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Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradeTypePriceQty
G, Jerry & Co. Music NoteShe`s Gone Road Of Life Clevetown240VGSoul $20.00 1
G, Jerry & Co. (1966) Music NoteShe`s Gone The Road To Life (White Label) Clevetown240Mint-Soul $40.00 1
G, Willie (1967) Music NoteMeet Me Halfway (Loving Me Is Like) Money In The Bank Ric Tic125Mint- (Small Water Stain O/L`s)Soul $25.00 2
G, Winston Music NoteCloud Nine I`ll Make You Cry Tomorrow (Promo) W.B.7003MintSoul $60.00 1
G.Q. (1979) Music NoteDisco Nights (Rock-Freak) Boogie Oogie Oogie Arista0388MintSoul $6.00 1
G.Q. (1979) Music NoteStanding Ovation Reasons For The Seasons Arista0483Mint-Soul $6.00 1
G.Q. (1979) Music NoteMake My Dreams A Reality This Happy Feeling Arista0426Mint (Major W.O.L. "B" Side)Soul $10.00 1
G.Q. (1980) Music NoteSitting In The Park It`s Like That Arista0510Mint-70`s Soul $12.00 2
G.Q. (1981) Music NoteSad Girl (Island) Shy Baby Arista0659Mint-Soul $8.00 1
G.Q. (1981) Music NoteShake Face To Face Arista603MintSoul $6.00 1
Gable, Guitar (1957) Music NoteLife Problem Congo Mombo Excello2082Mint/VG+Blues $20.00 1
Gable, Guitar (1957) Music NoteCool, Calm, Collected It`s So Hard But it`s Fair Excello2108Mint- (W.O.L.)R&B $30.00 1
Gableairs Music NoteOh Lord, Hear My Voice Search Me Lord (Promo) Song Bird1087MintGospel Soul $10.00 1
Gaddy, Bob Music NoteI`ll Go My Way Till The Day I Die Old Town1070VG++/MintR&B $20.00 1
Gaddy, Bob Music NoteCould I Don`t Tell Her (Promo) Old Town1085VG++/VG+ (Edge Heat Warp-Does Not Affect Play)R&B $15.00 1
Gaddy, Bob Music NoteGonna Be At The Station Forgive Me (Promo) Old Town1119MintSoul $10.00 1
Gaddy, Bob Music NoteI`ll Go My Way Till The Day I Die (Promo) Old Town1070VG++R&B Sales Pending 1
Gaddy, Bob (1960) Music NoteEarly One Morning What Wrong Did I Do Old Town1077Mint/VG++ (Price Sticker O/L.)R&B $25.00 1
Gadson, James Music NoteLet The Feeling Belong (To The One That Turns You On) Got To Find My Baby Cream1014Mint-70`s Soul $12.00 1
Gagnon, Andre Music NoteWOW Samba London (Canadian Import)2582Mint (small hole)Funk $6.00 1
Gagnon, Disco Sound Of Andre (1975) Music NoteSurprise Same (Promo) Phase490022MintSoul Inst. $6.00 1
Gaines, Earl (1959) Music NoteLove Tou So Sittin` Here Drinking Champion1004VGR&B $8.00 1
Gaines, Earl (1960) Music NoteLove You So Sittin` Here Drinking Champion1004Mint-R&B $25.00 1
Gaines, Earl (1966) Music NoteIt`s Worth Everthing The best Of Luck To You (Island) HBR481VG++Soul $20.00 1
Gaines, Earl (1966) Music NoteDon`t Take My Kindness For A Weakness I Have Loved And I Have Lived (Island) HBR510Mint- (W.O.L.)Soul/Deep Soul $25.00 1
Gaines, Earl (1967) Music NoteMy Woman (Island) Fruit From Another Man`s Tree Hollywood1117MintSoul Ballads $12.00 1
Gaines, Earl (1967) Music NoteMy Pillow Stays Wet The Door Is Still Open Deluxe102Mint-/VG++Soul $15.00 1
Gaines, Earl (1968) Music NoteThree Wishes (Island) Tell Me Tonight (Promo) Hollywood1131Mint-/VG++ (W.O.Ls.)Deep Soul/Soul $12.00 1
Gaines, Earl (1969) Music Note24 Hours A Day Don`t Deceive Me Deluxe117MintR&B $35.00 1
Gaines, Earl (1969) Music NoteThe Meaning Of A Sad Song (Island) Good Good Lovin` Deluxe111Mint-Deep Soul/Soul $20.00 1
Gaines, Earl (1970) Music NoteThrill On The Hill What In This World Can I Call My Own (Promo) Deluxe131VG+ (W O/L)Soul $25.00 1
Gaines, Earl (1971) Music NoteIf You Want What I Got Hymn Number 5 77131MintSoul $8.00 1
Gaines, Earl (1971) Music NoteYearning And Burning Lovin` Her Was Easier (Than Anything I`ll Ever Do Again) 77103MintSoul $15.00 1
Gaines, Earl (1973) Turn On Your Love Light You`re The One 77128mint-Soul $8.00 1
Gaines, Earl (1973) Music NoteSoul Children I Can`t Face It (Promo) 77135MintSoul $8.00 1
Gaines, Earl (1973) Music NoteDon`t Deceive Me (Island) My Pillow Stays Wet King6408MintSoul/Deep Soul $25.00 1
Gaines, Earl (1975) Music NoteDrownin` On Dry Land Nine Pound Steel Ace3010Mint-Soul $40.00 1
Gaines, Earl w/Louis Brooks & His Hi-Toppers (1955) Music NoteBaby, Baby, What`s Wrong Can`t Keep From Cryin` Excello2063Mint-R&B $40.00 1
