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Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradePriceQty
Gabbard, Rusty (C&W) Music NoteMy Baby`s Sweeter Heartbreak Waltz Bragg214VG++ $10.00 1
Gabriel & The Angels Music NoteDon`t Wanna Twist No-More That`s Life (That`s Tough) Swan4118VG+ $15.00 1
Gabus, Ben Music NoteShake A Hand Seems To Me I`ve Cried For You Before (Promo) Clark523VG++ $8.00 1
Gadabouts Music NoteToo Much Monkey Business To Be With You Mercury70978VG/VG+ $8.00 1
Gadabouts (1955) Music NoteTwo Things I Love Glass Heart Wing90008VG+/Mint $10.00 1
Gaddie, Grover (C&W) Music NoteShe`ll Never Set Me Free I Broke All Records Blue Angel118Mint $8.00 1
Gadson, Mel (1960) Music NoteComin` Down Wioth Love I`m Gettin Sentimental Over You Big Top3034Mint- $25.00 1
Gainsbourg, Serge & Jane Birkin (REISSUE) Music NoteJe T`Aime / Moi Non Plus (Island) How Will It End-Barry Darvell Underground1181Mint $6.00 1
Galante, Tony Music NoteFinding The Words (Island) I Want To Know Fanfare990Mint/VG++ $6.00 1
Gallagher, Rube Music NoteGeronimo Putt Putt Two (Promo) Hickory1342Mint (Label Ring Wear) $12.00 1
Gallahads (1958) Music NoteSteady Man Best Wishes Vik0316Mint- (Sticker Glue O/L. Both Sides) $12.00 1
Gallant, Rodney Music Note(If I`m Dreamin`) Just Let Me Dream My Life With You (Promo) Mercury71572VG $10.00 1
Gallion, Bob Music NoteBaby, Love Me (Rock-A-Billy) I Miss You MGM12628Mint $25.00 1
Gallion, Bob (C&W) Music NoteYou Don`t Know (Or You Don`t Care) Sweethearts Again Hickory1154Mint- $12.00 1
Galo, Pat Music NoteYou Can Tell Her Anything Too Busy RCA8179Mint (Sticker Glue O/L.) $20.00 1
Gamblin, Fred (1967) (C&W) Music NoteBig Island Hat Blue World (On My Hands) Gold Standard224Mint $10.00 1
Gandy, Jerry Music NoteYou Better Take Me Home (Island) Mister Moon (White Label) Gambit1108Mint $15.00 1
Gant, Billie Music NoteShake Your Money Maker (Rock-A-Billy) Sweet Dreams Artistis760612Good $8.00 1
Gant, Don (1961) Music NoteSugar Love (Island) Hello Mrs. Brown Colpix618VG++/Mint- (W O/L) $25.00 1
Gant, Don (1962) Music NoteDon`t Take Her From Me (Island) Daydream (Of You) Colpix652Mint- ("BB" Hole) (W.O.L.) $20.00 1
Gant, Don (1962) Music NoteFemininity Sad Eyes Colpix637Mint-/VG++ $50.00 1
Gant, Don (1963) Music NoteOnly On Weekends (Island) Hello Mrs. Brown (Promo) Colpix675Mint $20.00 1
Gant, Don (1963) Music NoteBarbara Everyone But You (Promo) Colpix688VG++ $20.00 1
Gardner, Dave (1958) Music NoteSlick Slacks (Rock-A-Billy) Wild Streak Decca30627VG (W.O.L.) $15.00 1
Garfield, Gil Music NoteJust A Clown Poor Butterfly (Promo) A&M783Mint- $8.00 1
Gari, Frank Music NoteThe Last Bus Left At Midnight (Island) Princess Crusade1022VG $6.00 1
Gari, Frank Music NoteLove That`s Where It Is (Island) April (Promo) Capitol2101Mint $8.00 1
Gari, Frank Music NoteUtopia I Ain`t Got A Girl Crusade1020VG++/VG+ $10.00 1
Gari, Frank Music NoteUtopia I Ain`t Got A Girl Crusade1020VG+/Mint $8.00 1
Garrett, Mel Music NoteCookie Cookie When I Go Home Redd-E5007VG+ (Sticker O/L) $12.00 1
Garson, Eddie Music NoteYou Got A Big Mouth Makeup (Promo) Roulette4178Mint- $15.00 1
Garson, Eddie Music NoteI`m Serious Clown Of The Crowd Wren301Mint- $15.00 1
Garson, Eddie Music NoteBo-Bo Scalaroomie Hamilton50016VG++ $9.00 1
Garson, Eddie Music NoteYou Got A Big Mouth Makeup (Promo) Roulette4178VG+ $8.00 1
Garson, Eddie Music NoteMind Your Own Business Take A Chance (Promo) Guyden2039VG+ $12.00 1
Garson, Eddie Music NoteAfter Weddin` Horn Honkin` Blues I Was Feelin` Low Mr. Peeke124Mint- $12.00 1
Gary & Billy Music NoteWorking After School Lisa (Promo) 20th Fox170Mint $15.00 1
Gary & The Hornets Music NoteBaby, It`s You (Belgium Pop) Tell Tale Smash2090Mint- $12.00 1
Gary, John Music NoteThe Bell Rings Sunrise, Sunset RCA8479Mint-/VG++ $7.00 1
Gary, John Music NoteThe Bell Rings (Belgium Pop) Forget It Fraternity870VG+ $8.00 1
