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Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradePriceQty
O`Jays Music NoteHow Does It Feel (Belgium Pop) Crack Up Laughing Imperial5942Mint- $20.00 1
Octaves (1958) Music NoteMombo Carolyn Your Too Young Val1001Good $25.00 1
Olympics Music NoteYour Love Chicken (Promo) Demon1514Mint $30.00 1
Orients Music NoteShouldn`t I Queen Of The Angels Laurie3232Mint $75.00 1
Original Cadillacs (1957) Music NoteLucy Hurry Home Josie821VG $12.00 1
Original Casuals Music NoteJu-Judy Don`t Pass Me By Back Beat510Mint/VG++ (Sticker O/L) $15.00 1
Original Casuals Music NoteIt`s Been A Long Time Girl Three Kisses Past Midnight Back Beat514VG++ (W.O.L) $20.00 1
Original Casuals Music NoteSo Tough I Love You Darling Back Beat503Mint $25.00 1
Original Group (1969) Music NoteLook Homeward Angel Climb Ev`ry Mountain (Promo) Smash2219Mint $10.00 1
Original Pyramids Music NoteAnkle Braclet Hot Dog Dooly Wah Shell384VG++/VG+ $8.00 1
Originals Music NoteAt Times Like This Gimme A Little Kiss Will "Ya" Huh? Diamond102VG+ $20.00 1
Orioles In The Mission Of St. Augustine Write And Tell Me Why Jubilee5127G (Torn Label) $20.00 1
Orioles Music NoteRobe Of Calvary There`s No One But You Jubilee5134Mint- (W.O.L.) $35.00 1
Orioles feat. Sonny Til Music NoteI Just Got Lucky Happy `Till The Letter (Promo) V.J.196Mint- (W O/L`s) $40.00 1
Orlons Music Note(Happy Birthday) Mr. Twenty One Please Let It Be Me (Promo) Cameo211VG+/VG++ (W.O.L.) $40.00 1
Orlons (1961) Music NoteI`ll Be True Heart, Darling, Angel Cameo198Mint- $40.00 1
Otis Show, Hohnny (1957) Music NoteCan`t You Hear Me Callin` Hum Ding A Ling Capitol3799Mint- $35.00 1
Otis Show, Johnny Music NoteStar Of Love It`s Too Soon To Know Capitol3802VG++ $25.00 1
Otis Show, Johnny Music NoteTell Me So Stay With Me Capitol3801Mint $50.00 1
Ovations Music NoteRememering Who Needs Love (Promo) Josie916VG+ (Small Torn Label) $15.00 1
Ovations (1963) Music NoteI Don`t Wanna Cry Loneliness Never Entered My Mind Capitol5082Mint- (Sticker O/L.) $20.00 1
Owens, Hughie & The Blue Notes Music NoteI`m Going Home Time Will Tell (Promo) Renown108Mint- (W O/L) $50.00 1
Page, Joey Music NoteBlue Velvet Party Season (Promo) Roulette4373VG $20.00 1
Page, Joey Music NoteParty Season Blue Velvet Roulette4373Mint- $40.00 1
Palisades Music NoteI Can`t Quit Close Youe Eyes Calico113Mint $20.00 1
Palisades (1960) Music NoteDear Joan The Shrine Leader806Good (Address Sticker O/L.) $12.00 1
Added 35 days ago on 12/16/2019Palms (1957) Music NoteEdna Tear Drops United208VG++ (Label Wear Both Sides) $80.00 1
Pals Music NoteMy Baby Likes To Rock Summer Is Here Turf1000Good $10.00 1
Paradons Music NotePlease Tell Me Bells Ring Milestone2005Mint (STicker O/L) (Edge Chip "B" Side, Not In Playing Area) $20.00 1
Paradons Music NoteSo Fine, So Fine, So Fine Take All Of Me W.B.5186Mint- (Slight Label Wear "B" Side) $15.00 1
Paradons (1960) Music NotePlease Tell Me Bells Ring Milestone2005VG++/Mint (Label Ring Wear Both Sides) $25.00 1
Paradons (1960) Music NoteI Want Love Diamonds And Pearls (Promo) Milestone2003VG++ (Sticker Glue O/L. & Stamp O/L.) $10.00 1
Paradons (1960) Music NoteI Want Love Diamonds And Pearls Milestone (Shiny Red Label)2003VG++/VG+ (Sticker O.L.) $35.00 1
Paragons Music NoteStick With Me Baby Let`s Start All Over Again Winley (Small Print w/Lines)220VG+/VG++ (W.O.L`s.) $40.00 1
Paragons Music NoteThe Vows Of Love Twilight Winley227VG++ $50.00 1
Paragons Music NoteBegin The Begiune In The Midst Of The Night Tap503Mint (Sticker O.L`s) $25.00 1
Paragons (1961) Music NoteGive Me Love Two Hearts Are Better Then One Winley223VG++ (W.O.L.) (Label Wear Both Sides) $20.00 1
Parakeets w/ Frank Motley & His Crew (1973) Music NoteCandy Bar Boogie Give Me Time Roadhouse105Mint $25.00 2
Parlettes (1960) Music NoteTonight I Met An Angel Because We`re Very Young (Promo) Jubilee5467Good (W.O.L`s.) $10.00 1
Parr, Johnnie (1961) Music NoteLike A Fool Dancing (Lets Walk The FCloor) I-Nez003Mint $40.00 1
Parris, Fred & Five Satins (1982) Music NoteMedley: Memories Of Days Gone By `same` (Promo) Elektra47411VG++ $15.00 1
Parris, Fred & The Five Satins (1982) Music NoteLoving You Would Be The Sweetest Thing Medley:Memories Of Days Gone By,Sixteen Candles, Earth Angle & others) Elektra47411Mint $8.00 1