Gaines, Leslie Isaiah & I.C. Hot Band (1981) Music NoteReaganomic Blues Pt 2 Justice Unlimited201057Mint-Blues $6.00 1
Gaines, Peggy Music NoteGravy Roses Are Red - Jimmy Lucas Hit19Mint ("S" Stamp O/L)Soul $15.00 1
Gaines, Peggy Music NoteTell Him It`s Up To You - Bill Carmichael Hit45Mint- (Stamp O.L.)Soul $20.00 1
Gaines, Rosie (1985) Music NoteSkool-Ology (Ain`t No Strain) `same` (Promo) Epic05589MintSoul $6.00 1
Gaines, Rosie (BOOT) Music NoteTurn Your Lights Down Low (Island) `same` (Instr.) Rock On Records001MintSoul Ballads $6.00 5
Gaines, Roy (1961) Music NoteWhat Is This Thing Called Love Lizzie (Promo) Del-Fi4169Mint-R&B $30.00 1
Gainors Music NoteThis Is A Perfect Moment Where I Want To Be (Promo) Talley Ho102VG+ (W.O.L.`s.)Soul $40.00 1
Gains, Earl Music NoteIt`s Worth Anything The Best Of Luck To You (Island) HHR481MintSoul $25.00 1
Galatian Singers (1963) Music NoteYes, You`ll Know Him Jesus Will Move Every Burden Out Of Your Life King5753MintGospel Soul $12.00 1
Galatians (1962) Music NoteHe Said He Would Deliver Me Holiday Religion (Promo) King5624Mint- (Stamp O/L)Gospel Soul $10.00 1
Galatians (1964) Music NoteJesus Died I Wish That I Had Been There King5859MintGospel Soul $12.00 1
Galatians (1968) Music NoteSteal Away It Is No Secret King6157MintGospel Soul $15.00 1
Gale, Eric (1973) Music NoteCleopatra Killing Me Softly With His Song Kudu913MintSoul Instr. $20.00 1
Gale, Eric (1977) Music NoteOh! Mary Don`t You Weep Gypsy Jello Columbia10670MintSoul $6.00 1
Gale, Eric (1977) Music NoteSara Smiles (Island) De Rabbit (Promo) Columbia10549Mint-Soul Instr. $6.00 1
Gale, Sunny Music NoteI Really Loved Him So (Belgium Pop) "Blank" (One Sided Promo) Canadian Amercian176VG++Soul $35.00 1
Galens Music NoteLove Bells (Island) Baby I Do Love You Challenge59212VG++Soul $25.00 1
Gallant, Ronnie (1962) Music NoteIn The Night (Belgiumm Pop) The Hole In The Wall W,B,5251VG++Soul $25.00 1
Galore, Mamie Music NoteIt Ain`t Necessary (Top 500/388) Don`t Think I Could Stand It St. Lawrence1012GoodSoul $8.00 1
Galore, Mamie Music NoteSpecial Agent 34-24-38 I Wanna Be Your Radio St. Lawrence1004Mint ("BB" Hole)Soul $25.00 1
Galore, Mamie (1966) Music NoteIt Ain`t Necessary So (Top 100/388) Don`t Think I Could Stand It St. Lawrence1012MintSoul $40.00 1
Galore, Mamie P. This Time Tomorrow Tonight`s The Night Imperial66306Mint- (Stamp O.L.)Soul $20.00 1
Gamble, Dee Dee Sharp (1977) Music NoteI`d Really Love To See You Tonight What Color Is Love PIR3636MintSoul $10.00 1
Gamble, Jim Music NoteIt`s Hard To Explain (Island) Pt 2 Kris8106Mint-Soul $20.00 1
Gambrells (1968) Music NoteI`m In Love Again For The First Time Love Is In The Air (Promo) Cub9156MintSoul $40.00 1
Gangsters Music NoteStrung Out On The boogie Shake Your Body Heat2007MintSoul $6.00 1
Gangsters Music NoteWop That Wandy Chuga Chuga Heat2001VG++Soul $8.00 1
Gangsters (1982) Music NoteStrung Out On The Boogie Shake Your Body Montage1212MintSoul $5.00 1
Gangsters Of Love (1973) Music NoteSorry Never Is Too Soon Capitol3811Mint-Funk $10.00 1
Gangsters Of Love (1973) Music NoteNever Is Too Soon Same (Promo) Capitol3811VG++/VG+Soul $12.00 1
Gant, Clentt Music NoteGrowing Strong If I Could Pretend Chanson1004MintSoul/Deep Soul $150.00 1
Gant, Clentt Music NoteJust Like You Like It All Mine (Promo) Duke348MintSoul $25.00 1
Gant, Ray & The Arabian Knights Music NoteChattanooga Walk Night In Arabia Jay Walking001MintSoul $15.00 1
Gap Band (1977) Music NoteOut Of The Blue (Can You Feel It) Silly Grin Tattoo10884MintSoul $6.00 1
Gap Band (1979) Music NoteNo Hiding Place Humpin` Mercury76114MintSoul $6.00 1
Gap Band (1979) Music NoteGot To Get Away Shake Mercury74053Mint-Soul $6.00 1
Gap Band (1980) Music NoteBurn Rubber (Why You Wanna Hurt Me) Nothin` Comes To Sleepers Mercury76091MintSoul $6.00 1
Gap Band (1974) Music NoteBackbone Loving You Is Everything (Island) Shelter40228MintSoul $6.00 1
Gap Band (1979) Music NoteWhy Do You Call I Don`t Believe You Want To Get Up And Dance (Oops Up Side Your Head) Mercury76037Mint (W O/L)Soul $6.00 1
Gap Band (1979) Music NoteSteppin` Out You Are My High Mercury76021MintSoul $6.00 1
