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Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradeTypePriceQty
B, Lonnie & Viki G. High On The Mountain Oops Revue11003MintSoul $12.00 1
Added 43 days ago on 5/13/2019B, Lonnie & Viki G. Lovin` Feeling `same` (Promo) Revue11016MintSoul $10.00 1
B.B.C.S & A. (1982) Rock Shock `same` (Instr.) Sam5027MintSoul $6.00 1
B.T Express (1977) Shout It Out Ride On B.T. Columbia10649VG+/MintSoul $4.00 1
B.T. Express Do It (`Til You`re Satisfied) Same Scepter12395MintFunk $6.00 1
B.T. Express Peace Pipe Give It What You Got ($) Roadshow7003Mint-Funk $6.00 5
B.T. Express Express Same Roadshow7001MintFunk Inst. $6.00 1
B.T. Express (1975) Whatcha Think About That Close To You (Island) Roadshow7005Mint ("BB" Hole)Funk/Soul Ballad $6.00 5
B.T. Express (1976) Can`t Stop Groovin Now, Wanna Do It Some More Same (Promo) Columbia10346VG++Soul $6.00 1
B.T. Express (1980) Give Up The Funk (Let`s Dance) Better Late Than Never Columbia22--11249VG++ (Sticker O/L.)Soul $6.00 1
B.W. & The Next Edition Work, Work, Work `same` (Promo) Dakar4540Mint-Soul $10.00 1
B.W. & The Next Edition (1973) Stay With Me Baby `same` (Promo) Dakar4522Mint-/VG++Soul $20.00 1
B.W. Souls Marvins Froove Generated Love Round1038MintFunk Instr. $25.00 4
Babies The Hand Of Fate You Make Me Feel Like Someone Dunhill4085VG+ (W.O.L`s.)Soul $15.00 1
Baby Al & The Caps Grab Your Pardner (And Do Your Own Thing) `same` (Promo) Silver Fox4Mint-Soul $12.00 1
Baby Brother (1981) You Make My warm Spot Hot `same` (Promo) Cotillion46021MintFunk $6.00 1
Baby Jane And The Rock-A-Byes Half Deserted Street (Belgium Pop) Get Me To The Church On Time (Belgium Pop) Spokane4004Mint-/VG++ (W.O.L.)Soul $35.00 1
Back In Time All I Wanna Love Is Love Same (Promo) Cotillion44240MintSoul $6.00 1
Bad Boys What Took You So Long You`re Not Alone Anymore Bell840Mint- ("BB" Hole)X O Soul $40.00 1
Bad City Band (1977) Batman 77 `same` (Disco Version) Drive6261VG++/VG+Funk $6.00 1
Bad Smoke Crawl Y`all Pt. 1 Pt. 2 (Promo) Chess2124MintFunk $50.00 1
Bad Weather (1984) It`s In There Rainin` In My Heart Master-Trak3039MintFunk $20.00 4
Added 8 days ago on 6/17/2019Badarou, Wally (1984) Chief Inspector `same` (Promo) Island99557MintSoul Instr. $6.00 1
Bagdads (*) Livin` In Fear (Island) Let`s Talk About The Bad Times Double Shot128VG++/MintSoul $30.00 1
Bags Don`t Mess With My Baby It`s Heavy GSF6877MintSoul $12.00 1
Bahamas (1984) You Talk Too Much `same` (Promo) Domino4110MintSoul $8.00 1
Bailey Singers, Harold It`s Mighty Nice Two Wings (Promo) Savoy4248MintGospel Soul Ballads $8.00 1
Bailey, Aaron (Chico) (1975) Inflation Blues Inflation La Val875MintFunk $40.00 3
Bailey, Admiral (1990) The Girls Them Good Version Jammy10055MintReggae Soul $5.00 1
Bailey, Ann Sweeping Your Dirt Under My Rug Same (Promo) Wand11265MintSoul $40.00 1
Bailey, Buddy And The Clovers It`s All In The Game That`s What I Will Be Porwin1004Mint-R&B $15.00 1
Bailey, Harold Two Wings It`s Mighty Nice (Promo) Savoy4248Mint-Gospel Soul $8.00 1
Bailey, Horace Cool Monkey Down Thru The Years Delene700Mint-/VG+Soul $60.00 1
Bailey, J.R. The Entertainer `same` (Promo) Midland International10305Mint- (W.O.L`s.)Soul $8.00 1
Bailey, J.R. We Need Love V For Victory Theme Virgo101MintFunk $50.00 1
Bailey, J.R. (1972) After Hours (Island) Heaven On Earth Toy3805Mint (W O/L`s)70`s Soul $20.00 1
Bailey, J.R. (1972) Love, Love, Love Too Far Gone To Turn Toy3801VG++/Mint70`s Soul $20.00 1
Bailey, J.R. (1972) After Hours Heaven On Earth Toy3805Mint70`s Soul $20.00 2