Gary, John Music NoteHang On To Me Sleeping Beauty (Promo) RCA9119Mint- $10.00 1
Gary, John (1960) Music NoteThe Bell Rings (Belgium Pop) Forget It Fraternity870Mint- (Light Label Ring Wear "B" Side) $10.00 1
Gary, Phil Music NoteI Don`t Understand Rollin` Stone Great Scott9961Mint $15.00 1
Gary, Phil & Catalinas Music NoteBobby Layne June 30th Tri-O-Dex106VG++/Mint $15.00 1
Gates, David Music NoteThe Happiest Man Alive The Road That Leads To Love Mala418Mint $40.00 1
Gates, David Music NoteYou Had It Comin` To You (Belgium Pop) No One Really Loves A Clown (Belgium Pop) (Promo) Del-Fi4206Mint $30.00 1
Gates, David (1974) Music NoteNever Let Her Go Watch Out Elektra45223Mint $8.00 1
Gates, David (1978) Music NoteTook The Last Train Ann Elektra45500Mint $8.00 1
Gateway Trio (1963) Music NotePoor Man`s Travelin` Blues Soldiers Who Want To Be Heros Capitol5045Mint- $15.00 1
Gatley, Jimmy (1968) Music NoteGone, Gone, Gone Heavenly Sunshine (Promo) Columbia44647Mint $8.00 1
Gavin, Jimmy (1958) Music NoteThe Ballad Of Jesse James Hitchhiking Man Epic9189VG $10.00 1
Gaylord & Holiday (1966) Music NoteShe Since You`ve Gone (Promo) Verve10411Mint $10.00 1
Gaylord, Ronnie & Burt Holiday Music NoteLove (Where Have You Gone) A Place To Hide Away Palmer5022VG+ $8.00 1
Gaylord, Ronnie (1955) Music NoteAin`t That A Shame Che Sera, Sera Wing90000Mint $20.00 1
Gaylords (1961) Music NoteDaisy, You`re Driving Me Crazy Born To Be Loved (Promo) Mercury71762Mint $12.00 1
Gays (1959) Music NoteAlone At The Harbor Command My Heart (Promo) Decca30988Mint-/VG++ (Tape O/L.) $12.00 1
G-Clefs (1966) Music NoteLittle Lonely Boy Party `66 (Promo) Loma2034Mint- $15.00 1
Gene & Debbe (1969) Music NoteThe Sun Won`t Shine Again Memories Are Made Of This Trx5017Mint/VG++ (W.O.L.) $10.00 1
Gene & Jeanne Music NoteYou Shake Me Up So Bad Baby, Baby, Baby Bobby2003Mint $15.00 1
Gene & Jerry Music NoteCarousel Hootenanny Christmas (Promo) Roulette4537VG++ (W O/L) $7.00 1
Gene And Debbe (1968) Music NoteMake A Noise Like Love Rings Of Gold TRX5014VG++/Mint- ("BB" Hole) $10.00 1
Gene And Debbie (1968) Music NoteLove Will Give Us Wings Lovin` Season TRX5010Mint $10.00 1
Gene, Joe And The Cordells Music NoteLittle Rome (Rock-A-Billy) Rock Everybody Rock Antiqu1001Mint- (Label Wear Both Sides) $50.00 1
Gentry, Donnie Music NoteBouquet Of Roses From This Day On (Promo) Romulus3000Good $12.00 1
Gentrys (1967) Music NoteThere`s A Love You Make Me Feel So Good MGM13690Mint ("BB" Hole) $10.00 1
Gents (1961) Music NoteJump In The Line Why Do I Love Her (Promo) Liberty55332VG++ $20.00 1
George & Earl (Early C&W) Music NoteCan I? (If You) Got Anything Good Mercury70605Mint (Torn Label "B" Side) $20.00 1
George & Gene (C&W) Music NoteYour Old Standby Big Job Musicor1115Mint $12.00 1
George & Gene (C&W) Music NoteY`all Come That`s All It Took (Promo) Musicor1165MInt- (W.O.L..) $10.00 1
George, Davisd Music NoteHave You Ever Seen (My Baby) So Happy Assault1874Mint- $15.00 1
George, Joihnny And The Pilots (1961) Music NoteFlying Blue Angels A Fiddle And A Bow Coed555VG++ $8.00 1
George, Morton Music NoteCome On In The Stretch (Promo)(BelgiumPop) Amy858Mint $10.00 1
Georgia Crackers (Early C&W) Music NoteThat`s The Way It`s Gonna Be A Broken Doll RCA (Clear Green Vinyl)0033VG+ $15.00 1
Gerace, Carlo Music NoteWild About That Girl Too Young To Love (Promo) Chancellor1080VG++ $15.00 1
Gerace, Tony (1963) Music NoteFind Your Own Good Luck, Best Wishes, Goodbye (Promo) Fleetwood7006Mint- $20.00 1
Gerald, Bob (C&W) (Song Poem) Music NoteSparkle With Dew For Our Country Tin Pan Alley391Mint- $10.00 1
Gerard, Bob (Song Poem) Music NoteHurry Up Old Man Tell Me Tin Pan Alley411Mint $10.00 1
Giant, Bert & Bill Music NoteWayward Man Gettysburg Address (Promo) Signature12019Mint (W O/L) $10.00 1
