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Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradePriceQty
Kaempfert, Bert & His Orchestra (1960)
Music NoteWonderland By Night Dreaming The Blues Decca31141Mint- $8.00 1
Kaempfert, Bert & His Orchestra (1965)
Music NoteThree O`Clock In The Morning Nothing`s New Decca31778Mint- $8.00 1
Kaempfert, Bert & His Orchestra (1970)
Music NoteFlight To Mecca Love Theme Decca32715Mint- $5.00 1
Kansas City Twisters (1962)
Music NoteEverytime What A Wacky Weekend (Promo) Apt25062Mint-/VG+ $12.00 1
Katcher, Del
Music NoteNight Bird Puerto Rico (Promo) Denny347Mint- $10.00 1
Kaye, Nancy & The Echoes
Music NotePopcorn Twist Don`t Let Our Love (Vocal) Band Box305VG++ $15.00 1
Kean, Ronnie
Music NoteAli Baba Chariot (Promo) Federal12424VG++/Mint- (W.O.L. & Sticker O/L`s.) $25.00 1
Keene, Verrill w/P.S.
Music NoteLilly`s Back Velvet Waters (Promo) Showtown460Mint- (P.S. =VG++) $15.00 1
Keene, Verrill (1969)
Music NoteVelvet Waters Lilly`s Back Show Town460Mint $12.00 1
Kelly Four
Music NoteStrollin` Guitar Guybo Silver1001Good $6.00 1
Kelly Four (1960)
Music NoteAnnie Has A Party So Fine, Be Mine Silver1006Mint $30.00 1
Kelly, Monty
Music NoteSummer Set Amalia Carlton527Mint- (W.O.L.) $8.00 1
Kelly, Wynton
Music NoteIf That`s The Way You Want It (Belgium Pop) Comin` In The Back Door Verve10310Mint $15.00 1
Kennedy, Jerry
Music NoteWillie & The Hand jive Pt. 1 Pt. 2 (Promo) Smash1815VG+ (W O/L) $6.00 1
Kennedy, Jerry (1974)
Music NoteBurning Love (Elvis Related) (Cv.) She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye (Promo) Mercury73484VG++/Mint $6.00 1
Keyes, Bert
Music NoteLady In My Heart Do-Do Do Bah-Ah Clock1048Good $6.00 1
Music NoteIsle Of Capri Miss You ABC Paramount (Stereo)99775Mint- $35.00 1
Keymen (1959)
Music NoteNancy Lee Dream ABC-Paramount10016Mint- $20.00 1
Music NoteParking Field 4 Don`t Tell William Chelsea1002VG++ $12.00 1
Killen Orch, Ray
Music NoteChicken Pickin` Finger Lickin` (Promo) Dial4085Mint- $8.00 1
Kimberly, Adrian
Music NoteBlack Mountain Stomp Pomp And Circumstance Calliope6501VG++ $15.00 1
Kimberly, Adrian
Music NoteDraggin` Dragon When You wish Upon A Star Calliope6504VG+/VG++ $15.00 1
Kimble Orch, Dam (Feat. Henry, Taffy, Gail, Al & Leon)
Music Note(Do The Uncle Willie To) Henry`s In Pt. 2 TOF728VG++/Mint- (W.O.L.`s) $12.00 1
Kincheloe, Turk
Music NoteCash Box Burnin` (Promo) Abnor7001VG+/VG $10.00 1
King Coney And The Hot Dogs (1965)
Music NoteTen, Two And Four Ba-Pa-Da, Ba-Pa-Da (Promo) Legrand1038VG+/VG++ $15.00 1
King Richard`s Fluegel Knights
Music NoteCastle Holiday The Crusaders MTA110Mint (Stickers O/L.) $8.00 1
King, Wayne (1963)
Music NoteAlley Cat Days Of Wine And Roses Decca25593VG+ $6.00 1
King, Wayne (1969)
Music NoteDream A Little Dream Of Me Harlem Nocturne Decca725748Mint $6.00 1