Bailey, J.R. (1974) Everything I Want I See In You I Can`t see Me Without You (Island) Mam3639Mint70`s Soul $35.00 1
Bailey, James If I Had Known (Belgium Pop) Aint That A Reason Promo5311Mint- (W.O.L.)Soul $15.00 1
Bailey, Jimmy Happy Train (Island) Love Changes Everything (Promo) Columbia43602MintSoul $12.00 2
Bailey, Maureen Love Will Abound I`m More Than Thankful (Promo) (Island) Specialty732Mint-Soul $15.00 1
Bailey, Pearl Love Letter (Island) Poor Butterfly (Promo) Project 31353Mint-Soul $8.00 1
Bailey, Pearl (1956) I Can`t Rock And Roll To Save My Soul The Gypsy Goofed Mercury70926Mint/VG+R&B Rocker $12.00 1
Bailey, Pearl (1956) I Can`t Rock And Roll To Save My Soul The Gypsy Goofed Mercury (Maroon Label)70926VG+R&B $15.00 1
Bailey, Razzy Beautiful Room Brimstone (Promo) 1-2-34769MintSoul $25.00 1
Bailey, Rene It`s Too Late (Island) I`m Just Gonna Be Missing You Carnival539MintDeep Soul $100.00 1
Bailey, Rene Warm And Tender Love Sweet Potao Gravy-Maurice Simon & OPie Men Carnival541MintSoul $100.00 1
Bailey, Renee I Won`t Be Back No More Kiss And Say Goodbye Peg Leg103VG+/VGFunk $40.00 1
Baker, Anita (1983) Squeeze Me You`re The Best Thing Yet (Island) Beverly Glen2011MintSoul/Deep Soul $6.00 1
Baker, Anita (1986) Watch Your Step Fairy Tales Elecktra64910Mint-Soul $6.00 2
Baker, Anita (1988) Giving The Best That I Got (Island) `same` (Promo) Elecktra69371MintSoul $6.00 1
Baker, Anita (1988) Just Because (Island) `same` (Promo) Elecktra69327MintSoul $6.00 1
Baker, Anita (1990) Soul Inspiration (Island) Good Enough Elecktra64935Mint-Soul $5.00 1
Baker, Johnny (1976) Operator, Operator Accept Me As I Am (Island) Cisco1000VGSoul $10.00 1
Baker, Johnny (1976) Operator, Operator Acccept Me As I Am (Island) Cisco1000Mint-70`s Soul $25.00 1
Baker, Lavern Whipper Snapper Harbor Lights Atlantic1189Mint-R&B $25.00 1
Baker, Lavern Jim Dandy Tra La La Atlantic1116Mint-R&B $25.00 1
Baker, Lavern Shadows Of Love (Belgium Pop) Wheel Of Fortune Atlantic2059Mint-Soul $20.00 1
Baker, Lavern You`re Teasing Me I Waited Too Long Atlantic2021VG++/MintR&B $20.00 1
Baker, Lavern It`s So Fine Why Baby wWhy Atlantic2001VG++R&B $35.00 1
Baker, Lavern Fly Me To The Moon Aint Gonna Cry No More (Belgium Pop) Atlantic2267Mint (W.O.L.)Soul $20.00 1
Baker, LaVern I Can`t Love You Enough Still Atlantic1104VG++ (W O/L)R&B $20.00 1
Baker, Lavern If You Love Me (Island) So High So Low Atlantic2033Mint (W O/L) (Sticker O/L) (Torn Label)Soul $10.00 1
Baker, Lavern Don Juan Saved Atlantic2099Mint (W O/L)R&B $20.00 1
Baker, Lavern (1955) Bop-Ting-A-Ling That`s All I Need Atlantic (Yellow & Black Label)1057Mint- (Label Wear Both Sides)R&B $40.00 1
Added 8 days ago on 6/17/2019Baker, Lavern (1955) Tweedle Dee Tomorrow Night Atlantic (Yellow & Black Label)1047VG++/Mint (Label Wear Both Sides)R&B $40.00 1
Baker, LaVern (1957) St. Louis Blues Miracles Atlantic1163Mint/VG+R&B $20.00 1
Baker, Lavern (1957) Substitute Learning To Love (Promo) Atlantic1176VG+ (Sticker O/L`s)R&B $20.00 1
Baker, Lavern (1964) You`d Better Find Yourself Another Fool Go Away Atlantic2234Mint/VG++Soul $15.00 1
Baker, Lavern (1964) You`d Better Find Yourself Another Fool Go Away Atlantic2234Mint-R&B $35.00 1
Baker, Lavern and The Gliders (1955) That Lucky Old Sun Play It Fair Atlantic1075Mint-R&B Ballads $30.00 1
Baker, Sam Someone (Bigger Than You And Me) Let Me Come On Home SS72568MintDeep Soul $20.00 1
Baker, Sam Strange Sensation Sugarman SS72620VG++Soul $15.00 1
Baker, Sam Don`t Feel Rained On You Can`t See The Blood SS72560MintSoul $20.00 1
Baker, Sam I Can`t Stand It Sunny SS72601Mint-Soul $25.00 1
Baker, Sam Comin` To Bring You Some Soul I Can`t Break Away (Promo) SS72613MintSoul $20.00 1