Gap Band (1979) Music NoteGot To Get Away Shake Mercury74053Mint-Soul $6.00 2
Gap Band (1980) Music NoteWhen I Look In Your Eyes Yearning For Your Love (ISland) Mercury76101MintSoul $6.00 1
Gap Band (1982) Music NoteEarly In The Morning I`m In Love (Island) Total Experience8201Mint-/VG++Funk/Soul Ballad $5.00 1
Gap Band (1982) Music NoteYou Dropped A Bomb On Me Lonely Like Me Total Experience8203MintSoul $6.00 1
Gap Band (1983) Music NoteJam The Mutha` (Munchkin People) Jam The Mutha` (Party Mix) Total Experience8210MintSoul $5.00 1
Gap Band (1983) Music NoteI`m Ready (If You`re Ready) Shake A Leg (Dub Version) Total Experience8211Mint-Soul $5.00 1
Gap Band (1984) Music NoteBeep A Freak `same` (Promo) Total Experience2405VG++Soul $8.00 1
Gap Band (1986) Music NoteBig Fun Big Fun(Serious Dub Mix) Total Experience2700MintSoul $6.00 1
Gap Band (1986) Music NoteAutomatic Brain (Vocal Version) `same` (Rap Version) Total Experience2440Mint (Sticker O/L.)Soul $6.00 1
Gardner, Al Music NoteWatch Yourself Just A Touch Of Your Hand Sir-Rah504Mint ("BB" Hole) (W.O.L`s.)Soul $80.00 1
Added 12 days ago on 1/17/2023Gardner, Burgess & The Soul Crusaders (1970`s) Music NoteDo It Think About It More Soul905MintFunk Instr. $30.00 1
Gardner, Don Music NoteI Don`t Know What I`m Gonna Do Bitter With The Sweet Jubilee5484MintSoul $25.00 1
Gardner, Don Music NoteT.C.B. (Taking Care Of Businerss) Lead Me On Fire517VG++/Mint-R&B $20.00 1
Gardner, Don Music NoteGlory Of Love Deed I Do Val-Ue214VG+=R&B $15.00 1
Gardner, Don Music NoteI`m A Practical Guy You Babe Verve10582MintSoul $15.00 1
Gardner, Don Music NoteI`m In Such Misery Little Girl Blue (Promo) Jubilee5493Mint-R&B $20.00 1
Gardner, Don Music NoteThere`s Nothing I Want To Do Let`s Party TNT500MintSoul $25.00 1
Gardner, Don Music NoteTalking About My Baby I Really Love You Baby Jubilee5482VG++/MintR&B $15.00 1
Gardner, Don (*) Music NoteI Don`t Know What I`m Gonna Do Bitter With The Sweet (Promo) (Island) Jubilee5484Mint-Soul/Deep Soul $20.00 1
Gardner, Don & Dee Dee Ford Music NoteShake A Leg, Baby People Sho` Act Funny Red Top6501MintR&B $25.00 1
Gardner, Don & Dee Dee Ford Music NoteI Need Your Loving Tell Me Fire508VG++R&B $15.00 1
Gardner, Don & Dee Dee Ford Music NoteDon`t You Worry I`m Coming Home To Stay (Promo) Fire513Mint- (W.O.L.) (Label Wear Both Sides)R&B $20.00 1
Gardner, Don & Dee Dee Ford (1962) Music NoteGlory Of Love Deed I Do (White Label) KC106VG++ (W.O.L.)(Sticker Glue O/L.)Soul $12.00 1
Gardner, Don & His Sonotones Music NoteDark Alley Up The Street Junior394Mint (Ring Wear)R&B Instr. $25.00 1
Gardner, Don (1966) Music NoteAin`t Gonna Let You Get Me Down Somebody`s Gonna Get Hurt (Island) Tru-Glo-Town505Mint-Soul/Deep Soul $20.00 1
Gardner, Don And Dee Dee Ford Music NoteTCB (Taking Care Of Business) Lead Me On Fire517VG+/VGR&B $7.00 1
Gardner, Don And Dee Dee Ford Music NoteDon`t You Worry I`m Coming Home To Stay Fire513Mint-R&B $20.00 1
Gardner, J. Music NoteMustard Greens 99 Plus 1 Blue Rock4026VG++Latin Soul Inst. $12.00 1
Gardner, Stu Music NoteIt`s A Family Thang Home On The Range (Everybody Needs A Home) Chisa8001Mint- ("BB" Hole)Soul $8.00 1
Gardner, Stu Music NoteMend This Generation Home On The Range (Everybody Needs A Home) Chisa8001Mint (BB Hole)Soul $8.00 1
Gardner, Stu Music NoteI Don`t Dream No More Expressin` My Love Chisa8007Mint ("BB" Hole)X O Soul $40.00 1
Gardner, Stu Music NoteNever Gonna Hurt Again I Can`t Make It By Myself Revue11010Mint ("BB" Hole)Soul $25.00 1
Gardner, Taana (1979) Music NoteWhen You Touch Me Work That Body West End1222Mint70`s Soul $8.00 1
Garment District Music NoteHot Pants Same (Promo) United Artists7391Mint-Soul $20.00 1
Garner Jr, Emmett Music NoteCheck Out What You`ve Got So Much Better (Promo) Maxwell802MintSoul/X-O Soul $35.00 1
Garner, Erroll Music NoteSome Of These Days You Do Something To Me (Promo) ABC10301VG+Jazz Inst. $7.00 1
Garner, Erroll (1961) Music NoteWhen You`re Smiling Dreamstreet ABC10260VG++Jazz Instr. $8.00 1
Garnett, Gale (1965) Music NoteI`ll Cry Alone (Belgium Pop) Where Do You Go To Go Away RCA8549VG++Soul $50.00 1