Giant, Bill (1961) Music NoteBetter Let Her Go (Belgium Pop) `same` (Promo) MGM3020Mint $35.00 1
Giant, Billy Music NoteNice Girls Leave My Girl Alone Bounty45104VG++ (Slight Warp-Does Not Affect Play) $15.00 1
Gibson, Don (C&W) Music NoteI Love No One But You Carolina Breakdown RCA0424Mint $20.00 1
Gibson, Don & Sue Thompson (1972) (C&W) Music NoteI Think They Call It Love Over There`s The Door Hickory1646Mint $6.00 1
Gibson, Don (1960) (C&W) Music NoteSweet Dreams The Same Street RCSA7805VG++ $8.00 1
Gibson, Don (1960) (C&W) Music NoteJust One Time I May Never Get To Heaven RCA7690Mint $10.00 1
Gibson, Don (1963) (C&W) Music NoteHead Over Heels In Love with You It Was Worth It All RCA8144Mint $10.00 1
Gibson, Don (1965) (C&W) Music NoteAgain You`re Going Away (Promo) RCA8589Mint- (W.O.L.) $10.00 2
Gibson, Don (1967) (C&W) Music NoteAround The Town Lost Highway RCA9177Mint- $8.00 1
Gibson, Don (1968) (C&W) Music NoteLow And Lonely It`s A Long, Long Way To Georgia (Promo) RCA9563VG++ $8.00 1
Gibson, Don (1970) (C&W) Music NoteDon`t Take All Your Lovin` Pretending Everyday Hickory1559Mint $8.00 1
Gibson, Don (1972) (C&W) Music NoteIs This The Best I`m Gonna Feel Watching It Go Hickory1651Mint $6.00 1
Gibson, Don (1973) (C&W) Music NoteSnap Your Fingers Love Is A Lonesome Thing Hickory312Mint- $6.00 1
Gilbert Trio, Johnny Music NoteSweetheart (Belgium Pop) What More Must I Say Imperial5920Mint Sticker O/L`s.) $25.00 1
Gillespie, Wesley Music NoteThe World Loves You Elvis (Elvis Related) (Tribute) (Sound-A-Like) Early Sunday Morning Rome1017Mint- (Stained Labels) $6.00 1
Gilley, Mickey (1965) (C&W) Music NoteLet`s Hurt Together When Two Worlds Collide (Promo) TCF126Mint- (W.O.L.) $12.00 1
Gilley, Mickey (C&W) Music NoteIs It Wrong No Greater Love Potomac (White Label)901VG $10.00 1
Gilmer, Jimmy (1959) Music NoteLook Alive! Because I Need You (Promo) Decca30942Mint $15.00 1
Gilmer, Jimmy (1963) Music NoteWon`t Be Long I`m Gonna Go Walkin` Hamilton50037VG++/Mint- $15.00 1
Gilmer, Jimmy (1964) Music NoteWishing What Kinda Love? Dot16642VG+/VG++ (Sticker O/L) $8.00 1
Gilmer, Jimmy (1964) Music NoteCinnamon Cindy Break His Heart For Me Dot16687Mint $12.00 1
Gilmer, Jimmy (1964) Music NoteLook At Me I`l Send For You Dot16609Mint $12.00 1
Gilmer, Jimmy (1964) Music NoteWhat Kinda Love? Wishing Dot16642Good/VG (W O/L) $6.00 1
Gilmer, Jimmy (1964) Music NoteWhat Kinda Love? Wishing Dot16642Mint $12.00 1
Gilmer, Jimmy (1965) Music NoteSomebody Stole My Watermelon The Fool Dot16743Mint (Slight Warp) $10.00 1
Gilmer, Jimmy (1968) Music NoteThree Squares Baby Atco6583Mint- ("BB" Hole) $10.00 1
Gilmer, Jimmy And The Fireballs (1963) Music NoteWhen My Tears Have Dried Daisy Petal Pickin` Dot16539Mint $12.00 1
Gilmer, Jimmy And The Fireballs (1964) Music NoteAin`t Gonna Tell Anybody Young Am I Dot16583Mint- $12.00 1
Gilmer, Jimmy And The Fireballs (1966) Music NoteAll I Do Is Dream Of You Ain`t That Rain Dot16881Mint- $12.00 1
Gilmer, Jimmy and the Fireballs (1966) Music NoteHungry, Hungry, Hungry White Roses Dot16833Mint- $12.00 1
Gilreath, James (1963) (300 Pressed) Music NoteLittle Band Of Gold I`ll Walk With You Statue600Mint $200.00 1
Gilreath, Jimmy Music NotePearls, Gold And Silver Your Day Is Coming (Promo) Joy302Mint $12.00 1
Gino & Gina Music NoteWhy Do You Make Believe I Hope You`re Satisfied (Promo) Brunswick55215Mint (Stamp O/L`s.) $12.00 1
Gino & Gina Music NoteBrand New Penny I Don`t Love You (Promo) Mercury71370VG++ $12.00 1
Gino & Gina Music NoteShe Belongs To Me Rain`, Rain` Mercury71346Mint $15.00 1
Gino & Gina Music NoteCharlie I Don`t Need A Ring Around Your Finger Mercury71483Mint- $15.00 1
Gino, Marty Music NoteTime And Place Live And Learn Wink103Mint- $20.00 1
Gino, Marty Music NoteProtect My Love I Was It (Promo) Time1018Mint- $20.00 1
Glaser, Jim Music NoteGod Help You Woman (Island) She Was Too Good To Me RCA9587VG+ $8.00 1
