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Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradePriceQty
Ugly Head (w/P.S.) (1994)
Music NoteResting Quietly Arms Are For Twisting Transparnga (Clear Green Vinyl)2Mint (P.S. - Mint-) $4.00 1
Underground Nation w/P.S. (E.P.) (## 1/3)
Music Note1) Trip To Hell (Sound Clip) 2) Smokers Anthem 3) New Hamphire 3) Another One About A Dog 1) Y C A 2) Man With A Staple Gun 3) MSG 4) Awake Uk Press (Small Center Hole)1MInt (W.O.L..) (P.S. = VG++) $8.00 1
Unrest w/P.S. (1992) (E.P.) "Complete Peel Sessions"
Music Note1) Teenage Suicide (Sound Clip) 2) Firecracker 1) X-Mas Coockies 2) Miles Davis Boot Legs (Small Center Hole)720Mint (P.S. - Mint-) $7.00 1
Urban Legends w/P.S. (2001)
Music NoteSoak And Drown The World Is Strange No Karma (Clear Vinyl)018Mint (P.S. - Mint-) $8.00 1
Varagona, Deanna w/P.S. (1998?)
Music NoteHesitation Secrets For Dusty Stars Star (Small Center Hole)004Mint (P.S. - Mint-) $8.00 1
Vehicle Birth
Music NoteBy Theorem B Of If This Number Limousine (Small Center Hole)39923Mint- $4.00 1
Velocipede!/The Kill City Babies! (w/P.S.) (E.P.) (1994)
Music Note1) Boy With Firebomb(s) (Sound Clip) 2) Glass 3) A.F.T.Y.O.T.R! 1) X-Mas (Sound Clip) 2) City Hobgoblims 3) Royal (reprise)- The Kill City Babies Lamb (Small Center Hole)36864Mint (P.S. - VG+) $4.00 1
Virginias Scrapings (w/P.S.) (E.P.) (1990)
Music NoteI Am A Nice Guy 1) Ow Oh Eeh Ooh 2) No More Elastic (Small Center Hole)002Mint (P.S. - VG+) $4.00 1
Viva Satellite w/P.S. (1995) (E.P.) (33 1/3)(Original Cast "Leonardo"
Music NoteAct 1- 1&2) Overture & Lover`s Theme(Sound Clip) 3) Argument 4) Summary 5) Hello I`ve Just Invented A Flying Machine Act 2- 1) Attrition Hedges Her Bets 2) Argument (Reprise) 3) Lovers Theme (Reprise) Teen Beat (Red Vinyl) (Small Center hole)146Mint (P.S. - Mint-) $6.00 1
Von Ryan Express w/P.S.
Music NoteGhetto Rose Lucky Sevens Sub Pop258Mint (P.S. - Mint-) $5.00 1
Von Ryan Express w/P.S. (1993) (E.P.)
Music NoteUp On The Block 1) Soul Patch III 2) Whitey`s Big Chance Load (Small Center Hole) (White Vinyl)2Mint (P.S. - Mint-) $4.00 1
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