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ArtistTitleLabelLabel NumberCover GradeRec. GradeMono StereoPriceQty
Mack, Lonnie (C&W)Whatever`s RightElectra74050Mint- (C.O.)SealedS$20.001
Mack, Lonnie (1970)For Collectors OnlyElektra74077VG++ (C.O.)MintS$20.001
Mack, Lonnie (C&W)...Glad I`m In The BandElektra74040Mint- (C.O.)SealedS$20.001
Mads Vinding Group (Nude Cv.) (1977)Danish DesignPeters9018Mint-MintS$15.001
Magic LanternsShame ShameAtlantic8217VG++Mint-S$12.001
Main AttractionsAnd NowTower5117VG++MintS$20.001
Maineeaxw (1984)Shout It OutPowerstation (France Import)3Mint-MintS$15.001
Malice (1985)In The Beginning...Atlantic81250MintMintS$8.001
Mama CassHer Greatest HitsDunhill50093MintSealedS$20.001
Mama`s & Papa`s Farewell To The First Golden EraDunhill50025VG+ (C.O.)Mint-S$20.001
Mama`s & Papa`s (1966) (Toilet Is Block Off On Cv.)If You Can Believe Your Eyes And EarsDunhill50006Mint- (W.O.Cv.)MintS$25.001
Mama`s & Papa`s (2 Lp`s)The Anthology Of The Mama & The Papa`sDunhill50073VGMint-S$20.001
Mama`s Boys (1984)`same`Jive8214MintMintS$8.001
Mama`s Boys (1985)Power And PassionJive8285MintMintS$8.001
Mamas & PapasPeople Like UsDunhill50106VG++ (W.O.Cv.)MintS$20.001
Mamas & PapasPresented By The Mamas & PapasDunhill50031VG+MintS$20.001
Mamas & PapasDeliverDunhill50014MintVG++S$10.001
Mamas & PapasGolden Era Vol. 2Dunhill50038Mint-Mint-S$20.001
Mamas & PapasThe Mamas & The PapasDunhill50010VG++ (Stamp O/ Cv.)VG+M$12.001
Mamas & Papas (1966)"same"Dunhill50010Mint- (C.O.)SealedS$25.001
Mamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds (REISSUE)Don`t Pull Your LovePickwick3555MintSealedS$8.001
Man 2 Man (1986) (12 Inch)Man 2 Man meet Man ParrishBolts4 / 12MintMintS$6.001
Man The ConveyorsUpheld By HearFinal Attempt004MintMint-S$10.001
Manchester, MelissaGreatest HitsArista9611Mint-MintM$4.001
Manchester, MelissaHelp Is On The WayArista4095VG+MintM$8.001
Manchester, Melissa (1979)`same`Arista9506Mint- (C.O.)SealedS$12.001
Mandrell, Barbara (1979) (C&W)Just For The RecordMCA3165MintMint-S$10.001
Mandrill, Barbara (1983) (C&W)Spun GoldMCA5377MintSealedS$10.001
Manfred MannSolar FirePolydor6019VG++MintS$15.001
Manfred MannGet Your Rocks OffPolydor5050VG+ (W.O.Cv.)MintS$15.001
Manfred Mann (1964)`same`Ascot13015VG (Tape on all seams)VG+M$15.001
Manfred Mann (REISSUE)Best OfCapitol16073Mint-MintS$10.001
Manfred Mann`s Earth Band (1983)Somewhere In AfrikaArista8194VG+MintS$10.001
Manfred Mann's Earth BandThe Roaring SilenceBronze2965Mint-Mint-S$8.001
Manhattan TransferComing OutAtlantic18183MintMintS$7.001
Manhattan TransferPasticheAtlantic19163Mint- (C.O.)MintS$7.001
Manhatten Transfer (1981)Best OfAtlantic19319MintSealedS$12.001
Manhatten Transfer (1981)Mecca For ModernsAtlantic (Promo)16036VG++ (Promo Title Strip Front Cv.)(Promo Stsamp Front Cv.)MintS$12.001
Manilow, BarryEven NowArista4184VG+Mint-S$8.001
Manilow, BarryGreatest Hits (Picture Disc)AristaNo #none (Plastic Sleeve)MintS$20.001
Manilow, Barry (1978) (2 LP`s)Greatest HitsArista8601MintVG++S$12.001
Mann`s Earth Band, Manfred (1983)Somewhere In AfrikaArista8194VG++MintS$8.001
Mann`s Earth Band., Manfred (1983)Somewhere In AfrikaArista8194VG++ (C.O.)MintS$8.001
Mannheim Steamroller (1979)Fresh Air IIIAmerican Gramaphone (Clear Blue Vinyl)365VG++MintS$8.001
Maphis, Joe & Rose Lee (C&W)Mr. & Mrs. Country MusicStarday286Mint-MintM$15.001
Maphis, Rose Lee (C&W)`same`Columbia8398VG++ (Promo Stamp O/Bk. Cv.)Mint (Promo Sticker O/L`s.)S$15.001
MarblesMarbles Cotillion (Promo)9029VG++ (Promo Sticker O/Cv.)Mint-S$15.001
Mariano & Unbelieveables`same`Capitol2831Mint- (Free Stamp O/Cv.)Mint-M$15.001
Marie, TeenaIt Must Be MagicGordy1004Mint- (C.O.)MintS$4.001
Marie, TeenaLady TGordy992Mint- (C.O.)MintS$4.001