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Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradePriceQty
A Tint Of Darkness You Send Me Steal Away (W/ Picture Sleeve) Starfire105Mint $12.00 1
Abbott, Billy Groovy Baby Come On And Dance With Me Parkway874VG++ (W O/L) $20.00 1
Addeo, Nicky & The Plazas (1964) (200 Pressed) A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening Danny Boy Revelation101Mint- $200.00 1
Adelphis (2nd Issue) Kiss-A-Kiss Shine Again Rim2022VG++ (Sticker O/L.) $25.00 1
Alicia And The Rockaways (1956) I`m Not Goin` Steady Falerdo (Promo) Epic59226Mint- (W.O.L.) (Sticker O/L.) $20.00 1
Allan And The Flames Till The End Of Time Winter Wonderland (Instr.) Colonial7006Mint- $50.00 1
Allan, Kent Too Late For Tears What Have I Done Alon9008Mint- $35.00 1
Allen, Mimi Whoopee (Love`s A Wonderful Thing) Do You Miss Me Three Speed711Mint/VG++ (Sticker O/L`s) $25.00 1
Allen, Rich & Ebonistics Fanarri Echo`s Of November Groovey Grooves160Mint $25.00 1
Allen, Tony & Champs (2nd Press) Nite Owl I Specialty560VG++ $20.00 1
Allen, Tony & Twighters The Trakey-Doo It Hurts Me So (Promo) Bethlehem3004VG++/VG+ $15.00 1
Allen, Tony (1988) The Back Door No One Classic Artists102Mint $8.00 1
Allison, Gene Stay A Little Longer Midway Valdot7000Mint- $15.00 1
Allison, Gene (1956) Somebody Somewhere You`re My Baby Decca30185VG $10.00 1
Andrews, Lee Baby Come Back I Wonder Casino542VG+/VG $12.00 1
Andrews, Lee Gee, But I`m Lonesome I`m Sorry, Pillow Parkway860Mint-/VG (Stamp O/L) $15.00 1
Andrews, Lee & The Hearts Nobody`s Home Try The Impossible U.A.123VG++ (Sticker O/L) $12.00 1
Andrews, Lee And The Hearts(1st Issue) Long Lonely Nights The Clock Main Line102VG (Sticker O/L) $60.00 1
Andrews, Lee And The Hearts(2nd Issue) Long Lonely Nights The Clock Chess1665VG+ (Slight Warp) $20.00 1
Andy & Gino Love Is Love (All Around The World) Just For Fun Golden Crest58641/2Mint (DJ Stamp O/L`s.) $30.00 1
Andy & The Marglows I`ll Get By Supereman Lover Liberty55623Mint- $20.00 1
Angel, Johnny Falling Teardrops Doubt Imperial5673VG+ $12.00 1
Angelo, Don I`m Sorry Dear My Love For You (Promo) Mercury71580Mint $50.00 1
Anthony & The Sophmores Serenade Work Out Jamie1330Mint- (Ring Wear Both Sides) $20.00 1
Anthony & The Sophomores (1963) Swingin` At The Chariot Better Late Than Never (Promo) Mercury72168Mint- (Label Ring Wear Both Sides) $15.00 1
Added 26 days ago on 7/29/2019Anthony, Paul (1963) Step Up Look At Me Now Metro International1003VG++/Mint (Stamp O/L.) $30.00 1
Aquatones (1958) She`s The One For Me You Fargo1001Mint (Sticker O/L.) $30.00 1
Arabians (1961) Take Me Teardrops In The Night (Promo) Magnificents114Mint $100.00 1
Argyles Vacation Days Are Over It Takes Time (Promo) Brent7004Mint $15.00 1
Armen, Mickey Tell Me Why Cheatring On Me (Promo) Peek-A-Boo1001VG++/Mint- (W.O.L.) $40.00 1
Arrows (Repro) Annie Mae Indian Bop Bop Flash132Mint $10.00 1
Ascots (1962) I`m Touched Perfect Love (Promo) Ace650Mint $40.00 1
Added 40 days ago on 7/15/2019Baby Dolls (1961) Go Away Baby I`m Lonely Maske103Mint- $100.00 1
Baker, Charlie Star Of Wonder You Crack Me Up (Promo) Liberty55226G (W.O.L & Sticker O/L) $6.00 1
Baker, Lavern & Gliders Bop-Ting-A-Ling That`s All I Need Atlantic1057VG++/Mint- (W O/L) $25.00 1
Ballard, Hank Dream World When I Need You King5677VG+ $12.00 1
Ballard, Hank & Midnighters Never Knew I Could Love You (Promo) King (Black Label)5275Mint- (W O/L`s) $20.00 1
Barlow, Dean Little Sister Love Is That You 7 Arts704VG+ $40.00 1
Barnes, Jimmy & The gibraltars (1959) I Need You So Much Be Careful With My Love Gibraltar102Mint- $30.00 1
Barnes, Jimmy & The Gilbraltars (1959) I Need You So Much Be Careful With My Love Gibraltar102VG++/Mint $20.00 1
Barons Pledge Of A Fool Don`t Go Away (Pretty Little Girl) (Promo) Epic9586Mint- $40.00 1
Barons I`ve been Hurt Willow Weep For Me Spartan400Mint- (Tiny Label Tear) $20.00 1
Barons (1955) I Know I Was Wrong My Dream, My Love Imperial (Red Label)5359VG++ $75.00 1