Glaser, Tompall & Glaser Brothers (1st Record) Music NoteFive Penny Nickel You`re In My Heart Again Robbins1001VG++/VG+ $50.00 1
Glass, Charles (1955) Music NoteScreamin` And Dyin` (And Rollin` On The Floor) Let My Japanese Baby Magnet7011Mint $50.00 2
Glass, Dick (1966) Music NoteCaverns (Island) Ethereal Baby (Promo) RCA8898Mint- (Label Ring Wear "A" Side) $10.00 1
Glasser, Dick Music NoteLeave Me Alone (And Let Me Cry) (Belgium Pop) Jeannie`s Bikini (Promo) Columbia41680VG++/Mint $25.00 1
Gleaves, Cliff Music NoteLong Black Hearse You And Your Kind (promo) Liberty55263Mint (W O/L) $25.00 1
Gleaves, Cliff Music NoteFlight 903 Fate, Stole The Wedding Ring Elixir8VG++ $15.00 1
Gleaves, Cliff Music NoteLong Black Hearse You And Your Kind (Promo) Liberty55263Mint (Slight Warp) $15.00 1
Glencoves (1963) Music NoteHootenanny It`s Sister Ginny`s Turn To Throw The Bomb Select724Mint/VG++ $12.00 1
Glendown, Cerf Music NoteHey Night Owl (Belgium Pop) There`s Love (Promo) Pioneer1784Mint- $15.00 1
Glenn And Jerry Music NoteHello, A New Love You Came Along (Promo) Kapp272Mint (Stamp O.L) $20.00 1
Glenn, Darell and The Commodors (1957) Music NoteHello Baby (Rock-A-Billy) Zinga-Zingo RPM488Good (W.O.L`s.) $8.00 1
Glenn, Darrell Music NoteMr. Moonlight So I`ve Been Told NRC007Good $6.00 1
Glenn, Darrell (1953) (C&W) Music NoteI Think I`m Falling In Love With You Only A Pastime Valley109Good $8.00 1
Glenn, Jerry (C&W) Music NoteSixteen Chickens And A Tambourine One Room Apartment RCA5323Good $6.00 1
Glynn, Richard Music NoteHigh School Fool (Island) It Seems To Me Dot15927Mint $15.00 1
Glynn, Richard (1959) Music NoteHigh School Fool It Seems To Me Dot15927Mint- $15.00 1
Goddard, Chuck Music NoteI Didn`t Answer The Phone Forty Eight Hours To Love Everest19389Mint $20.00 1
Godfrey, Arthur (1965) Music NoteDig, Dig, Dig (Belgium Pop) I`d Give A Million Tomorrows (Promo) Admiral6466Mint $50.00 1
Godfrey, Ray (C&W) Music NoteTen Silver Dollars Better Times A Comin` Sims130Mint $12.00 1
Godfrey, Ray (1960) (C&W) Music NoteThe Picture Overall Song (Promo) Savoy3021VG $8.00 1
Go-Go`s Music NoteThe Wild One Saturday`s Hero RCA8435VG+ $30.00 1
Go-Go`s Music NoteLonely Girl (Summer, Surf & Beach) (They Call Him) Chicken Of The Sea (Promo) RCA8370Mint (Date Stamp O/L`s.) $20.00 1
Golden, Johnny Music NoteAngel On Earth Hoopie (Promo) W.B.5660VG+ $10.00 1
Goldsboro, Bobby (1963) Music NoteThe Runaround The Letter (Promo) Laurie3159Mint- $15.00 1
Goldsboro, Bobby (1972) Music NoteMe And The Elephants "same" (Promo) Epic50342Mint $6.00 1
Good, Larry & The Countrymen (1967) Music NoteI`ll Only Make You Cry This Old Broken Heart Of Mine (Promo) Pearce5807Mint $10.00 1
Goodies Music NoteThe Deep Blue Sea In Bermuda Chess1731VG++/Mint- $10.00 1
Goodson, Hal Music NoteLater Baby (Rock-A-Billy) Who`s Gonna` Be The Next One Honey Solo108Good (Torn Label "B" Side) $12.00 1
Goodson, Jeff Music NoteWendy, Come Home The Telephone (Promo) Verve10581Mint- $8.00 1
Goofers Music Note`S O.K. I`s Alright A Littgle Bit Square But Nice Tiara6123Good/VG+ $6.00 1
Gordon Music NoteShe`s Mine Rising Sunshine Smile Name116Mint (Stamp O/L.) $10.00 1
Gordon, Barry Music NoteKaty They (Promo) Era1084VG+/Good $6.00 1
Gordon, Barry Music NoteRamshakle Guy The Days Of Pearly Spencer (Promo) Dunhill4126Mint/VG+ $7.00 1
Gordon, Barry (1960) Music NoteYou Can`t Lie To A Liar You Can`t See The Trees (For The Forest) Cadence1430Mint- (Label Ring Wear "B" Side) $10.00 1
Gordon, Curtis Music NoteSixteen Cry, Cry Mercury71121Mint $30.00 1
Gordon, Kelly Music NoteA Phonograph Record I`ll Never Be Free (Promo) Mercury72136VG++ $10.00 1
Gordon, Kelly (1969) Music NoteThat`s Life (Island) He Ain`t Heavy... He`s My Brother (Promo) Capitol2442Mint $10.00 1
Gordon, Ramsey Music NoteDown In The Cellar I`m From New Orleans Tahoe2530Mint- (W.O.L.) $25.00 1