Kingpins (1958)
Music NoteUngaua Pt 1 Pt 2 U.A.111Mint- $25.00 1
Kingsmen (1958)
Music NoteWeek End Better Believe It East West115VG++ $25.00 1
Kirshner Concept, Don
Music NoteLet The Sun Shine In (The Flesh Failures) Air-Walking In Space (Promo) RCA0155Mint (W.O.L.) $10.00 1
Klein, Danny
Lovesick Blues Deed I Do Sparkle7103Mint- $8.00 1
Knight Sounds
Music NoteJe T`aime Moi Non Plus She`s Leaving Home (Promo) Mercury72965Mint- $8.00 1
Knights (1962)
Music NoteWhite Fang Night Train Felsted8640VG $7.00 1
Knightsbridge Brass
Music NoteLet`s Cha Cha For You, My Lover Shad5005MInt- (W.O.L.`s) $8.00 1
Knightsbridge Strings (1959) (Stereo)
Music NoteCow Cow Boogie Wheel Of Fortune Top Rank2014Mint/VG++ $8.00 1
Koffman, Moe (1964)
Music NoteFlootenanny Coffee House (Promo) Jubilee5471Mint $10.00 1
Music NoteHumorous Theme From A Silent Movie Felsted8622Mint- $12.00 1
Kokomo (1961)
Music NoteAsia Minor Roy`s Tune Felsted8612Mint $20.00 1
Kokomo (1961)
Music NoteLike Teen Journey Home Felsted8635VG+ (W.O.L. & Tape O.L.) $6.00 1
Kole Trio, Ronnie (1968)
Music NoteSan Antonio Rose Impossible Dream Paula 316Mint $10.00 1
Kole Trio, Ronnie (1968)
Music NoteOde To Billie Joe Life Time Of Happiness Paula296Mint- (Major Damaged Labels) $6.00 1
Music NoteThe Son Of Hickory Holler`s Tramp Poverty (A Pobreza) (Promo) Date1621Mint- $10.00 1
Lafayette And The Lasabres
Music NoteFree Way Cure For Love Your Pick1005VG++/Mint- $25.00 1
Lanham, Roy (1958)
Music NoteKlondike Altitude Radio104VG++ $20.00 1
Lark, Johnnie (1959)
Music NoteTrigger Happy Rockin` Little Joe Ace574Mint- $15.00 1
Larks (1962)
Music NoteLightning To Love You And To Dream (Promo) Keystone International6203Mint- $70.00 1
Lasdt, James & The American Patrol (1967)
Music NoteStrolling Through Gateshead The Last Waltz W.B.7153Mint- $8.00 1
Le Roy And Wally (1959)
Music NoteRock A Doodle Reveille It`s Paris (Promo) Carlton500Mint $12.00 1
Leach, Chuck and the X-L`s (1963)
Music NoteCold Cuts Cocoanut Grove (Promo) 4 Sons4100VG+ (W.O.L.) $6.00 1
Leahy, Joe
Music NotePink Power Puff Life Tower150Mint $10.00 1
Leaper, Bob & Prophets
Music NoteCome And Join Us Sunday Morning (Promo) Reprise0274VG+/VG++ (W.O.L.) $8.00 1
Music NoteHelp (Beatle Novelty) Gabrielle (Promo) U.A.937VG++ (W O/L`s) $8.00 1
Lectric Woods (1969)
Music NoteA.L.L. (Apollo Lunar Landing) Time Of The Season (Promo) Apt26005Mint-/VG++ $10.00 1
Lee Combo, Joe (1964)
Music NoteSweet And Lovely Sincerely (Promo) Alley1014Mint (W.O.L.) (Stamp O/L.) $100.00 1
Lee, Arthur and The L.A.G.`s (1963) (Surf)
Music NoteThe Ninth Wave Rumble-Still-Skins Capitol4980VG+ $25.00 1
Lee, Buddy and the Satellites (1964)
Music NoteCountdown Way Out Columbia43125VG++ (Not For Sale Sticker O/L. "B" Side) $30.00 1
Lee, Buddy and the Satellites (1964) (Surf Instr.)