Passions Music NoteThe Bully The Empty Seat ABC Paramount10436Mint-/VG++ $15.00 1
Passions Music NoteOne Look Is All It Took Beautiful Dreamer Audicon108VG++ $50.00 1
Passions Music NoteSixteen Candles The Third Floor Diamond146Mint-/VG++ $20.00 1
Passions Music Note(Walking Down That) Lonely Road `blank` (Promo) Jubilee5406Mint- (Spotty Stains O/L) $30.00 1
Passions Music NoteThe Bully The Empty Seat (Promo) ABC Paramount10436Good $10.00 1
Passions Music NoteJust To Be With You Oh Melacholy Me Audicon102Mint- $25.00 1
Pastels (1958) Music NoteDon`t Knock So Far Away Argo5314VG++ $35.00 1
Pastels (1958) Music NoteLet`s Goi To The Rock & Roll Ball You Don`t Love Me Anymore Argo5397VG++ $20.00 1
Pastels (1958) Music NoteMy One And Only Dream Been So Long Argo5287Mint $30.00 1
Patt, Gerry & His Pals Music NoteDancing By Myself (Belgium Pop) It`s So Strange (Promo) Ascot2189VG++ (W O/L) $30.00 1
Pearls Music NoteLet`s You And I Go Steady Zippidy Zippidy Zoom Onyx503VG+ $20.00 1
Pearls (1955) Music NoteYum Yummy Shadows Of Love Atco6057Good (Slight Edge Warp-Plays O.K.) $15.00 1
Peels, Leon Music NoteA Casual Kiss Cottonhead Joe Whirlybird2002Mint $20.00 1
Penguins Music NoteLove Will Make Your Mind Go Wild Ookey Ook Dooto353VG++ $15.00 1
Penguins Music NoteWalkin` Down Broadway It Only Happens With You Mercury70654Mint-/VG++ (Sticker O/L.) $35.00 1
Penguins Music NoteBe Mine Memories Of El Monte Original Sound27VG/VG++ $30.00 1
Penguins Music NoteBe Mine Memories Of El Monte (Belgium Pop) Original Sound27Mint-/VG++ $70.00 1
Penguins Music NotePromises, Promises, Promises Devil That I See Mercury70703Mint- (Torn Label "A" Side) $30.00 1
Penguins (Blue Label) Music NoteEarth Angel Hey Senorita Dootone348VG+ (Sticker O/L) $30.00 1
Penguins (1956) Music NoteDealer Of Dreams Peace Of Mind Wing90076Mint $40.00 1
Penguins (1957) Music NoteCool Baby Cool Will You Be Mine Mercury71033Mint $25.00 1
Pentagons Music NoteIt`s Spring Again Silly Dilly Specialty644VG+ $20.00 1
Pentagons Music NoteTo Be Loved (Forever) Down At The Beach Donna1337VG+ $10.00 1
Perry Mates Music NoteLittle Darlin (Please Forgive Me) Hang Your Head Lanar103Mint-/VG++ $25.00 1
Pete, Peter & The Lovers Music NoteA Lonely Island Pistol Packing Mama Berby1030Mint (Sticker Stain O/L.) $150.00 1
Pharaos (1960) Music NoteHeads Up, High Hopes Over You The Tender Touch Donna1327Mint $35.00 1
Philadelphians Music NoteChurch Bells Coming Home To You (Promo) Campus103VG+ $25.00 1
Pick, Al Music NoteI`ll Never Fall In Love Again A Lover`s Confession Pink703VG++ (Tiny Label Chipping) $40.00 1
Pitch Pikes (1957) Music NoteZing Zing Never Never Land Mercury71099Mint- $15.00 1
Pizani, Frank Music NoteIt`s No Fun Wanna Dance Afton616Mint $20.00 1
Plaids Music NoteMy Pretty Baby Till TheEnd Of The Dance Nasco6011VG+ (W O/L) $10.00 1
Platters Music NoteOnly You (And You Alone) You Made Me Cry Federal12244VG++ (Edge Nap) $150.00 1
Platters (Philipines Import) Music NoteOne In A Million Heaven On Earth Mercury1020VG++ (Sticker Glue O/L.) $10.00 1
Playboys Music NoteSo Good One Question Tetra4447VG+ $50.00 1
Playmates Music NoteI Cross My Fingers I`ll Never Get Over You (Promo) ABC Paramount10492Mint (W O/L) $10.00 1
Poets (1960) Music NoteHoney Chile I`m In Love Imperial5664Mint- $30.00 1
Popular Five Music NoteSh-Boom Tommorow Night! Rae Cox1001VG++ $20.00 1
Possessions (1964) Music NoteNo More Love You And Your Lies Britton1004Mint- $25.00 1
Powell, Jesse w/The Caddy`s (1958) Music NoteAin`t You Gonna Turnpike Josie838VG++ (W.O.L`s.) $15.00 1
Precisions Music NoteSweet Dreams Stop Leading Me On Debra1001VG+ $15.00 1
Preludes Music NoteThat Would Be So Good A Place For You (In My Heart) Octavia (w/Lines)8008VG++ (Label Ring Wear Both Sides) $40.00 1
Premeers (1963) Music NoteGee Oh Gee Diary Of Our Love Herald577VG+/VG $25.00 1
Presidents Music NoteThe Toast Pots And Pans (Promo) Mercury72016Mint $35.00 1
Pretenders feat. Jimmy Jones (BOOT) Music NoteI`ve Got To Have You Baby Possessive Love Rama198Mint/VG++ $15.00 1
Prodigals Music NoteMarsha Judy Falcon1011VG+ $20.00 1
Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGrade Qty
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