Garrett, Bobby Music NoteBig Brother (Island) `same` (Promo) Mirwood5011VG+Soul Ballad $12.00 1
Garrett, Elaine (1977) Music NoteWhat About Me (Island) "same" Greedy112MintSoul Ballad $40.00 1
Garrett, Jo Ann Music NoteYou Can`t Come In (Big Bad Wolf) `Blank` (Promo) Chess1992MintSoul $50.00 1
Garrett, Jo Ann (*) Music NoteSting Me Baby I`m Under Your Control (Island) Duke475Mint-X O Soul $20.00 1
Garrett, Kelly Music NoteBaby It Hurts (Belgium Pop) Tommy Makes Girls Cry (Belgium Pop) Ava168Mint ("BB" Hole) Soul $35.00 2
Garrett, Lee Music NoteLinda Sue Tell The World (Promo) Van Dyk1606MintR&B Rocker $25.00 1
Garrett, Lee Music NoteTell The World Linda Sue (Promo) Van Dyk1606Mint-Soul $20.00 1
Garrett, Robert (1962) Music NoteQuit My Drinkin` Do Remember Excello2216Mint-Blues $20.00 1
Garrett, Vernon Music NoteHey Young Girl Midnight In The City ICA019MintSoul $6.00 1
Garrett, Vernon Music NoteLittle Black Woman Long Lonely Nights Kapp2097Mint ("BB" Hole)Funk $20.00 1
Garrett, Vernon (1977) Music NoteI`m At The Crossroad Pt. 1 Pt. 2 ICA003MintSoul $10.00 1
Garrett, Vernon & Marie Franklin Music NoteWithout You (Island) Second To None Venture632MintSoul $10.00 1
Garvin, Rex Music NoteSock It To `Em Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Like301Mint-Soul $35.00 1
Garvin, Rex & Mighty Cravers Music NoteSoul Street Evening Mist Zprro1000VG++Latin Soul $15.00 1
Gary & Gary Music NoteI`m Leavin` (Belgium Pop) Deuces Wild Arock1003VG+Soul $20.00 1
Gary & Gary Music NoteBustin` Loose A Time To Live And Love (Promo) V.J.434Mint-Soul $10.00 1
Gary & Gary Music NoteI`m Leavin` (Belgium Pop) Deuces Wild (Promo) Arock1003VG++/Mint-Soul $20.00 1
Gary And The Knight Lites Music NoteSo Far Away From Home (Island) Lonely Soldiers Pledge Bell643Mint- (BB Hole)Soul $20.00 1
Gary, Allison (1959) Music NoteEverybody But Me I Believe In Myself V.J.317VG++ R&B Ballads $25.00 1
Gary, Richard w/ Bom-Bay-Carter & Band (1974) Music NoteDon`t Make Me Mad Going Out West C.J.664MintBlues $12.00 1
Gaslight Music NoteI`m Only A Man I`m Gonna Get You (Island) Grand Junction1100Mint70`s Soul $20.00 1
Gaston (1985) Music NoteThe Hound Same Chocolate Cholly0024MintSoul $8.00 1
Gate City Singers Music NoteMountain Of Sin Prayer Changes Things (Promo) Gospel1021MintGospel Soul $10.00 1
Gate, Erroll and the Imaginations (1975) Music NoteLove And Affection You Don`t Want My Love SteelTown92539Mint70`s Soul $50.00 1
Gates, Ed Music NoteAin`t No Big Thing ”Zoom” Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Robbins Nest108MintSoul Instr. $15.00 1
Gaye, Marvin & Kim Weston (1964) Music NoteWhat Good Am I Without You (Island) I Want You `Round Tamla54104Mint/VG++Motown Soul $20.00 1
Gaye, Marvin & Kim Weston (1966) Music NoteIt Takes Two It`s Got To Be A Miracle Tamla54141VG++/MintSoul $12.00 1
Gaye, Marvin & Mary Wells (1964) Music NoteOnce Upon A Time (Island) What`s The Matter With You Baby Motown1057Mint (Ring Wear)Modern Soul $15.00 1
Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell (1967) Music NoteAin`t No Mountain High Enough Give A Little Bit (Island) Tamla54149MintMotown Soul $35.00 1
Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell (1968) Music NoteYou`re All I Need To Get By Two Can Have A Party Tamla54169Mint ("BB" Hole)Motown Soul $20.00 1
Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell (1968) Music NoteAin`t Nothing Like The Real Thing Little Ole Boy, Little Ole Girl Tamla54163MintSoul $12.00 1
Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell (1968) Music NoteAin`t Nothing Like The Real Thing `same` (Promo) Tamla54163Mint- (Stained Labels)Motown Soul $15.00 1
Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell (1968) Music NoteKeep On Lovin` Me Honey You Ain`t Livin` Till You`re Lovin` Tamla54173Mint ("BB" Hole)Motown Soul $12.00 1
Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell (1969) Music NoteWhat You Gave Me How You Gonna Keep It (After You Get It) Tamla54187Mint ("BB" Hole)Motown Soul $12.00 1
Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell (1969) Music NoteSatisfied Feelin` Good Lovin` Ain`t Easy To Come By Tamla54179Mint BB holeSoul $10.00 1
Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell (1970) Music NoteCalifornia Soul The Onion Song Tamla54192Mint- ("BB" Hole)Motown Soul $20.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1962) Music NoteHello There Angel Hitch Hike Tamla54075Mint (Sticker Stain O/L.)Motown Soul $20.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1962) Music NoteI`m Yours, You`re Mine Sandman Tamla54055VG+/VG++ (W.O.L.)Soul $30.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1964) Music NoteYou`re A Wonderful One When I`m Alone I Cry Tamla54093Mint- (BB Hole) (Slight Warp)Soul $20.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1964) Music NoteWalk On The Wild Side Baby Don`t You Do It Tamla54101Mint ("BB" Hole) (Sticker O/L.)Motown Soul $20.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1964) Music NoteTry It Baby If My Heart Could Sing Tamla54095Mint- (Light Label Ring Wear "A" Side)Motown Soul $20.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1964) Music NoteBaby Don`t You Do It Walk On The Wild Side Tamla54101Mint-Motown Soul $25.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1965) Music NotePretty Little Baby Now That You`ve Won Me Tamla54117Mint (BB Hole)Soul $20.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1966) Music NoteLittle Darling, I Need You Hey Diddle Diddle Tamla54138Mint (Stamp O/L & "BB" Hole)Soul $20.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1966) Music NoteOne More Heartache When I Had Your Love Tamla54129VG++Motown Soul $10.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1967) Music NoteYou Change What You Can Tamla54160Mint- ("BB" Hole)Soul $20.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1967) Music NoteYour Unchanging Love I`ll Take Care Of You Tamla54153Mint- ("BB" Hole)Soul $15.00 5
Gaye, Marvin (1968) At Last (I Found A Love) Chained Tamla54170VG+ ("BB" Hole)Motown Soul $10.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1968) Music NoteI Heard It Through The Grapevine You`re What`s Happening Tamla54176Mint (BB Hole)Soul $12.00 2
Gaye, Marvin (1968) Music NoteGonna Give Her All The Love I`ve Got (Island) How Can I Forget Tamla54190Mint ("BB" Hole)Motown Soul $12.00 2
Gaye, Marvin (1969) Music NoteThat`s The Way Love Is Gonna Keep On Tryin` Till I Win Your Love Tamla54185Mint- ("BB" Hole) Motown Soul $25.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1969) Music NoteToo Busy Thinking About My Baby Wherever I Lay My Hat Tamla54181Mint (BB Hole)Soul $15.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1969) Music NoteGonna Keep On Tryin` Till I Win Your Love That`s The Way Love Is Tamla54185Mint (BB Hole)Soul $15.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1970) Music NoteThe End Of Our Road Me And My Lonely Room Tamla54195MintSoul $12.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1971) Music NoteInner City Blues( Make Me Wanna Holler) Wholy Holy Tamla54209MintSoul $6.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1972) Music NoteTrouble Man Don`t Mess With Mr. T Tamla54228MintSoul $6.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1972) Music NoteYou`re The Man Same (Promo) Tamla54221MintFunk $30.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1973) Music NoteCome Get To This Distant Lover Tamla54241MintSoul $12.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1973) Music NoteI Wish It Would Rain Let`s Get It On Tamla54234Mint-Motown Soul $6.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1974) Music NoteDistant Lover Trouble Man Tamla54253MintSoul Ballad $6.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1977) Music NoteGot To Give It Up Pt. 1 Pt. 2 (Promo) Tamla54280Mint-Soul $8.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1979) Music NoteA Funky Space Reincarnation Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Tamla54298MintSoul $6.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1979) Music NoteEgo Tripping Out `same` (Promo) Tamla54305MintSoul $8.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1981) Music NoteFunk Me Praise Tamla54322Mint-Soul $6.00 1
