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Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradePriceQty
Kaleidoscope/Eleventh Dream Day (Giveaway free w/Bucketfull Of Brains Mag. # 29.)
Music NoteNursey Nursey Awake I Lie (Live) (Promo) - Eleventh Dream Day Bob (Small Center Hole)23Mint $10.00 1
Kaplan, Joe w/P.S. (2000)
Music NoteCitiwoman Rasputin Hot Dog City (Small Center Hole)10Mint (P.S. - Mint-) $4.00 1
Kent III (w/P.S.) (E.P.)
Music Note1) Minneapolis (Sound Clip) 2) Estrogen Cruiser 1) The Sleeper 2) Smokin` Fuse Empty (Small Center Hole)244Mint (P.S. - Mint-) $5.00 1
Kepone/Pegboy (w/P.S.) (1996)
Music NoteThe Ghost Dangermarie-Pegboy 1/4 Stick (Small Center Hole)45Mint (P.S. - Mint-)(C.O. in Cv.) $4.00 1
Kid Kilowatt w/P.S.
Music NotePeeping Tomboy Glass Of Shattered Youth Second Nature (Small Center Hole)29Mint (P.S. - Mint-) $4.00 1
King For A Day (w/P.S.)
Music Note1) Sleeping Hero (33 1/3 Speed)) Lazy (45 Speed) Initial (Small Center Hole)21Mint (P.S. - Mint-) $5.00 1
Kirsch, Randell/Pigs On Corn (w/P.S.) (1992)
Music NoteSomething To Remember Me By Midnight Cowboy- Pigs On Corn POC (Small Center Hole)001Mint (P.S. = VG) $6.00 1
Kite Eating Tree w/P.S. (E.P.) (33 1/3)(1996)
Music Note1Count 5 - Then Fire (Sound Clip) 2) The Day The Earth Stood Still Again 1) One-Eyed Jacks And Suicide Kings 2) Doctors, Drums And Ghouls Rotary Ten (Small Center Hole)001Mint- (P.S. - Mint-) $8.00 1
Kontortion w/P.S. (E.P.)
Music Note1) Sell Your Soul (Sound Clip) 2) Sheep Follow Goats 3) What Goes Around 1) Risen From Cruciflxlon 2) Breed Into Nothing Roomioi (Small Center Hole)001Mint (P.S. - Mint-) $4.00 1
Kubat, Audra (w/P.S.) (2003)
Music NoteGeorgia Since I Fell In Love With The Music Times Beach (Small Center Hole) (Clear Vinyl)009Mint (P.S. - VG++) $4.00 1
Kungfu Rick/Ultimate Warriors w/P.S. (2001) (E.P.) (33 1/3)
Music NoteSweet Social Setbacks 1) Zandig, World Traveler (Sound Clip) 2) Kids Need Clues 3) Poem For Dusrty Rhodes 4) Once Again, We Hate Marks 5)Down At The Clubhouse 6) Richard On The Road 7) He Is Rock And Roller 8) Johnny The Cat Is Running 9) Out Of Lives- Ultimate Warriors Robotic Empire (Gray Marble Vinyl) (Small Center Hole)018Mint (P.S. - Mint-) $6.00 1
La Piovra w/P.S. (2006)
Music NoteRisacca Danni Collaterali Punks Before Profit27Mint (P.S. - Mint-) $4.00 1
Last Year Band w/P.S.
Music NoteCan`t Give Up Hey Ghost RCL (Clear Vinyl)11.1Mint (P.S. - Mint-) $4.00 1
Laurels (7 Inch Pictiure Disc)
Music NoteGrave Digger Immigrant Song Thick (Small Center Hole)456Mint $6.00 1
Lava w/P.S. (E.P.)
1) Newsprint 2) Voodoo 1) 101 2) God (Sound Clip) Gravity (Small Center Hole)40538Mint (P.S. - Mint-) $10.00 1
Lee Marvin Computer Arm (2007) (E.P.)
Music Note1) Last Man (sound Clip) 2) Bootstraps Me/You Cass 14453Mint (P.S. - VG++) $10.00 1
Lee, Ben / Pony Up! (w/P.S.)
Music NoteFloat On I Heard You Got Action-Pony Up! Din Max (Small Center Hole)066Mint (P.S. - VG++) $6.00 1
Lemons (w/P.S.) (1993)
Music NoteKeep Diggin Ugly Stik Lucky12Mint (P.S. - VG+) $4.00 1
Long Fin Killie (w/P.S.) (1997)
Music NoteLipstick (Remix) Lipstick (Original) Too Pure (Small Center Hole)25Mint (P.S. - Mint-) $8.00 1
Los Asesinos De La Superficialidad w/P.S. (1999?) (E.P.) (33 1/3)
Music Note1) Manifesto (Sound Clip) 2) Nee 1) Despreocupado 2) Preso Degraanrepoliek (Small Cener Hole)001Mint (P.S. - Mint-) $4.00 1
Love Child (w/P.S.) (1991)
Music NoteSix Of One Sleepyhead Homestead 175-7Mint (P.S. - VG++) $4.00 1
Lover Dolls (w/P.S.) (E.P.)
Music NoteRock In The Sea Life Of Sin Tales Of One Mans Humiliation At The Hands Of A Ruthless Woman With No Feelings Sympathy ( (Small Center Hole) (White Vinyl)48Mint (P.S. - Mint-) $6.00 1
Lust (w/P.S.) (1999) (E.P.) (33 1/3)
Music Note1) Crazy For Your Lust (Sound Clip) 2) Christiasnne 1) Crazy... 2) French Cut Worry Bird (Small Center Hole) (Clear Blue Vinyl)39Mint (P.S. - Mint-) $4.00 1
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