Music NoteCountdown Way Out (Promo) Columbia43125Mint $40.00 1
Lee, Don
Music NoteBells Of St. Mary`s Crazy Rhythm Jubilee5308Mint- $6.00 1
Lee, Jackie
Music NoteBongo Shuffle Boogie Isle Of Capri Boogie Sure1005VG++ (W.O.L.) $10.00 1
Lee, Jackie
Music NoteDo The New Hully Gully Patricia (Promo) Sure1738Mint (Sticker O.L.) $12.00 1
Lee, Joe (1959)
Music NoteHang-Out White Satin Fernwood112Mint $50.00 1
Lee, Vinnie
Music NoteWhipper Snapper Rhumbarino Old Town1083VG++/VG+ $15.00 1
Leeds, Hank
Music NoteOne More For The Road "same" Jaro77007Mint $12.00 1
Lefevre, Raymond (1967)
Music NoteWhen A Man Loves A Woman (Island) Black Is Black 4 Corners4142Mint (Major W.O.L. "A" Side) $10.00 1
Lefevre, Raymond (1967)
Music NoteA Whiter Shade Of Pale (Island) Groovin` (Promo) 4 Corners145VG++/Mint- (Sticker O/L) (W.O.L.) $10.00 1
Lefevre, Raymond (1968)
Music NoteIf I Were A Carpenter Ame Caline (Soul Coaxing) 4 Corners147Mint $8.00 1
Music NoteLariat Late Train Ermine41VG++/VG+ (W.O.L.) $15.00 1
Legends (1961)
Music NoteLater (Main Theme From) Exodus-Take Three (Promo) Columbia41949Mint $10.00 1
Legends (1962)
Music NoteLariat Late Train Ermine41Mint $15.00 1
Legends (1964)
Music NoteLariat Gail Key1002VG++/Mint $20.00 1
Legrand, Michel
Music NoteTheme From "Picasso Summer" (Movie Theme) Summer Me, Winter You (Promo) W.B.7328Mint $6.00 1
Lenny & The Thundertones
Music NoteThunder Express Alabamy Bound Comma444VG+ $20.00 1
Les & Paul
Music NoteThe Bashful Russian King Of The Island Columbia43212Mint-/VG++ (Has A Couple Of Reversed Bubbles In Vinyl-Does Not Affect Play) $15.00 1
Levine, Hank
Music NotePortrait Of A Blondie Theme From Hong Kong Dolton63Mint $12.00 1
Lewis Trio, Johnny
Music NoteMillie`s Riff The Grind (Promo) Coral62326Mint (W.O.L.) $12.00 1
Lewis Trio, Ramsey
Music NoteA Hard Day`s Night All My Love Belongs To You Cadet5525Mint Sales Pending 1
Lewis, Dave
Music NoteDavid`s Mood Pt. 2 Pt.. 3 (Promo) A&M724Mint- $12.00 1
Lewis, Dave
Music NoteLittle Green Thing Lip Service A&M735Mint- (W.O.L.`s) $10.00 1
Linda And The Lollipops (1973)
Music NoteTheme From Deep Throat (Movie Theme) `same` (Promo) Kama Sutra572Mint $10.00 1
Little Dippers (1959)
Music NoteForever Two By Four University210Mint $20.00 1
Logan, Alan
Music NoteWhat Now My Love Twilight Amy932Mint- $10.00 1
London Pops Orch.
Music NoteHe Ain`t Heavy, He`s My Brother (Island) Sparrow (Promo) Janus122Mint- $6.00 1
Lord Rockingham`s XI (1958)
Music NoteFried Onions The Squelch London1810Mint-/VG++ $15.00 1
Lory, Al De (1969)
Music NoteWichita Lineman (Island) Feeling Of Love Capitol2374Mint $8.00 1
Los Indios Tabajaras (1963)
Music NoteMaria Elena Jungle Dream RCA8216Mint- $8.00 1
Los Indios Tabajaras (1964)
Music NoteMarta St. Louis Blues RCA8401Mint $8.00 1
Low Rocks (1961)
Music NoteBlueberry Jam Midnight Tears Sabre101Mint- $20.00 1
Ludwig & The Klassics
I Forgot Mumph Imperial66163Mint $8.00 1
Lyman Group, Arthur
Music NoteHawaiian War Chant Sweet Leilani Orbit (Stereo)525VG++/Mint- $8.00 1
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