Gaye, Marvin (1985) Music NoteSanctified Lady "same" (instr.) Columbia04861MintSoul $6.00 1
Gaye, Marvin / Glady`s Knight & The Pips (1968) Music NoteHis Eye Is On The Sparrow (Island) Just A Closer Walk With Thee - Glady`s Knight & Pips Motown1128Mint ("BB" Hole)Gospel Soul $12.00 5
Gaylettes Music NoteSon-Of-A-Preacherman That`s How Strong My Love Is (Promo) Hour Glass005MintSoul $40.00 1
Gayletts (1969) Music NoteSon Of a Preacherman That`s How strong My Love Is (Island) (Promo) Hour Glass005MintSoul $50.00 1
Gaymon, Gaye J. (1982) Music NoteStudy Pt. 1 Pt. 2 (Promo) Atlantic89944MintSoul $6.00 1
Gaynor, Gloria (1965) Music NoteShe`ll Be Sorry Let Me Go Baby Jocida300Mint-Soul $30.00 1
Gaynor, Gloria (1975) Music NoteReal Good People Walk On By MGM14808MIntSoul $6.00 1
Gaynor, Gloria (1979) Music NoteLet Me Know (I Have A Right) One Number Please Polydor2021MintSoul $6.00 1
Gayr, Marvin & Tammi Terrell (1967) Music NoteHold Me Oh My Darling Your Precious Love Tamla54156VG++/MintMotown Soul $12.00 1
Gayten, Paul Music NoteThe Hunch Hot Cross Buns Anna1107MintMotown Soul Instr. $20.00 1
G-Clefs (1964) Music NoteTo The Winner Goes The Prize I Believe In All I Feel Regina1314MintSoul $40.00 1
Gee, Frankie Music NoteBe My Baby `same` (Promo) Lipstick101MintSoul $10.00 1
Gee, Frankie Music NoteMixed Up Shook Up Boy Spirits Of The Party Channel101MintFunk $8.00 1
Gee, Jesse Music NoteBaby, I Need You Don`t Mess With My Money Barry1019Mint/VG++Soul $20.00 1
Gee, Jesse (1968) Music NoteShe`s A Woman Sweet Sweet Barry1022MintR&B $100.00 1
Gee, Ricky Music NoteMisery Loves Company (Island) I Will Get You There Conduc102Mint- (W O/L)Soul $25.00 1
Gee, Ricky Music NoteLovely Girl Who Called The Cops On Me Sta-Set401MintSoul $120.00 1
Gee, Roy & The Hitmakers Music NoteGit Up-Release Yourself I Can`t Do It All By Myself Hitmaker500MintFunk $20.00 1
Gee`s Music NoteIt`s all Over Love Is a Beautiful Thing Port3011MintSoul $100.00 1
Gemini (1981) (*) Music Note(You`ve Got) Somethin` Special Everytime I See A Pretty Lady (Island) M&M500Mint70`s Soul $20.00 1
Geminiles (1969) Music NoteDon`t Fight The Feelin` Thinking About My Baby (Island) Sandbag111MintSoul $25.00 1
Geminis Music NoteGet It On Home (Island) No More Tomorrow RCA8794VG++Soul $15.00 1
Gems Love For Christmas All Of It Chess1917VG++ ("BB" Hole)Soul $8.00 1
Gems Music NoteCan`t You Take A Hint (Belgium Pop) I Can`t Help Myself Chess1908VG+ ("BB" Hole)Soul $25.00 1
Gems Music NoteAll Of It `same` (Promo) Chess1917MintSoul $12.00 1
Gene & Eddie Music NoteSweet Little Girl It`s So Hard (Island) (Promo) Rujac201VG+Soul $50.00 1
Gene & Eddie Music NoteSweet Little Girl It`s So Hard Rujac201MintSoul $75.00 1
Gene & Eunice (1956) Music NoteLet`s Get Together I`m So In Love With You Aladdin3321VG++R&B $20.00 1
Gene & Eunice (1957) Music NoteStrange World The Vow Alladin3374Mint-R&B $35.00 1
Gene & Eunice (1957) Music NoteStrange World The Vow Aladdin3374VG+/VGR&B $8.00 1
Gene & Eunice (1959) Music NoteYou Drive Me Buggy Without Love Case1005Mint-R&B $40.00 1
Gene & Eunice (1959) Music NoteAh! Ah! You Think I`m Not Thinking Case1002MintR&B $25.00 1
Gene & Eunice (1959) Music NotePoco-Loco Go-On Kokomo Case1001MintR&B $25.00 1
Gene & Jerry Music NoteEverybody Is Waiting Ten And Two Mercury73195Mint-Soul $10.00 1
Gene & Jerry (1971) Music NoteYou Just Can`t Win (By Making The Same Mistakes) Sho Is Grooving Mercury73163MintX-O Soul $12.00 2
Gene And Ruth (1961) Music NoteIt Shouldn`t Happen To A Dog (You Got Your) Freedom King5422MintR&B $30.00 1
Gene And Ruth (1961) Music NoteIt Shouldn`t Happen To A Dog (You Got Your) Freedom King5422MintR&B $30.00 1
Gene And Wendell Music NoteThe Roach From Me To You (Promo) Ray Star777VG++/Mint (Number Stamp O/L)R&B $25.00 1
Gene The Hat Music Note(Pass) The Bug Pt. 1 Pt. 2 (Promo) Gee1078Mint (Numbers Stamp O/L`s)Soul $12.00 1
Gene The Hat Music NoteRam-Bunk-Sush Jelly Beans Walden (1st Label)101MintSoul Instr. $30.00 1
Gene, Hulah Music NoteSteal Away Simply Trusting Savoy4306Mint-Gospel Soul $10.00 1
General Crook (1973) Music NoteThe Best Years Of My Life (Island) Testification Wand11260Mint-Soul $12.00 1