Barrett, Richard (1959) Come Softy To Me Walking Through Dreamland Gone5056Mint- $25.00 1
Barrett, Richard (1959) Lovely One Snake And The Bookworm (Promo) 20th Fox150VG+/VG++ $15.00 1
Baysiders My Bonnie Over The Rainbow Everest19366Mint-/VG++ $25.00 1
Bel Aires (1958) Rockin` An` Strollin` My Yeasrbook (Promo) Decca30631Mint (Light Ring Wear "A" Side) $40.00 1
Belmonts Searching For A New Love Don`t Get Around Much Anymore Sabrina501VG++/Mint (Sticker O/L) $20.00 1
Belmonts Tell Me Why Smoke From Your Cigarette Sabrina500VG++/Mint $15.00 1
Belmonts (1964) I Don`t Know Why, I Just Do Wintertime U.A.809Mint/VG++ $30.00 1
Belveders (1958) Let`s Get Married Wow Wow Mary Mary (Promo) Trend009VG++ $35.00 1
Belvin, Andy You Were Meant For Me With All My Heart Cal State3200Mint $50.00 1
Belvin, Jesse (1959) Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams) My Desire Jamie1145Mint $15.00 1
Belvin, Jessie (1st Issue) I Want You With Me Xmas Goodnight My Love Modern1005VG+ $50.00 1
Berry, Richard Louie Louie You Are My Sunshine Flip321VG++ $50.00 1
Berry, Richard & The Pharaohs No Kissin` And A Huggin` Take The Key Flip318VG++ (MAJOR DAMAGED LABEL BOTH SIDES) $10.00 1
Big Five Stardust In Her Eyes Blue Eyes (Promo) Shad5019VG+ $40.00 1
Big Walter Crazy Dream San Antonio Goldband1080Mint- $20.00 1
Billy And The Essentials (1963) Lonely Weekend Young At Heart Mercury72127VG++/VG+ $20.00 1
Blaine, Gerry Over Again Mountain Of Love Arvee5018VG $12.00 1
Blanders Jitterbug Desert Sands Smash2005Mint (Label Ring Wear "A" Side) $75.00 1
Blenders (1963) Boy`s Think (Every Girl`s The Same) Squat * Squirm Witch117Good $12.00 1
Blenders (1963) Daughter Everybody`s Got A Right Witch114Mint- (Label Ring Wear "B" Side) $20.00 1
Blends Now It`s Your Turn Someone To Care Casa Grande3037Mint $25.00 1
Blends A Thosand Miles Away Music Maestro Please Casa Grande5000Mint $40.00 1
Blentones (1959) Lilly Military Kick (Promo) MGM12782VG++/Mint $50.00 1
Bleu Lights A Lonely Man`s Prayer Bony Moronie Bay Sound67007Mint $20.00 1
Blue Chips One Hen Promise Groove6VG++/Mint $17.00 1
Blue Chips Puddles Of Tears The Contest RCA7923VG++/Mint $20.00 1
Blue Emotions Sincerely `same` (Promo) Ambient Sound03409Mint- (Date Stamp O/L) $15.00 1
Blue Jays You`re Gonna Cry Lover`s Island Milestone2008Mint- $30.00 1
Blue Notes A Good Woman My Hero Val-ue213Mint- $60.00 1
Blue Notes Pucker Your Lips Blue Star 20th Century1213VG $15.00 1
Blue Notes A Good Woman My Hero Jalynne135VG+/VG++ $30.00 1
Blue Notes (1960) Winter Wonderland O Holy Nite Val-Ue215VG++/VG (W.O.L.) $20.00 1
Blue Sky Boys (1974) The Silver Ring Darling- Mel Dark & The Giants Blue Sky108Mint $10.00 1
Blue Sky Boys (1974) My Vow To You Darlene Blue Sky109Mint $10.00 1
Bobbettes Look At The Stars Mr. Lee Atlantic1144VG++ (W.O.L`s.) $12.00 1
Bobbettes (1958) Rock And Ree-Ah-Zole Zoomy Atlantic1181Mint $25.00 1
Bobbettes (1960) I Cried Oh My Papa Galliant1006Mint $20.00 1
Bobbi & The Beaus Melvin Losing Game Unart2009VG+ (Edge Chip-Not In Playing Area) $10.00 1
Bombers Malena I`ll Never Tire Of You Orpheus1101Good (W O/L) $8.00 1
Bond, Luther & The Emeralds Jitterbug Jamboree Gold Will Never Do Showboat1501Mint (Small Label Chipping "B" Side) $25.00 1
Bond, Luther (1955) I Won`t Believe You Anymore It`s Written In The Stars Savoy1159Mint $60.00 1
Bonnevilles Lorraine Zu Zu Barry104Mint $25.00 1
Booth, Henry & The Midnighters Starting From Tonight Every Beat Of My Heart (Promo) Deluxe6190VG++/Mint- (W.O.L`s.) $15.00 1
Bop-Chords Castle In The Sky My Darling To You Holiday2601VG++/Mint- (Sticker Stain O/L & Sticker O/L) $25.00 1
Brown, Betty I Won`t Be Your Fool Can`t You Just Feel It (Promo) Bethlehem3003Good $10.00 1
Brown, Charles Angel Baby Baby Oh Baby King5439Mint $20.00 1
Bruno, Bruce (1962) Dear Joanne Venus In Blue Jeans (Promo) Roulette4427VG++ $50.00 1
Bryant, Audrey Someone Like You Let`s Trade A Little Do-Ra-Me1405Good $8.00 1
Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGrade Qty
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