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Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradePriceQty
Uggams, Leslie Music NoteIce Cream Man I`m Old Enough Roulette4078Mint (W.O.L`s.) $20.00 1
Uggams, Leslie Music NoteMy Favorite Things Sixteen Going On Seventeen (Promo) Columbia41531Mint (Sticker O/L) $10.00 1
Uggams, Leslie (1961) Music NoteHe Doesn`t Know I Love Him (Promo) Columbia42055Mint- (W.O.L.`s) $12.00 1
Us, Too! Music NoteShadow Lover Misty Road Epitome4502Good $6.00 1
V.I.P.`s Music NoteI`m On To You Baby If He Wants Me (Island) (Promo) Big Top521Mint $40.00 2
Vale, Nancy Music NoteShadow Of Your Love Maybe I`m Amazed (Promo) Prophesy720Mint $5.00 1
Valery, Dana Music NoteYou On My Mind Portofino (Promo) Brunswick55464Mint $8.00 1
Vallerie Music NoteWhen Will The Torch Go Out When In Rome (Do As The Romans Do) (Promo) At Last6054Mint $15.00 1
Valley, Marsha (C&W) Music NoteBack On The Street Again I`ll Have It Made Estrellita1001Mint $5.00 3
Valli, June Music NoteHush Little Baby (Island) I`m Afraid United Artists466VG++ (Stickers O/L) $8.00 1
Valli, June (1961) Music NoteTell Him For Me (Island) Guess Things Happen That Way Mercury71750Mint $15.00 1
Valli, June (1961) Music NoteGuess Things Happen That Way Tell Him For Me Mercury71750Mint- Sales Pending 1
Valli, June (1962) Music NoteHush Little Baby (Island) I`am Afraid U.A.466Mint $10.00 1
Van, Harvie June (1962) Music NoteBiggest Broken Heart In Town Good Morning Mr. Echo (Promo) Todd1078VG+/Mint- W.O.L`s.) $8.00 1
Van, Ila Music NoteWhat`s The Matter Baby (Island) It Must Be Love (Belgium Pop) Liberty55595Mint (Stamps O/L.) $25.00 1
Vance, Beverly Music NoteWill I In The Chapel Imperial7002VG++/VG+ $15.00 1
Variations Music NoteThe Only Way Don`t Walk Away Nova10005VG+/VG (Label Wear Both Sides) $15.00 1
Vartan, Sylvie Music NoteI Made My Choice (Island) One More Day (Promo) RCA8520Mint $50.00 1
Vaughan & Joe Williams/Count Basie Music NoteIf I Were A Bell Teach Me Tonight Roulette4273VG++ $8.00 1
Vaughn, Vickie (1962) Music NoteLove Fever Butterflies Cadette8002Mint $20.00 1
Vaughn, Yvonne Music NoteHow Can They Know I`m Sorry For Hurting You (Promo) Fabor132Mint (W.O.L.) $30.00 1
Velez, Martha & Pete Wingfield (1973) Music NoteMockingbird Aggravation- Mathha Velez Sire722Mint- $6.00 1
Velvet Hammer Music NoteI Was Holding Your Hand `same` (Promo) Epic10617Mint (Date Stamp O/L`s) $12.00 1
Velveteens Music NoteMeant To Be I Thank You (Promo) Laurie3126Mint- (Sticker O.L.) Sales Pending 1
Velvetones Music NoteWhat Can The Matter Be Hairy Lumpty Bump (Promo) Verve10514Mint $35.00 2
Venita & The Cheries Music NoteCoolie I Know Ric134Good (Edge Nap) $10.00 1
Ventura, Carol Music NoteI`m So Afraid Of You I Am Capitol4840Mint-/VG++ $10.00 1
Verna And The Kimberlys Music NoteLet It Be Hello And Happy Birthday (Promo) Happy Tiger548VG+ $8.00 1
Vernon, Millie Music NoteThe Weatherman Somebody To Love (Promo) Colpix677VG+ $12.00 1
Veronica Music NoteWhy Don`t They Let Us Fall In Love Chubby Danny D. (Instr.) Phil Spector2Good $50.00 1
Veronica (2nd Issue) Music NoteWhy Don`t They Let Us Fall In Love Chubby Danny D. (Instr.) (Promo) PHil Spector2VG+ (W.O.L.) $50.00 1
Vic And Vicky Music NoteUh-Huh Never Let You Go Imperial5506Mint- (Major Sticker O/L`s.) $15.00 1
Vicky (1968) Music NoteDance With Me Until Tomorrow Give Me Your Hand Philips40546Mint ("BB" Hole) $10.00 1
Victorians Music NoteWhat Makes Little Girls Cry Climb Every Mountain Liberty55574VG+ $8.00 1
Victorians (1963) Music NoteWhat Makes Little Girls Cry Climb Every Mountain Liberty55574Mint/VG++ (Sticker O/L.) $40.00 1
Village East Music NoteTumblin` Down Building With A Steeple (Promo) MGM13774Mint- (Date Stamp O/L`s.) $20.00 1
Villalba, Caterina Music NoteQuando La Luna Amore Fantastico (Promo) Laurie3054Mint- (W.O.L.) $15.00 1
Villalba, Caterina Music NoteQuando La Luna (Island) Amore Fantastic (Promo) Laurie3054VG $8.00 1
Villette Sisters Music NoteI Gave Him Back His Ring The Rainbow (Promo) MGM12928VG+/VG++ $15.00 1
Villette Sisters (1960) Music NoteI Gave Him Back His Ring The Rainbow (Promo) MGM12928Mint- $25.00 1
Violettes Music NoteI Won`t Cry If You Walk Away (It`s Easier Said Than Done) I`ll Love No One But You (Promo) Diamond243VG++ (W.O.L.) $50.00 1
Vonnair Sisters Music NoteBlame It On My Youth Pretty Little Girl With The Red Dress On (Promo) Buena Vista416VG+/VG++ $10.00 1
Vonnair Sisters Music NoteI Don`t Wanna Play In Your Yard Goodbye To Toyland Buena Vista390Mint (W O/L) $15.00 1
Vonnair Sisters Music NoteSee For Yourself Luscious Lucius Buenta Vista399Mint- $15.00 1
Vonnair Sisters Music NoteWatch Out For Don Golden Rule (Promo) Buena Vista412Mint- $15.00 1
Vote, Vicki (1969) Music NoteAngel Baby Look For A Star (Promo) Imperial66377VG++/Mint- (Date Stamp O/L.) $30.00 1
Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGrade Qty
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