General Johnson Music NoteI`m In Love Darling Savannah Lady Invictus9093Mint X O Soul $20.00 1
General Johnson (1976) Music NoteWe The People Same (Promo) Arista0192MintSoul $6.00 1
General Johnson (1976) Music NoteAll In The Family Ready, Willing, And Able Arista0177MintSoul $6.00 1
Genies Music NoteNo News Is Bad News Sunday Morning People Ronn56VG+Soul $8.00 1
Genies Music NoteTake Me There (Does) Anyone Here Know How To Pray Ron50Mint- ("BB" Hole)Soul $10.00 1
Genies Music NoteI`m Going Home Shoo Fly Pie Lenox5562MintSoul $25.00 1
Genies Music NoteI`m Going Home Shoo Fly Pie (Promo) Lenox5562Mint- (W.O.L.)Soul $25.00 1
Genies (1972) Music NoteProve It Know What To Do When You Get It Ronn68MintSoul $20.00 1
Gentile Rain (1974) Music NoteThink You And I Fee Bee712MintDeep Soul $40.00 1
Gentle Persuasion Music NoteLean On Me Lu (Promo) Paramount0067MintSoul $35.00 1
Gentle Persuasion Music NoteDynamite Explodes Bring It On Home Soul Dimension5101VG+ (W.O.L.)Soul $6.00 1
Gentle Persuasion (1976) Music NoteFalling In Love Again (Island) `same` (Promo) Capitol4296Mint70`s Soul $12.00 1
Gentle Touch (1968) Music NoteBe Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy Rainbows (promo) Kapp882Mint (Date Stamp O/L`s)Soul $20.00 1
Gentlemen And Their Ladies Music NoteNow Generation Boogie Children Lets Get Down Part 2 Jean732MintFunk $10.00 1
Gentlemen Four Music NoteI Don`t Want Nobody To Lead Me On Until It`s Time For You To Go (Promo) Sonday6003VG+Soul $15.00 1
Gentrys (1970) Music NoteGoddess Of Love `same` (Promo) Sun (Yellow Vinyl)1120Mint- (Faded Label One Side)Soul $25.00 1
George & Teddy Music NoteSo I Cry Nite People Make It Philips40364VG/VG+ ("BB" Hole)Soul $8.00 1
George & Teddy Music NoteIt`s A Heartache Do What You Wanna Philips40423Mint- ("BB" Hole)Soul $50.00 1
George, Barbara (1961) Music NoteLove (Is Just A Chance To Take) I Know (You Don`t Love Me No More) A.F.O.302VG+/VG++Soul $10.00 1
George, Barbara (1961) Music NoteI Know Love A.F.O.302MintSoul $20.00 1
George, Barbara (1962) Music NoteIf You Think (Belgium Pop) If When You`ve Done The Best You Can Sue763Mint (Stamp O/L)Soul $25.00 1
George, Barbara (1962) Music NoteWhip O Will You Talk About Love A.F.O.304Mint/VG++Soul $15.00 1
George, Barbara (1979) Music NoteI Got My Guards Up Take Me Somewhere Tonight (Island) Hep` Me150MintFunk/70`s Soul $25.00 1
George, Barbara (1980) Music NoteThis Is The Weekend Leave Me Alone (Island) Hep` Me159MintFunk/Soul Ballad $25.00 1
George, Brenda Music NoteI`m Not Trying To Make You Pay Same (Part 2) (Promo) Gator501MintBlues $15.00 1
George, Brenda Music NoteEverybody Don`t Know About My Good Thing Same (Part 2) Ronn60Mint-Blues $8.00 1
George, Cassietta Music NoteTake Him With You Everything Is Beautiful (Promo) Audio Arts60021MintGospel Soul $15.00 1
George, Terry Music NoteNow & Then My Love -My Dreamy Eyes Comet2144GoodSoul $10.00 1
Georgia Prophets For The First Time Loving You Is Killing Me Double Shot138Mint- BB HoleSoul $12.00 1
Georgia Prophets Music NoteMusic With Soul California (Promo) Capricorn8006VG++/Mint-Soul $30.00 1
Georgia Prophets feat. Billy & Barbara Music NoteDon`t You Think It`s Time Noobody Loves Me Like You Do Capricorn8009Mint-Soul $50.00 1
Gerace, Tony Music NoteFind Your Own Good Luck, Best Wishes, Goodbye Fleetywood7006VG+Soul $10.00 1
Gerard, Jackye Music NoteHappiness (Is A State Of Mind) same (Promo) Capitol3650Mint-Soul $15.00 1
Geronimo And The Apaches Music NoteOh Yes Baby I Love You So Too Late For Tears (White Label) Galiko891VG+Soul $15.00 1
Gerrard, Donny Music NoteDarlin` He`s Always Somewhere Around Greedy114mintSoul Ballad $8.00 1
Gerrard, Donny (1976) Music NoteStand Up Words (Are Impossible) Greedy101MintSoul $8.00 1
Gerrard, Donny (1976) Music NoteStay Awhile With Me Peace For Us All Greedy109MintSoul $6.00 1
Gerrard, Donny (1976) Music NoteHe`s Always Somewhere Around Greedy (For Your Love) Greedy107MintSoul/Funk $12.00 2
Getz, Stan (1964) Music NoteBlowin` In The Wind Reflection Verve10321Mint-Soul Inst. $8.00 1
Ghost Music NoteOn Top Of It All Play Station-Drum Rat True Blue Family3048Mint-Reggae Soul $5.00 1