Baker, Selection, George Little Green Bag Pretty Little Dreamer Colossus112MintLatin Soul $20.00 1
Baker, Yvonne and the Sensations (1962) Party Across The Hall No Changes (Promo) Argo5420VG+Soul $15.00 1
Baker, Yvonne and the Sensations (1962) Party Across The Hall No Changes Arggo5420MintSoul $20.00 1
Balcones Fault (1977) Take Me Home Same (Promo) Cream7714MintFunk $6.00 1
Baldwin, John (1973) Stop This Crying (Island) (Here I Am) I`m Your Man Juca1017Mint-Deep Soul/Soul $25.00 1
Ballack, Robert John (1972) Givin` Up On Givin` You Up `same` (Promo) Roulette7132MintSoul $40.00 1
Ballads Wait (Island) `same` (Promo) Happy Fox503MintGroup Soul $35.00 1
Ballads Your Love (Island) Wait Balja1002MintGroup Soul $60.00 1
Ballads Hey Diddle Diddle Goodnight My Love Venture630Mint- (W O/L`s)Group Soul $35.00 1
Ballads I Love You, Yeah (Island) You`re The One Venture625MintSoul Ballads $20.00 1
Ballads (*) My Baby Knows How To Love Her Man God Bless Our Love (Island) Venture615VG++ (Label Ring Wear)Group Soul $25.00 1
Ballard, Florence Love Ain`t Love Forever Faithful (Promo) ABC11144Good (W.O.L.)Soul $12.00 1
Ballard, Florence It Doesn`t Matter How I Say It Goin` Out Of My Head (Promo) (Island) ABC11074MintSoul $50.00 1
Ballard, Florence It Doesn`t Matter How I Say It Goin` Out Of My Head (Island) ABC11074Mint- (Sticker Stain O/L.)Soul $50.00 1
Ballard, Florence Love Ain`t Love Forever Faithful ABC11144Mint-Soul $50.00 1
Ballard, Hank Blackenized `same` King6246MintFunk $15.00 1
Ballard, Hank Do You Know How To Twist Broadway King5593Mint-R&B $15.00 1
Ballard, Hank Teardrops On Your Letter (Island) Annie Had A Baby (Promo) People604MintDeep Soul/Funk $20.00 1
Ballard, Hank How You Gonna Get Respect Teardrops On Your Letter King6296Mint- (Label Ring Wear Both Sides)Funk $20.00 1
Ballard, Hank Love Made A Fool Of Me Sunday Morning Coming Down Silver Fox23MintSoul $10.00 1
Ballard, Hank The Continental Walk What Is This I See King5491MintR&B $15.00 1
Ballard, Hank Freak Your Boom Boom Pt. 1 (1979) Freak Your Boom Boom Le Joint34004MintFunk $8.00 1
Ballard, Hank Lets Go Skinny Dipping Love On Love Stang5061MintFunk $10.00 1
Ballard, Hank & Midnight Lighters From The Love Side Finger Poppin` Time Polydor14128Mint-Funk $40.00 1
Ballard, Hank & Midnighters Keep On Dancing Nothing But Good King5535VG+R&B $12.00 1
Ballard, Hank & Midnighters Kansas City I`ll Keep You Happy King5195VG++R&B $15.00 1
Ballard, Hank & Midnighters Let`s Go Again (Where We Went Last Night) Deep Blue Sea King5459MintR&B $20.00 1
Ballard, Hank & Midnighters The Coffee Grind Waiting King5312MintR&B $20.00 1
Ballard, Hank & Midnighters Walkin` And Talkin` How Could You Leave Your Man Alone King5746MintR&B $15.00 1
Ballard, Hank & Midnighters Buttin` In I`m Learning King5821MintR&B $15.00 1
Ballard, Hank & Midnighters (At A Place They Call) The Rising Tide (all The Things In Life That) Pleases You King5713VG++R&B $12.00 1
Ballard, Hank & Midnighters Excuse Me (I Think I`ve Got A Heartache) I Want To Thank You (From The Bottom Of My Heart) King5655VG++/MintSoul $12.00 1
Ballard, Hank & Midnighters What Is This I See The Continental Walk King5491MintR&B $20.00 1
Ballard, Hank & Midnighters Cute Little Ways House With No Windows King5245VG++R&B $15.00 1
Ballard, Hank & Midnighters I Was Born To Move He Came Along (Promo) King6055MInt (W.O.L..)Soul $15.00 1
Ballard, Hank & Midnighters (Dance With Me) Annie He Came Along King6055VG++/MintR&B $20.00 1
Ballard, Hank & Midnighters Santa Claus Is Coming Christmas Time For Everyone But Me King5729MintSoul $15.00 1