Gordon, Robert (1979) Music NoteBlack Slacks (Rock-A-Billy) `same` (Promo) RCA11608Mint- $6.00 1
Gordon, Robert w/ Link Ray (W/ P.S.) (1978) Music NoteIf This Is Wrong (Elvis Related) (Sound-A-Like) Fire Private Stock45203Mint (P.S. = Mint) $10.00 1
Gordon, Robert w/ Link Wray (1977) Music NoteRed Hot (Rock-A-Billy) Sweet Surrender Private Stock156Mint $6.00 1
Gorman, Cliff Music NoteConnie Ding Dong (Promo) Roulette4492VG++ $12.00 1
Gospel Heritage (1971) (C&W Gospel) Music NoteI`ve Got Confidence Led Out Of Bondage La Donnah5988VG+ $8.00 1
Gothia, Dale Music NoteLonely River Dreaming Again Dart139Mint- $25.00 1
Gotroe, Jackie Music NoteSummer Lighting Golden Spur Keen4029Mint (Promo Stamp O.L`s & W.O.L.) $25.00 1
Goulet, Robert Music NoteA Chance ATo Live In Camelot Thirty Days Hath September (Promo) Columbia44618Mint- $10.00 1
Goulet, Robert Music NoteCrazy Heart Of Mine Everlasting (Promo) Columbia43481Mint- (W.O.L`s.) $10.00 1
Goulet, Robert Music NoteCome Back To Me, My Love (Belgium Pop) `same` (Promo) Columbia43394Mint- (W.O.L.`s.) $12.00 1
Grace, Jimmie Music NoteOne Man`s Keepin` Silver Spoon, Lonely Me Dot16983Mint $10.00 1
Graci, Charlie (1953) (1st Record) Music NoteBoogie Boogie Blues (Rock-A-Billy) I`m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter Cadillac141VG+ (Sticker O/L) $40.00 1
Gracie, Charlie Music NoteButterfly Ninety Nine Ways Cameo105Mint $20.00 1
Gracie, Charlie Music NoteI Looked For You The Race Roulette4255Mint $15.00 1
Gracie, Charlie Music NoteCrazy Baby Dressin` Up Cameo127Mint (W O/L`s) $20.00 1
Gracie, Charlie Music NoteCount To Three Just Like Us (Come Noi) (Promo) President828VG++ $20.00 1
Grads Music NoteWhite Steeple Once Again Valiant6023VG+ $8.00 1
Grady, Don Music NoteIt`s Better This Way One Good Turn Deserves Another Capitol5362Mint- $12.00 1
Grammer, Billy (1959) Music NoteThe Kissing Tree Bonaparte`s Retreat Monument403VG++/VG+ $8.00 1
Grammer, Billy (1960) Music NoteLoveland On The Job Too Long Monument413VG++ (Sticker O/L) $10.00 1
Grammer, Billy (1961) Music NoteFinger Have A Drink On Mr (Promo) Decca31274VG+ (W.O.L.) $7.00 1
Grammer, Billy (1963) Music NoteLove Gets Better With Time Lonesome Life Decca31514Mint (Sicker O/L) $10.00 1
Grammer, Billy (1964) Music NoteDon`t Drop It (Island) I Saw Your Face In The Moon (Promo) Decca31618Mint $12.00 1
Granahan, Gerry & Eddie Fontaine (1958) Music NoteI`m Ready As I`ll Ever Be Nobody Else Can Handle This Job But Me Sunbeam112Mint- $20.00 1
Granahan, Gerry (1958) Music NoteNo Chemise, Please Girl Of My Dreams Sunbeam102VG++ $15.00 1
Granahan, Gerry (1958) Music NoteBaby Wait Completely Sunbeam108Mint $25.00 1
Granahan, Gerry (1959) Music NoteKing Size (Promo) I`m Afraid You`ll Never Know (Belgium Pop) Sunbeam122Good $6.00 1
Granahan, Gerry (1959) Music NotePut Me Anywhere Let The Rumors Fly Gone5065VG+/VG++ $20.00 1
Granahan, Gerry (1959) Music Note"A" You`re Adorable A Ring, A Braclet, A Heart Sunbeam127VG++/Mint $20.00 1
Granahan, Gerry (1963) Music NoteToo Weak To Win Hang Up The Phone (Promo) 20th Century425Mint $12.00 1
Granahan, Gerry (1964) Music NoteSophia All The Live Long Day (Promo) Veep1205Mint $10.00 1
Grand, Barry Music NoteAnniversary Song (Island) Looking Back (Promo) Karate504VG+ $50.00 1
Grandpa Jones (1963) (C&W) Music NoteMy Carolina Sunshinev Girl Night Train To Memphis Monument811VG++ $8.00 1
Granhan, Gerry (1960) Music NoteWhen Irish Eyes Are Smiling In My Heart (Promo) Canadian American116Mint- $15.00 1
Graves, Billy Music NoteThe Shag (Rock-A-Billy) Uncertain Monument401Mint $25.00 1
Gray, Claude Music NoteKinderhook Bill (Island) Thank You Neighbor Columbia43294VG++ $6.00 1
Gray, Claude Music NoteFirst Love Never Dies (Island) Heartbreak Eve (Promo) Mercury72080Good (W.O.L. & Label Damage "B" Side) $8.00 1