Gibbs, Doug Music NoteI`ll Always Have You There (Island) Cloudy Day Oak108Mint70`s Soul $20.00 1
Gibbs, Georgia (1964) Music NoteYou Can Never Get Away From Me I Wouldn`t Have It Any Other Way (Belgium Pop) Bell608MintSoul $25.00 3
Gibson Brother (1979) Music NoteOooh, What A Life `same` (Promo) Island49113Mint-Soul $6.00 1
Gibson Brothers (1977) w/P.S. Music NoteToo Late Baby Baby It`s The Singer Zagora (France Import)6172553Mint (P.S. = Mint)Soul $10.00 1
Gibson, Beverly Ann Music NoteLove`s Burning Fire Without Love Deb506VGSoul $6.00 1
Gibson, Beverly Ann Music NoteLove`s Burning Fire Without Love Deb506Mint- (W O/L)R&B Ballad $15.00 1
Gibson, Beverly Ann Music NoteGive Me A Chance Call On Me (Promo) King (Black Label)5244VG+ (Damaged Labels)R&B $12.00 1
Gibson, Cindy Music NoteI`ll Always Love You (A Lovely) Summer Night (Island) General700MintSoul $60.00 1
Gibson, Dave Music NoteCan`t Do Nothin` (without My Baby) If Could Have Been Worse Leeweld210MintR&B $20.00 1
Added 55 days ago on 12/5/2022Gibson, Dolores (1962) Music NoteLove Land (Island) I Want A Man King5664Mint-Soul Sales Pending 1
Gibson, Julie Music NoteI Got News For You (Belgium Pop) Same (Promo) Herald575Mint (Number Stamp O/L)Soul $50.00 1
Gibson, Julie Music NoteI Got News For You (Belgium Pop) `same` (Promo) Herakd575MintSoul Sales Pending 1
Gibson, Steve & the Red Caps (1963) Music NotePeppermint Baby No More Band Box325MintR&B $70.00 1
Gifts Music NoteRock My Soul Lovin` You Ballad001Mint-Soul $20.00 1
Gifts (1966) Music NoteYou Can`t Keep Love In A Broken Heart Good Bye My Love Ballard6003MintSoul $25.00 1
Gigi Music NoteDon`t Be A Loser Baby Can`t Help Falling In Love Dot16945VG++/MintSoul $50.00 1
Gigi & The Charmaines Music NotePoor Unfortunate Me Brazil (Promo) Columbia44246Mint- (W.O.L.)Soul $40.00 1
Gilberto, Astrud Music NoteGeneral Da Banda Make Love To Me Perception524MintLatin Soul $6.00 2
Giles, Eddie Music NoteLosing Boy It Takes Me All Night Stax0103Mint-Soul $35.00 1
Giles, Eddie "G" Music NoteMusic Happy Man (Island) Murco1037VG+ (W O/L)Soul/Deep Soul $15.00 1
Giles, Eddy Music NoteThat`s How Strong My Love Is (Island) So Deep In Love Silver Fox9VG++Soul $10.00 1
Giles, Eddy "G" & The Jive 5 Music NoteEddy`s Go-Go Train W\hile I`m Away Murco1034MintLatin Soul $40.00 1
Giles, Eddy "G" (1967) Music NoteMusic Happy Man (Island) Murco1037MintSoul $30.00 1
Gillespie, Dizzy Music NoteAnn, Wonderful One The Windmills Of Your Mind Solid State2532MintSoul Instr. $8.00 1
Gillespie, Dizzy Music NoteI Found A Million Dollar Baby Swing Low Sweet Chariot Savoy4512VG++/MintJazz Inst. $8.00 1
Gilliam, John (1977) Music NoteCome Back Carol It`s True, It`s True, It`s Only You ICA007Mint70`s Soul $25.00 1
Gilliam, John (1978) Music Note(Tonight`s The Night) Love Will Make It Alright (Island) Thank You For Loving Me ICA021Mint-Deep Soul/Soul $25.00 1
Gilliam, Johnny Music NoteGoing Home To Georgia (Island) Same (Promo) Paula400MintSoul $8.00 1
Gilliam, Roberta (1979) Music NoteLet`s Not Rush It Same (Promo) Buddah603MintSoul $10.00 1
Gillian, Johnny & Everything Nice (*) Music NoteTell Your Friend (It`s Over) Peace On Earth (Island) ($) Cancer2372MintSoul $12.00 5
Gilmer, Willie & Gospel Caravan Music NoteJesus Keep Me Near The Cross Gilmer`s Prayer Savoy4239Mint-Gospel Soul $8.00 1
Gilstrap, James Music NoteNever Stop Your Loving Me Hello It`s Me Roxbury2032MintSoul $6.00 1
Gilstrap, James (1976) Music NoteLove Talk `same` Roxbury2029MintSoul $6.00 1
Gilstrap, Jiim (1975) Music NoteSwing Your Daddy `same` (Promo) Roxbury2006MintSoul $6.00 1
Gilstrap, Jim (1975) Music NoteI`m On Fire Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Roxbury2016Mint- (W.O.L.)Soul $8.00 5
Gin And The Gents Music NoteDreams For Sale Teenage National Anthem Boy And Girl Miss Thing1934Mint-Soul $60.00 1
Gin And The Gents Music NoteDreams For Sale Boy And Girl Eldorado102MintSoul $50.00 1
Ginger And The Chiffons (1962) Music NoteWhere Were You Last Night? She Groove0003Mint (Number Stamp O/l`s)Soul $30.00 1
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