Ballard, Hank & Midnighters Finger Poppin` Time I Love You, I Love You So-o-o King5341Mint-/VG++R&B $25.00 1
Ballard, Hank & Midnighters (1959) Sugaree Rain Down Tears King5215VG++R&B $15.00 1
Ballard, Hank & Midnighters (1959) Look At Little Sister I Said I Wouldn`t Beg You King5289VG++ R&B $12.00 1
Ballard, Hank & The Midnighters Poppin` The Whip You, Just You King5996Mint-R&B $15.00 1
Ballard, Hank & The Midnighters That Low Down Move (I`m Goin` Back To) The House On The Hill King5719Mint-Soul $15.00 1
Ballard, Hank & The Midnighters Let`s Go, Let`s Go, Let`s Go If You`d Forgive Me King5400Mint-R&B $15.00 1
Ballard, Hank & The Midnighters The Switch-A-Roo The Float King5510Mint-R&B $20.00 1
Ballard, Hank & The Midnighters (1979) Freak Your Boom Boom Pt 1 Pt 2 Le Joint34004MintSoul $6.00 3
Ballard, Hank (1975) Love On Love Let`s Go Skinny Dipping Stang5061MintSoul $8.00 3
Ballard, Hank And The Midnighters Funky Soul Train Which Way Should I Turn King6131VG++Funk $25.00 1
Added 8 days ago on 6/17/2019Ballard, Kenny and the Fabulous Soul Brothers I`m Losing You Your Letter (Promo) Roulette4716MintSoul $60.00 1
Baltimore Echoes Nobody Knows Touch Jesus Gospel Master206Mint-Gospel Soul $10.00 1
Band A.K.A. (1982) When You Believe In Love (Island) Funkdown PPLO95022MintSoul $10.00 1
Bandwagon Baby Make Your Own Sweet Music On The Day We Fall In Love Epic10255VG++Soul $8.00 1
Banker, Benjie (1989) Stick To Yu Boyfriend Version Happiness2094Mint-Reggae Soul $5.00 1
Banks & Hampton Make Due With Whatcha Got `same` (Promo) W.B.8177MintFunk $15.00 1
Added 43 days ago on 5/13/2019Banks & Hampton (1976) It`s Gotta Be This Way (Island) "same" (Promo) W.N.8199MintSoul $8.00 1
Banks, Bessie Go Now It Sounds Like My Baby (Belgium Pop) Tiger102Good Soul $10.00 1
Banks, Darrell No One Blinder (Than A Man Who Won`t See) Beautiful Feeling (Promo) Volt4026Mint- (Major W.O.L`s.)X O Soul $30.00 1
Added 22 days ago on 6/3/2019Banks, Darrell Open The Door To Your Heart Our Love (Is In The Pocket) Revilot (Gray Label)201MintSoul $40.00 1
Banks, Darrell (1968) The Love Of My Woman I Wanna Go Home (Proimo) (Island) Cotillion44006Mint-Soul $60.00 1
Banks, Eddie I Didn`t Know What`s The Use Gale100MintR&B $20.00 1
Banks, Eddie (1972) Consider Me (Don`t Step On Something Good) (Love Is Twice As Good When You) Steal It TMI0111Mint (Label Wear)70`s Soul $50.00 1
Banks, Homer `Round The Clock Lover Man Foolish Hearts Break Fast (Island) (Promo) Minit32036Mint-Soul $20.00 1
Banks, Larry Don`t Pull Away We Got A Problem (Promo) Spring105Good (W.O.L.)X O Soul $15.00 1
Banks, Ron & Dramatics (1975) Trying To Get Over Losing You (I`m Going By) The Stars In Your Eyes Abc12125Mint-70`s Soul $12.00 1
Banks, Rose (1976) Whole New Thing What Am I Gonna Do (With My Life) (Promo) Motown1383MintSoul $6.00 1
Banks, Stanley Crawl Before You Walk If You Can`t Beat Me Rockin` Big Boy3519MintSoul $20.00 2
Banner, Spanner (1988) Love Is Burning version Scorpiono #MInt- (W.O.L..)Reggae Soul $5.00 1
Banton, Mega In De Line Of Duty Survival Version Bus` Brains Connection21606Mint (Slight Twist Warp)Reggae Soul $5.00 1
Banzaii Chinese Kung Fu Chinese Kung Fu (Disco Version) Scepter12407MintSoul $6.00 1
Baracudas Free For All Yank Me (Dooble) (Promo) Volt123MintLatin Soul Instr. $25.00 1
Barbara & Brenda Shame (Island) Let`s Get Together Avanti1600VG+/VG++ (W.O.L.)Deep Soul/Soul $20.00 1
Barbara & Brenda Hurtin` Inside That`s When You`ve Got Soul Heidi104VG++Soul $40.00 1
Barbara & Brenda One More Chance (Island) That`s Why I Love You Heidi109VG++/MintSoul $45.00 1