Gray, Claude C&W) Music NoteLoneliness Best Part Of Me D1093Mint $15.00 1
Gray, Claude C&W) Music NoteMy Party`s Over Leave Alone D1144Mint- (W O/L) $15.00 1
Gray, Claude (C&W) Music NoteLonesome Eight Years (Promo) Mercury72236Mint/VG++ $10.00 1
Gray, Louis (1961) Music NoteDooley Dooley Baby You Keep The Money (Promo) Era3061VG++ $12.00 1
Grayzell, Rudy and his Thunderbirds (1959) Music NoteF-B-I Story You`ll Be Mine Award129VG (W.O.L.`s) $12.00 1
Great Pretender (C&W) (Mitchell Torok) Music NoteYou Can`t Get There From Here all Over Again, Again Columbia41358Mint- (Sticker O/L.) $15.00 1
Great Sebastian (Wayne Cochran) Music NoteThe Naughty Coo `same` Rebal1333 1/2Good- (W.O.L`s.) $20.00 1
Greco, Buddy (1954) Music NoteHey Cupid D-A-R-L-I-N` Mercury70410Mint $15.00 1
Greco, Buddy (1966) Music NoteMore (in foreign) It Had Better Be Tonight Epic9666Mint $8.00 1
Greco, Buddy (1967) Music NoteWhere`s The Girl (Island) Dani (Promo) Reprise0551Mint- $12.00 1
Greco, Buddy (1969) Music NoteFrom Atlanta To Goodbye (Island) Love Is A Hurtin` Thing Scepter12260Mint $8.00 1
Green, Stardust (1959) Music NoteAin`t You Gonna Love Me I Hug My Pillow Tempus1509Mint-/VG++ (Torn Label "B" Side) $15.00 1
Greene Twins Music NoteOrange Lipstick I`m Just A Boy In This World (Without A Girl) Cover5911Mint- $15.00 1
Greene, Lorne (1965) Music NotePop Goes The Hammer (Belgium Pop) The Man RCA8490Mint $20.00 1
Greene, Marlin Music NoteNever Been Kissed (Rock-a-Billy) Ballad Of Love RCA7259VG+ (W O/L) $15.00 1
Greene, Marlin (1958) Music NoteNever Been Kissed (Rock-A-Billy) Ballad Of Lover RCA7259Mint- $25.00 1
Greene, Marlin (1958) Music NoteMarlene Walkin` To The Dance RCA7161Mint- $25.00 1
Greene, Marlin (1960) Music NoteI Couldn`t Take It Again (Let`s Do The) Shimmy Shimmy U.A.248VG++/Mint- $12.00 1
Greene, Marlin (1962) Music NoteLet There Be Love The Angels Got Together (Promo) Philips40017Mint- (W.O.L.) $20.00 1
Greenlee, Lee Music NoteStarlight (Island) Cherry, I`m In Love With You Brent7003VG+ (Torn Label & Major Label Wear) $10.00 1
Greenwood County Singers (1964) (Folk) Music NoteAnne Cake Walking Babies From Home Kapp623Mint $10.00 1
Greenwood, Paul Music NoteGreen Light (Island) Cryin` Winds Musicor1017VG+ $8.00 1
Greenwood, Paul Music NoteOuside Heaven`s Door Blue Ribbon For Love (Promo) Musicor1012Mint- $12.00 1
Greezy Wheels (1974) Music NoteCadillac `same` (Promo) London213Mint $8.00 1
Griff, Ray Music NoteThat Weepin` Willow Tree Don`t Lead Me On (Promo) Groove0054Mint (W.O.L`s.) $10.00 1
Griff, Ray (1967) Music NoteYour Lily White Hands One Of The Chosen MGM13855Mint $8.00 1
Griffin, Jimmy (1962) Music NoteGirls Grow Up Faster Than Boys It`s A Free Country Reprise20114VG+/VG++ $7.00 1
Griffin, Jimmy (1963) Music NoteSummer Holiday (Summer, Surf & Beach) Love Letters In The Sand (Promo) Reprise20178Mint/VG++ (Labels Stained & W.O.L.) $15.00 1
Added 55 days ago on 12/5/2022Griffin, Jimmy (1963) Music NoteSummer Holiday (Summer, Surf & Beach) Love Letters In The Sand (Promo) Reprise20178Mint $15.00 1
Griffin, Jimmy (1964) Music NoteTry You`re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You Reprise0304Mint-/VG++ $12.00 1
Griffin, Jimmy (1964) Music NoteMy Baby Made Me Cry (Belgium Pop) All My Loving Reprise0268VG+/VG++ $12.00 1
Griffin, Jimmy (1964) Music NoteGotta Lotta Love Running To You (Promo) Reprise0280Mint- $20.00 1
Griffin, Merv Music NoteWringle Wrangle It Was My Father`s Habit (Promo) Decca30131Mint $15.00 1
Griffin, Merv Music NoteYou`re The Prettiest Thing Introduce Me To The Gal (Promo) Decca30562Mint-/VG++ $20.00 1
Griffin, Merv Music NoteHave I Told You Lately That I Love You I`m Sorry I Made You Cry Cameo298VG+ $6.00 1
Griffin, Merv Music NoteI Keep Running Away From You Think Of All The Nice Things He`s Done (Promo) Coral62480MInt (W.O.L.`s) $10.00 1
