35.00 1
Vibrations (*) Music NoteExpressway To Your Heart Who`s Gonna Help Me Now? (Island) Neptune19Mint ("BB" Hole)Soul $10.00 1
Vibrations (1961) Music NoteWhat Made You Change Your Mind Let`s Pony Again Checker990VG++R&B $25.00 1
Vickers, Charles Music NoteDo Me Good Lost My Faith In You (Promo) King12278VG++Soul/Deep Soul $60.00 1
Vickers, Charles Music NoteDo Me Good Lost My Faith In You (Island) King6128VG+ (Sticker O/L.) ("BB" Hole)Soul/Deep Soul $30.00 1
Victones Music NoteMy Baby Changes I Need You So Front Page1001MintSoul $50.00 1
Victones Music NoteTwo Sides To Love Somebody Really Loves You (Guess Who) Front Page (White Label)2302VG+Soul $10.00 1
Victory Choral Union Of Philadelphia, PA Music NoteThe Blood Done Signed My Name I`ll Be Ready (Promo) Gospel1073Mint (stamp O?L)Gospel Soul $10.00 1
Village Callers Music NoteEvil Ways When You`re Gone Bell824Mint- ("BB" Hole)Funk $25.00 1
Village Callers Music NoteEvil Ways When You`re Gone Rampart683VG+ Funk $20.00 1
Village Choir Music NoteMind Of A Fool, Wisdom Of A Genius Sensitivity Paramount0254VG+Soul Ballad $7.00 1
Village Soul Choir Music NoteThe Country Walk The Cat Walk Abbott2010MintSoul $12.00 1
Village Soul Choir Music NoteThe Sissy Football Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Abbott2028Mint-Funk $20.00 1
Vincent, Silky Music NoteFunky World Pt. 1 Pt. 2 (Promo) Eastbound618Mint (1/16th Small Edge Chip-Not In Playing Surface)Funk $50.00 1
Vincent, Tami Music NoteWhen I Fall In Love (Island) If It Hadn`t Been For You (Promo) RCA885Mint (W O/L)Soul $20.00 1
Vinson, Eddie "Cleanhead" Music NoteHold It! Back Door Blues Riverside4512MintR&B $20.00 1
Vinson, Eddier "Cleanhead" Music NoteOld Maid Got Married Cadillac Blues Bluesway610Mint (Label Wear "B" Side)R&B $15.00 1
Violettes (Girl Group) Music NoteI Won`t Cry If You Walk Away (It`s Easier Said Than Done) I`ll Love No One But You (Promo) Diamond243VG++Soul $50.00 1
Violinaires Music NoteI Don`t Know Call On Him (Promo) Checker5043VG+Gospel Soul $10.00 1
Violinaires Music NoteSolid Rock The Upper Way Jewel170Mint-Gospel Soul $8.00 1
Violinaires (1973) Music NoteYou`ve Been Good To Me All The Way Jewel201VG++Gospel Soul $10.00 1
Virgil Brothers Music NoteTemptation `Bout To Get Me (Island) Look Away (Promo) Rare Earth5006Mint-Soul $40.00 1
Visions Music NoteKeepin` Your Eyes On The Sun Small Town Commotion (Promo) Uni55042Mint- (W.O.L`s.)Soul $40.00 1
Visions Music NoteSecret World (Of Tears) (Belgium Pop) Swingin` Wedding (Promo) Big Top3119Mint-Soul $50.00 1
Visions Of A New `Our Music NoteEverything I Am I Won`t Be So Brave Tomorrow (Promo) (Island) Capitol2554Mint Soul $20.00 1
Visiters Music NoteI`m In Danger Until You Came Along Dakar603VGSoul $10.00 1
Vitamin "B" (1977) Music NoteSharing (Island) Back Here Again Buddah574MintGroup Soul/Funk $25.00 1
Vitamin E" (1977) Music NoteSharing (Island) `same` (Promo) Buddah574MintSoul $10.00 3
Voice Of The Clouds Music NoteFire And Holy Ghost Jacob`s Ladder (Promo) Song Bird1139Mint/VG++Gospel Soul $8.00 1
Voices Of East Harlem Music NoteGiving Love (Island) New Vibrations Just Sunshine504Mint70`s Soul $20.00 1
Voices Of East Harlem Music NoteGiving Love (Island) New Vibrations (Promo) Just Sunshine504Mint (Date Stamp O/L`s)Soul $20.00 1
Voices Of Nashville (1975) Music NoteI Believe In Jesus Release Me Nashboro1024MintGospel Soul $8.00 1
Voices Of Tabernacle Music NoteJesus The Love Of God HOB113MintGospel Soul $8.00 1
Voices Of The White Rock Music NoteBaptized Believer The Love That Lights Our Way HOB Is Gospel13009Mint (Date Stamp O/L)Gospel Soul $8.00 1
Voices Of The White Rock Bapist Choir (1973) Music NoteThy Word Enduring Power Hob Is Gospel1394MintGospel Soul $10.00 1
Voltage Brothers (1977) Music NoteFeeling Good Same (Promo) Lifesong1762MintSoul $6.00 1
Voltage Brothers (1978) Music NoteHappening In The Streets Same (Promo) Lifesong1766MintSoul $10.00 1
Volumes Music NoteOur Song Oh My Mother-In-Law Jubilee5454VG+ (Torn Label)Soul $10.00 1
Volumes Music NoteCome Back Into My Heart The Bell Chex1005VG+ (W O/L`s)Soul $15.00 1
Volumes Music NoteGotta Give Her Love I Can`t Live Without You American Arts6Mint-/VG++Soul $25.00 1
Volumes Music NoteCome Back Into My Heart The Bell CChex1005MintSoul $20.00 1
Von, Tawny (1966) Music NoteLast Night (I Found The Boy) Don`t Say It Never Was Entre1002VG++ (Stamp O/L.)Soul $80.00 1
Vondel, Jato Music NoteHaving A Good Time These Happy Days (Island) Gregory5550Mint/VGSoul $50.00 1
Vontastics Music NoteLady Love When My Baby Comes Back Home Moonshot6702VG++/Mint ("BB" Hole)Soul $50.00 1
Vontastics Music NoteLet Me Down Easy I`m The One You Need Toddlin Town115MintSoul $25.00 1
Vontastics Music NoteI Need You Keep On Rolling (Promo) St. Lawrence1009VG++/VG+Soul $15.00 1
Vontastics Day Dripper My Baby St. Lawerence1014Mint-Soul $20.00 1
Voyage (1980) Music NoteI Love You Dancer I Don`t Want To Fall In Love Again Marx3342MintSoul $6.00 1
Vulcanes Music NoteLet`s Go Baby Walkin` To Memphis (Promo) Liberty55995Mint-Latin Soul $20.00 1
Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradeType Qty
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