Barbara & Brenda (*) A Special Kind Of Love (Belgium Pop) You Don`t Love Me Anymore (Island) (Promo) Heidi106Mint- (Stained Label)Soul $25.00 1
Barbara & The Delights She`s A Smooth One (Belgium Pop) Shirley Got There Early (Promo) U.A.675Mint (Stamp O/L.)Soul $40.00 1
Barbara & The Uniques I`ll Never Let You Go You`re Gonna Make Me Cheat On You Arden3002Mint-Soul $15.00 1
Barbara And Brenda If I`m Hurt You`ll Feel The Pain Too Young To Be Fooled Dynamo103Mint-Soul $60.00 1
Barbara And Joe (1975) Don`t You Know That It`s All Right You`re Astounding (Promo) & (Stock) Respect2507Mint-70`s Soul $40.00 2
Barbara And Joe (1975) (*) You`re Astounding (Island) Don`t You Know That It`s All Right Respect2507Mint (W O/L`s)Soul $40.00 1
Barbara And The Browns I Don`t Want To Trouble My Lover Stax164Mint-Soul $30.00 1
Barbara And The Uniques You Make Me Feel So Young Again Take Me As I Am (Don`t Try To Change Me) Arden3005MintSoul $20.00 1
Barbara And The Uniques There It Goes Again What`s The Use Arden3001MintSoul $20.00 1
Barbaray, Richard & Soul Machine Nature Boy What`s Your Name (Promo) A&M953Mint-Latin Soul $20.00 1
Barbary, Richard Call On Me Like You, Babe (Promo) A&M1019Mint/VG++Soul $50.00 1
Barber, Cecil You Can Make It If You Try I`m Not A Know It All Ricky214Good- (Torn Label & W.O.L`s.)Deep Soul $15.00 1
Barbieri, Gato (1976) I Want You Pt. 1 Pt. 2 A&M1857Mint-Soul Instr. $5.00 1
Barden, Jimmy & Donna Byrd `Til I Met You It`s Never Easy (Promo) KR0118MintSoul $25.00 1
Bare, Gloria From The Heart Music To Make Love By JWP2285Mint-Soul $15.00 1
Barfield, Johnny & The Men Of Soul Mr. Starlight `same` (Promo) SSS International724Mint (Date Stamp O/L)Soul Ballad $10.00 1
Barge, Gene Chippie The Hippie From Mississippi Blowin` In The Wind (Promo) Checker1201VG+Soul $6.00 1
Bar-Kays Dance, Dance, Dance Part One Memphis At Sunrise Volt4081MintFunk $6.00 1
Bar-Kays Be Yourself Coldblooded Volt4111MintSoul $6.00 1
Bar-Kays You`re Still My Brother You`re The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me (Island) Volt4092MintFunk $8.00 1
Bar-Kays Soul Finger Knucklehead Volt148Mint (BB Hole)Soul $25.00 1
Bar-Kays Son Of Shaft Same (Promo) Volt4078MintFunk Inst. $8.00 1
Bar-Kays A Hard Day`s Night I Want Someone Volt158MintSoul Inst. $8.00 1
Bar-Kays Don`t Stop Dancing (To The Music) Pt. 1 `same` (Promo) Stax4011Mint Funk $12.00 1
Bar-Kays (1978) Are You Being Real Shine Mercury74048MintSoul $6.00 1
Bar-Kays (1969) A.J. The House Fly Midnight Cowboy Volt4019Mint-Funk Instr $10.00 1
Bar-Kays (1976) You`re So Sexy Spellbound Mercury73915MintSoul $6.00 1
Bar-Kays (1976) Too Hot To Stop Pt. 1 Bang Bang (Stick`em Up) Mercury73888Mint-Soul $6.00 1
Bar-Kays (1977) Can`t Keep My Hands Off You Attitudes Mercury73994MintFunk $6.00 1
Bar-Kays (1977) Let`s Have Some Fun Cozy Mercury73971VG++/VGSoul $4.00 1
Bar-Kays (1978) Holy Ghost Monster Stax3216MintFunk $10.00 1
Bar-Kays (1978) I`ll Dance Angel Eyes Mercury74039MintFunk $6.00 1
Bar-Kays (1979) Loving You Is My Occupation Today Is The Day Mercury76036MintSoul $6.00 1
Bar-Kays (1979)_ Love What It`s All About Move Your Boogie Body Mercury76015VG+Soul $4.00 1
Bar-Kays (1980) Body Fever Deliver Us (Island)) Mercury76097MintSoul $6.00 3
Bar-Kays (1981) Freaky Behavior Backseat Driver Mercury76143MintFunk $6.00 1
Bar-Kays (1981) Hit And Run Say It Thri\u Love Mercury76123VG++/MintSoul $5.00 1
Bar-Kays (1981) Traffic Jammer Freaky Behavior Mercury73143Mint-Soul $6.00 1
Bar-Kays (1982) She Taks To Me With Her Body Anticipation Mercury8104257MintSoul $6.00 1
Bar-Kays (1984) Lovers Should Never Fall In Love (Island) Freakshow On The Dance Floor Mercury816631-7MintSoul $6.00 1