Griffin, Merv Music NoteBanned In Boston (Belgium Pop) The World We Love In Carlton540VG+ (W.O.L.) $9.00 1
Griffin, Merv (1961) Music NoteAlong Came Joe The Charanga Carlton545VG++ (Damaged Label "B" Side) $10.00 1
Griffin, Merv (1961) Music NoteBanned In Boston The World We Love In Carlton540VG++/Mint $10.00 1
Griffith, Joe & His Teen Age Rebels (1958) Music NoteAnnabelle Lee (Rock-a-Billy) Crazy Sack Reelfoot1249Mint- (W.O.L`s.) $40.00 1
Griffith, Joe (1958) Music NoteCrazy Sack (Rock-A-Billy) Annabelle Lee (Rock-A-Billy) Reelfoot1250Mint- (W.O.L`s) $50.00 1
Griggs, Bobby Music NoteDead Man`s Cave Woman At Home (Promo) Tower234Mint- (W O/L`s) $12.00 1
Grimes, Herman Music NoteThe Wrong Side Of Town (Belgium Pop) You Can`t Take Back Kisses Boot Heel106Mint- (W.O.L) $25.00 1
Grisham, Marlon (1962) Music NoteTeenage Love Now It`s Your Time Cover4621Mint/VG++ $30.00 1
Grove, Bobby (1956) (C&W) Music NoteNo Parking Here Once To Every Heart (Bio Promo) King4946Mint/VG++ $30.00 1
Grumbleweeds (1967) (England Import) Music NoteMama Hear My Song Violetta Major Minor (Small Center Hole Punchout)518Mint- $10.00 1
Gullion, Tom Music NoteTurn Around (Island) Precious (Promo) Laurie3102Mint- (Sticker O.L. & Stamps O/L.) $15.00 1
Gullion, Tom Music NoteTurn Around (Island) Precious (Promo) Laurie3102Good (Sticker O/L) $6.00 1
Gum Drops Music NoteThey Wake Me It Happens Every Day (Promo) Coral62138Mint- $20.00 1
Gum Drops Music NoteYou`re The One Gum Drop Shoes And Bells In Her Hair (Promo) Decca30584Mint (Numbers Stamp O/L`s) $20.00 1
Gum Drops Music NoteOn The Wings Of The Wind My Own True Love (Promo) Coral62003Mint $15.00 1
Gum Drops (1957) Music NotePigeon Ba-Be, Da Boat Is Leaving (Bio Promo Label) King5051Mint $25.00 1
Gumin, Joe Music NoteJingle Bells Auld Lang Syne King5406Mint $8.00 1
Gunter, Cornel Music NoteBaby Come Home I Want You Madly Eagle301Good- (W.O.L. & Sticker O.L.) $7.00 1
Guthrie, Jerry Music NoteI Saw Linda One Has My Name The Other Has My Heart Capitol5013VG+ (Sticker O/L) $10.00 1
Guy And David (1969) Music NoteTo Put Up With You Brooklyn Roads ABC/Probe456VG++/Mint- $8.00 1
Guy III, Charles Lee (1964) (C&W) Music NoteRich Man`s Gold There Goes A Lonely Man Capitol5223Mint $10.00 1
H., Johnny & His Henchmen Music NoteI Know You Will, When I`m Gone "Blank" (One Sided) Lordize1004VG+ $20.00 1
H., Johnny & His Henchmen (1966) Music NoteI Wish I Really Knew I Know You Will, When I`m Gone Lordize1004Mint- $35.00 1
Haas, Wayne Music NoteIf He Only Knew One Woman Sims272Mint $10.00 1
Haeffner, Freddie & The American Stars Music NoteGirl Of My Times Dear One (Young Child) American779VG++ $40.00 1
Hagan, Sammy & Viscounts Music NoteWild Bird Don`t Cry (Promo) Capitol3818Mint $30.00 1
Hager, Don Music NoteRiver Rock (Rock-A-Billy) Liza Jane Bop Rockin` Stars (Red Vinyl)105Mint $5.00 5
Hager, Don and his Hot Tots Music NoteCalypso Boogie I Love You Dear, Forever Rockin` Stars (Light Green Marble Vinyl)107Mint $5.00 5
Haggers (1974) Music NoteCherry Pie `same` (Promo) Elecktra45219Mint $8.00 1
Haig, Ronnie (1958) Music NoteDon`t You Hear Me Calling, Baby (Rock-A-Billy) Traveler Of Love ABC Paramount9912Mint- (Sticker O/L) $50.00 1
Haines, Gary & The Five Sequins Music NoteAnother Girl Like You Tse Tse Fly (Promo) Kapp383Mint (W O/L`s) (Stamp O/L`s.) $25.00 1
Hal & Joanne Music NoteThe New Years Eve Song Gee, But I`m Lonesome Climax1052Mint $8.00 1
Haley, Bill and his Comets (1956) Music NoteTen Little Indians I`ll Be True Essex340Mint- $50.00 1
Haley, Bill and his Comets (1956) Music NoteRip It Up Teenager`s Mother (Are You Right?) Decca30028VG++/Mint (W.O.L`s.) $20.00 1
Haley, Bill and his Comets (1956) Music NoteR-O-C-K The Saints Rock `N Roll Decca29870VG++/Mint- (Sticker O/L) $20.00 1
Haley, Bill and his Comets (1957) Music Note(You Hit The Wrong Note) Billy Goat (Rock-a-Billy) Rockin` Rollin` Rover Decca30314VG++ $25.00 1
Haley, Bill and his Comets (1958) Music NoteSkinny Minnie Sway With Me Decca30592Mint $25.00 1
Haley, Bill and his Comets (1958) Music NoteLean Jean Don`t Nobody Move (Promo) Decca30681Mint-/VG++ (Sticker O/L) (W O/L) $15.00 1
Haley, Bill and his Comets (1959) Music NoteOoh! Look-A There, Ain`t She Pretty Joey`s Song Decca30956Mint $20.00 1
Haley, Bill And His Comets (1960) Music NoteSo Right Tonight Let The Good Times Roll, Creole W.B.5171VG++ $15.00 1
Haley, Bill and His Comets (1960) Music NoteCandy Kisses Tamiami (Promo) W.B. (Clear Yellow Vinyl)5145VG++ $30.00 1
Haley, Bill and his Comets (1963) Music NoteTandy You Call Everybody Darling Nicetown5025Mint $15.00 1
Haley, Bill and his Comets (1963) Music NoteTenor Man Up Goes My Love (Promo) Newtown5013VG+/Mint- (W.O.L.) $10.00 1
Haley, Bill and his Comets (1965) Music NoteStop, Look And Listen Burn That Candle (Promo) Apt25081VG+ $10.00 1
Haley, Bill and His Comets (1969) Music NoteCorrina, Corrina The Green Door Decca725751Mint $10.00 1
Haley, Bill with Haley`s Comets (1953) Music NoteCrazy Man, Crazy Whatcha Gonna Do Essex321VG+ $25.00 1
Hall Brothers (1962) Music NoteToy Boy I`m Still Lonely 4 Star1760Mint $20.00 1
Hall, Billy Music NoteGood Bye Angel Don`t Go Too Far Glenn1006VG++ $25.00 1
Hall, Larry Music NoteFor Every Boy (Island) I`ll Stay Single Strand25016Mint $20.00 1
Hall, Larry Music NoteSandy Lovin` Tree Strand25007VG+ $12.00 1
Hall, Larry (1960) Music NoteA Girl Like You Rosemary (Promo) Strand25013Mint (Name Stamp O/L.) $25.00 1
Hall, Ronnie Music NoteSuddenly (You Know) Why Can`t It Happen To Me Dee Dee240Mint- $25.00 1
Hall, Tom T. (1967) (C&W) Music NoteI Washed My Face In The Morning Dew A Picture Of Your Mother Mercury72700Mint/VG++ $8.00 1
Hallyday, Johnny Music NoteShake The Hands Of A Fool Hold Back The Sun Philips40014VG++ ("BB" Hole) $35.00 1
Hallyday, Johnny (1962) Music NoteBe-Bop A-Lua I Got A Woman (Promo) Philips40024Mint- (W.O.L.) $50.00 1
Ham, Bill Music NoteCry,Cry My Darling Big Lucas Dot16232VG+/VG++ $10.00 1
Hamber, David Music NoteI Found Carol (Rock-A-Billy) Please Bring My Little Girl Home (Promo) London9610Mint- $20.00 1
Hamilton IV, George (1956) Music NoteIf You Don`t Know (Elvis Related) (Elvis Mentioned) (Rock-a-Billy) A Rose And A Baby Ruth Colonial420Mint $40.00 1
Hamilton IV, George (1958) Music NoteOne Heart Now And For Always ABC-Paramount9898Mint- (W.O.L.) $12.00 1
Hamilton IV, George (1959) Music NoteThe Steady Game Can You Blame Us ABC-Paramount10009Mint $15.00 1
Hamilton IV, George (1959) Music NoteGee I Know Your Sweetheart ABC-Paramount10028Mint $15.00 1
Hamilton IV, George (1962) Music NoteCommerce Street And Sixth Avenue North China Doll RCA8001Mint (Sticker O/L.) $10.00 1
Hamilton, Bobby (1958) Music NoteCrazy Eyes For You While Walking Together (Thinking Of Love) Apt25002Mint $25.00 1
Hamilton, Freddie Music NoteIf You Marry Me Honey "Slong As I`m With You Keni203Mint- $15.00 1
Hamilton, George Music NoteLittle Betty Falling Star (Island) Don`t Envy Me MGM13178Mint $15.00 1
Hamilton, Joe Frank & Dennison (1976) Music NoteDon`t Fight The Hands (That Need You) `same` (Promo) Playboy6088Mint $6.00 1
Hamilton, Joel Music NoteStarlight Pretty Girls Everywhere (Promo) Roulette4462Mint- $20.00 1
Hamilton, Joel Music NoteVikki Is Her Name Can`t Wait (Promo) Roulette4484Mint $20.00 1
Hamilton, Joel Music NoteVikki Is Her Name Can`t Wait (Promo) Roulette4484VG+ (W.O.L.`S)(Sticker O/L`s.) $10.00 1
Hamilton, Russ Music NoteValley Of Love (Belgium Pop) The Loneiest Boy In Town (Promo) Kapp612Mint- (W.O.L.) $10.00 1
Hamilton, Russ Music NoteRainbow We Will Make Love Kapp184VG+ (W.O.L.) $4.00 1
Hammel Jr., Karl Music NoteI`m Joining The Navy Come Tend The Fire (Promo) Nocturne1006Mint (Label Ring Wear) $10.00 1
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