Bar-Kays (1984) Sexomatic Sexomatic (Bonus Beats) Mercury880255-7Mint-/VG++Soul $5.00 1
Bar-Kays (1987) It Be That Way Sometimes (Island) Certified True Mercury888-837-7Mint/VG++Soul $5.00 1
Barker, Cecil (1978) Nobody`s Fault But Mine Soul Reggae BR501MintReggae Soul $10.00 1
Barlow, Dean Friendly People It`s All In Your Mind (Promo) Warwick618Mint-/VG++Soul $20.00 1
Barlow, Dean I Need You So Ther Glory Of Love (Promo) TCF12VG+Deep Soul $15.00 1
Barlow, Dean Hi Ya Honey? As God Is My Judge Davis444Mint-/VG++R&B $100.00 1
Barnes, Bill Repeat After Me Sloop John B. (Promo) Columbia34391MintSoul $12.00 1
Barnes, Billy You`d Have To Fall In Love If You But Knew United Artists148VG++Soul Ballads $10.00 1
Added 22 days ago on 6/3/2019Barnes, Billy C.C. Rider Here I Am (Promo) U.A.311VG+/VG++ (W.O.L.)R&B $8.00 1
Barnes, Bobby (1974) Don`t Let This Be The End Of Our Love "same" (Instr.) Marvel70Mint-Funk $120.00 1
Barnes, Diane I Need Your Love Tonight I Suffered For You Ajay902MintR&B $40.00 1
Barnes, J.J. Poor Unfortunate Me (I Ain`t Got Nobody) She Ain`t Ready Ring101VG++/Mint- ("BB" Hole) (Sticker O/L)Soul $20.00 1
Barnes, J.J. Won`t You Let Me Know My Love Came Tumbling Down Kable437Mint- (W.O.L.)Soul $50.00 1
Barnes, J.J. (*) Hold On To It Now She`s Gone (Island) ($) Revilot216MintSoul $20.00 5
Barnes, James & Agents Free At Last (Great Day A-Comin) Free At Last Golden Hit101Mint Soul $12.00 1
Barnes, James & The Agents Good & Funky The Bomb ($) Golden Hit102MintFunk/Soul Instr. $25.00 3
Barnes, Jimmy Don`t Be Mad With Me You Thrill Me So Much (Promo) (Belgium Pop) Savoy1590MintR&B $20.00 1
Barnes, Johnny It Must Be Love `same` (Promo) Cap City122VG++Soul $50.00 1
Barnes, Junior Its You I Love I Had A Dream Last Night (Promo) Tel1017Mint (W.O.L.)R&B $15.00 1
Barnes, Larry Rags Is Rags I Feel Love Comin` On Smash2004Mint ("BB" Hole)Soul $25.00 1
Barnes, Orthea (1963) Your Picture On The Wall (Belgium Pop) Same As Before (Promo) ABC-Paramount10434MintSoul $100.00 1
Barnes, Ortheia Second Time Around Till You Lose It Noteworthy952Mint70`s Soul $25.00 1
Barnes, Sidney (1978) Hold On I`m Coming `same` (Promo) Parachute521Mint (Stamp O/L)Soul $8.00 1
Barness, Johnny Tell Me Why (That`s What I Want To Know) (There Is) No Love For Me Flippin`105Good (W.O.L`s.)R&B $6.00 1
Barness, Johnny & The Twiliters Tell Me Why (There Is) No Love For Sale Flippin`105VG+Soul $12.00 1
Barnum, H.B. What Did Sister Do? Vaya Con Dios (May God Be With You) (Promo) Capitol2139MintSoul $12.00 1
Barnum, H.B. Dance With Me I Cant Help It (If Im Still In Love With You) Capitol5477Mint- (Sticker o/l)Soul $12.00 1
Barnum, H.B. How Many More Times (Belgium Pop) Baby, Baby, Baby (All the Time) RCA7960VG+ / VG++ (Sticker o/l`s)Soul $20.00 1
Barnum, H.B. How Many More Times Baby, Baby, Baby (All The Time) RCA7960VG++ (W O/L)Soul $25.00 1
Added 8 days ago on 6/17/2019Barnum, H.B. Ska Drums Skakiaan (Skokiaan) (Promo) Imperial66046Mint-Latin Soul Instr. $20.00 1
Barnum, H.B. The Record (Belgium Pop) I`m A Man Capitol5391VG+ (W.O.L.)Soul $15.00 1
Barnum, H.B. Coming `Round The Mountain Take Me Out To The Ball Game RCA8155MintR&B $15.00 1
Barnum, H.B. (*) Baby, Love Me Bad Luck`s On Me (Promo) (Island) Capitol2036Mint (W.O.L.)Soul/Deep Soul $35.00 1
Barons Lonely Afternoon Pt 1 Pt 2 Gamma117MintGroup Soul $120.00 1
Barons LTD Gypsy Read Your Cards For Me Love Power (Promo) Chimmeyville440Mint/VG++ 70`s Soul/Funk $40.00 1
Barrett, Richie (*) Let Me Down Easy (Belgium Pop) Summer`s Love (Promo) (Island) Crackerjack4012VG++ (W O/L) (Spot Stains O/L)Soul/Deep Soul $40.00 1
Barrett, Susan A Grain Of Sand She Gets Everything She Wants (Promo) RCA8888MintSoul $15.00 1
Barrett, Susan The Love Wer Never Knew (Island) No One But You (Promo) Philips40247Mint-/VG++ Deep Soul/Soul $30.00 1
Barretto, Ray (1978) Can You Feel It (Let It Groove You) `same` (Promo) Atlantic3512Mint (W O/L)Soul $8.00 1
Barretto, Ray (1982) The Old Castle La Cuna OJ56MintSoul Instr. $6.00 1
Barron, Ronnie Masma`s Kind Of Soul Louisianna Flood Decca32907VG++/VG+ ("BB" Hole)R&B $25.00 1
Barrons Some Kind Of Fool I`m So Lonely (Island) Super Dome501Mint-Group Soul $40.00 1
Barrons (1973) I`m So Lonely (Island) Some Kind Of Fool (Promo) Alithia6049MintGroup Soul $25.00 1
Barrow, Keith Alright Now Oh Freedom Jewel207Mint (Date Stamp O/L)Gospel Soul $8.00 1
Barry, Jeff I`ll Still Love You Our Love Can Still Be Saved Red Bird10-026VG++/Mint- ("NR" Stamp O/L`s.)("BB" Hole)Soul $20.00 1
Barry, Joe For You Sunshine Teardrops In My Heart Jin152Mint-R&B $20.00 1
Barry, Len The ABC`s Of Love Come Rain Or Come Shine (Promo) RCA9348MintPop Soul $15.00 1
Barry, Len The Moving Finger Writes Our Love (Promo) RCA9150MintSoul $15.00 1
Barry, Len Put Out The Fire Spread It On Like Butter Scepter12251VG+/VGSoul $6.00 1
Barry, Len Sweet & Funky I Like The Way (Promo) RCA9464MintSoul $20.00 1
Barry, Len I Struck It Rich Love Is Decca32011Mint- ("BB" Hole)Soul $25.00 1
Barry, Len (1967) Rainy Side Of The Street All Those Memories (Promo) RCA9275Mint- (W. O/L`s & Ring Wear O/L`s.)Soul $35.00 1
Added 43 days ago on 5/13/2019Barry, Len (1968) You`re My Picasso Baby Christopher Colombus (Promo) Amy11037Mint-/VG+Soul $10.00 1
Barry, Sandra We Were Lovers (When The Party Began) (Island) The End Of The Line (Promo) Parkway943Mint (W O/L)Soul $20.00 1
Bartholomew, Dave (1957) Cinderella Hard Times Imperial5481VG+R&B $25.00 1
Bartley, Chris Youi Get Next To My Heart For You (Island) Vando3002VG++/VG+Soul $15.00 1
Bartley, Chris Baby It`s Wonderful I`ll Be Loving You Vando3000MintSoul $20.00 1
Bartley, Chris Baby, I`m Yours (Island) I`ll Take The Blame Buddah93VG++/Mint- ("BB" Hole)X O Soul $40.00 1
Bartley, Chris Truer Words Were Never Spoken This Feeling You Give Me Vando14000VG++Soul $20.00 1
Bartley, Chris (*) The Sweetest Thing This Side Of Heaven Love Me Baby (Island) Vando101MintSoul/Deep Soul $20.00 1
Barton, Eileen The Earth Stood Still (Belgium Pop) Patty Cake-Psatty Cake (Promo) 20th Century Fox417Mint- (W.O.L.)Soul $25.00 1
Bascomb, Bad Woman Connoisseur Mississippi Gambler Man (Promo) Paramount0276MintSoul $10.00 1
Bascomb, Bad Bo Diddley Same (Promo) Paramount0209MintSoul $10.00 1
Bascomb, Bad Funk City Crocodile Spectrum137Mint-Funk $15.00 1
Basia (1987) New Day For You Same (Promo) Epic08112MintSoul $6.00 1
Basie, Count Green Onions Hang On Sloopy Brunswick55352VG++/Mint-Latin Soul Inst. $20.00 1
Basie, Count I Can`t Stop Loving You Nice `n` Easy Reprise21170VG++ (W.O.L`s.& Sticker O/L`s,)Jazz Instr. $6.00 1
Basie, Count & His Orch. Ol` Man River Same (Promo) Roulette4286MintJazz Inst. $8.00 1
Bass, Fontella I Can`t Rest I Surrender (Promo) Checker1137Mint-/VG++ (W.O.L)Soul $20.00 1
Bass, Fontella I Need To Be Loved I Want Everyone To Know Paula367Mint-Soul $8.00 1
Bass, Fontella This Would Make Me Happy (Island) Poor Little Fool Vesuvius1002VG++Soul $12.00 1
Bass, Fontella Hold On This Time Who You Gonna Blame Paula360MintSoul $20.00 1
Bass, Fontella Don`t Mess Up A Good Thing Jerk Loose (Oliver Sain) Checker1097MintR&B $20.00 1
Bass, Fontella Youll Never Ever Know Safe And Sound Checker1147MintSoul $10.00 1
Bass, Fontella Rescue Me Soul Of The Man Checker1120VG++ (Sticker O/L.)Soul $10.00 1
Bass, Fontella It`s Hard To Get Back In Talking About Freedom Paula393VG+Funk $7.00 1
Bass, Fontella Lucky In Love Sweet Lovin` Daddy Checker1183VG+ ("BB" Hole)Soul $10.00 1
Bass, Fontella Rescue Me Soul Of The Man Checker (Maroon Label)1020MintSoul $12.00 1
Bass, Fontella Recovery Leave It In The Hands Of Love Checker (Red Label)1131VG++/Mint- (Sticker O/L.)Soul $20.00 1
Bass, Fontella & Bobby McClure Don`t Mess Up A Good Thing Jerk Loose-Oliver Sain Checker1097MintR&B $20.00 1
Bass, Fontella & Bobby McClure Don`t Mess Up A Good Thing Baby, What You Want Me To Do (Promo) Checker1097VG++ (Address Sticker O/L.)R&B $20.00 1
Bass, Fontella & Bobby McClure You`ll Miss Me (When I`m Gone) Don`t Jump Checker1111Mint-R&B $20.00 1
Bassey, Shirley Fa Fa Fa (Live For Today) A Bus That Never Comes (A Train That Never Leaves) (Promo) U.A.50606VG+/MintSoul $10.00 1
Bassey, Shirley Who Could Love Me Give Him Your Love (Promo) U.A.50071VG+Soul Ballad $10.00 1
Bassey, Shirley I (Who Have Nothing) (Island) Shirley (Promo) U.A.50105Mint-Soul $12.00 1
Bassey, Shirley For All We Know (Island) What`s Done Is Done (Promo) U.A.50833Mint /VG++Soul $6.00 1
Bassey, Shirley (1964) Goldfinger (Island) Strange How Love Can Be U.A.790MintSoul $15.00 1
Added 8 days ago on 6/17/2019Bassey, Shirley (1965) It`s Yourself (Promo) Secrets (Promo) U.A.956VG+ (W.O.L.)Soul $6.00 1
Bassil Two Way Street Same (Remix) Selah001Mint (Small Hole)Reggae Soul $5.00 1
Bataan (1974) The Bottle (La Botella) When You`re Bown (Funky Mambo) Epic50089VGFunk $6.00 1
Bataan, Joe (1979) Rap-o Clap-o Same (Inst) Salsoul2109VG++/MintRap $8.00 1
Bataan, Joe (1981) Ling Ching Tong Same (Promo) Salsoul2153MintFunk $8.00 1
Batchler, Willie Baby If You Do Right Kids Stay In School ($) Gibbs101MintBlues $10.00 5
Bates Sisters Symphony For The Broken Hearted So Broken Hearted (Promo) Nola736Mint- ("DJ" Stamp O/L.)Soul $35.00 1
Bates, Lee (1976) Shake, Baby, Shake "same" (Disco Version) Sansu (Grey Label)1002MintFunk $40.00 1
Bates, Lee And The Velvet Funk (1974) Help Me, Make It Through The Night (Island) Slowly (Island) (Light Blue Label-Black Print) Instant3323Mint-Soul Ballads $15.00 1
Batman, Elmo (1975) I Am A Spy For The F.B.I. The Batman Granite519Mint (Torn Labels)Soul $10.00 1
Batman, Elmo (1975) I Am A Spy For The F.B.I. The Batman (Promo) Granite519Mint (W.O.L.)Soul $10.00 1
Battiste Jr, Harold This Is How We Do It In New Orleans (Belgium Pop) This Is The Truth Uptown702MintSoul Instr. $20.00 1
Baxter, Duke I Ain`t No School Boy Everybody Knows Matilda VMC740VG++ (BB Hole)Soul $9.00 1
Bay Brothers (1980) Baby Don`t Give Up `same` (Promo) Millennium11794Mint/VG++70`s Soul $12.00 1
Bay Brothers (1982) Love Never Comes Easy `same` (Promo) Millennium13103Mint70`s Soul $12.00 1
BBC Upside Down Piedras Negras (Black Rock) Mega0091MintFunk Inst. $20.00 1
Beacham, Rufas When You Call My Name I Need Your Love Scepter1209VG+R&B Ballads $15.00 1
Beacham, Rufus (Mr. Soul) Take It Easy Baby No Man Is King Scepter1214MintR&B $15.00 1
Bean Brothers Music Is My Life Spinning Around D.I.501Mint70`s Soul $60.00 1
Bean, Herman Babysitter Doing Fine (Promo) Peacock1904VG++/MintR&B $25.00 1
Beans, Red And Rice Featuring Spareribs Ray Draper Mess Around Happiness (Promo) Epic10482Mint (Date Stamp O/L`s)Soul $15.00 1
Beard (1976) Yankee Disco America 200 SNS2001MintSoul $6.00 1
Beasley, Jimmy Jambalaya My Happiness Modern1009VG++ (Sticker O/L)R&B $12.00 1
Beaufort Express Here I Come You Got To Do Your Best Priscilla1001MintFunk $20.00 1
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