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Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradeTypePriceQty
Alexander, J.W. Baby, It`s Real Keep A Light In The Window Till I Come Home Mirwood5518Mint- (Major Damaged Labels)Blues $8.00 1
Batchler, Willie Baby If You Do Right Kids Stay In School ($) Gibbs101MintBlues $10.00 5
Belvin, Andy Travelin` Mood Plip Plop Atco6289MintBlues $12.00 1
Big Lucky I`ve Been Hurt Goofer Dust M.O.C.673Mint/VG++ (Promo Sticker O/L.)Blues $15.00 1
Bland, Bobby Stormy Monday Blues Your Friends Duke355Mint-Blues $12.00 1
Bland, Bobby "Blues" Little Boy Blue Last Night Duke196VG++/MintBlues $50.00 1
Bland, Bobby "Blues" I`m Not Ashamed Wishing Well Duke303Mint-Blues $20.00 2
Blue, Little Joe If There`s A Better Way Shakin` Hands With The Judge Jewel850Mint- ("BB" Hole)Blues $8.00 1
Blue, Little Joe Pretty Woman Dirty Work Going On Movin132Mint/VG++Blues $30.00 1
Blue, Little Joe Wasn`t Born Yesterday Been Nowherer & Don`t Care Kris8104Mint-Blues $6.00 1
Blue, Little Joe Don`t Stop Loving Me Standing On The Threshold (Promo) Jewel799MintBlues $8.00 1
Blue, Little Joe Dirty Work Going On Pretty Woman Checker1141Mint (Date Stamp O/L)Blues $15.00 1
Blue, Little Joe (1965) Loose Me A Fool Is What You Wanted Jewel806MintBlues $10.00 1
Blue, Little Joe (1970) Don`t Tax Me In Lonely (Promo) SS72661MintBlues $8.00 1
Boyd, Eddie She`s The One I Got The Blues Chess1674MintBlues $40.00 1
Brown, Arelean (1974) Why I Love You I Am A Streaker Dud Sound4730VG+Blues $10.00 1
Brown, Buster Slow Drag Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Gwenn600MInt (W.O.L..)Blues $25.00 1
Brown, Charles I Don`t Know For You (Promo) Jewel830MintR&B/Blues $25.00 1
Brownie And Sonny Pawnshop Too Nicey Mama (Promo) Prestige Bluesville809Mint-Blues $15.00 1
Burdon, Eric And Jimmy Witherspoon Soledad Headin` For Home MGM14296Mint-Blues $8.00 1
Butler, George " Wild Child" Put It All In There My 40 Year Old Woman Jewel798MintBlues $10.00 1
Carson, Eddie "Big Blues" Walkin` And Cryin` Barracuda Triode116VG+Blues $20.00 1
Chenier, Clifton (1975) You`re Fussin` Too Much Just Like A Woman Arhoolie527MintBlues $10.00 1
Chenier, Clifton (1976) Come Along With Me Sa M`appel Fou (They Call Me Crazy) Arhoolie533MintBlues $6.00 1
Chenier, Clifton (1976) I`m A Farmer (Part 1) I`m A Farmer (Part 2) Arhoolie579MintBlues $6.00 1
Cobb, Willie Hey Little Girl `same` Record Gallery583MInt- (W.O.L..)Blues $6.00 1
Cobb, Willie (1984) Inflation Blues `same` (Instr.) Retta`s008MintBlues $6.00 1
Cobbs, Willie Don`t Worry About Me Same (Promo) Minaret147Mint-Blues $10.00 1
Added 28 days ago on 1/11/2016Collins, Albert Ain`t Got Time Got A Good Thing Goin` (Promo) Imperial66351Mint-Soul Instr./Blues $12.00 1
Cooper, Dolly Down So Long Teen Age Prayer Modern977VG++Blues $30.00 1
Davis, Larry Sweet Little Angel Driving Wheel Kent507MintBlues $15.00 1
Detroit Jr. Don`t Get In My Shape Call My Job Blue On Blues01VG++ (W O/L`s.)R&B/Blues $10.00 1
Dirty Blues Band Hound Dog (Elvis Related) (Cover) New Orleans Woman (Promo) Bluesway61016Mint (Date Stamp O/L)Blues $10.00 1
Dixon, Dave (1954) Over The River My Plea Savoy1126MintBlues $30.00 1
Dupree, Champion Jack Evil Woman My Mother-In-Law Atlantic2095VG++ (W O/L)(Slight Warp)Blues $8.00 1
Dupree, Jack and Mr. Bear Walking The Blues Daybreak Rock (Promo) King4812VG (sticker o/l)Blues $10.00 1
Earl, Little Richard & Co-Workers The Steel Mill Blues `same` (Instr.) Nickel1VG++Blues $12.00 1
Frazier, Frank (Shake Aplenty) Lovin` One Foot Race R502VG++ (W O/L`s)Blues $25.00 1
Fulsom, Lowell Key To My Heart Too Many Drivers Kent401Mint-Blues $8.00 1
Fulsom, Lowell Shattered Dreams Sittin` Here Thinkin` Kent440Mint-Blues $8.00 1
Fulson, Lowell That`s Alright It Took A Long Time Checker937VG++ Blues $15.00 1
Fulson, Lowell It`s Your Fault Baby Tollin` Bells Checker841VG++/VG+ (Slight Twist Warp)Blues $10.00 1
Fulson, Lowell Blue Shadows I`m Glad You Reconsidered Checker959Mint-R&B/Blues $25.00 1
Fulson, Lowell Everyday (I Have The Blues) Guitar Shuffle Hollywood1103VG+/VG++Blues $15.00 1
Fulson, Lowell Blue Shadows Low Society Blues Cash1051MintBlues $25.00 1
Gayten, Paul True (You Don`t Love Me) Cow Cow Blues Okeh7068Mint- Blues $25.00 1
George, Brenda I`m Not Trying To Make You Pay Same (Part 2) Gator501MintBlues $6.00 5
George, Brenda Everybody Don`t Know About My Good Thing Same (Part 2) Ronn60Mint-Blues $8.00 1
George, Jolly Pity & A Shame Married Too Soon Gemini1002VG+Blues $15.00 1
Griswold, Arthur Look What The Fool Made Me Do I Just Got To Know Buckeye4021MintFunk/Blues $40.00 1
Griswold, Arthur What The Judge Did To Me Their Is Something On Your Mind Buckeye7112VG+ (W O/L)Blues $15.00 1
Guy, Buddy Stone Crazy Skippin` Chess1812Good-Blues $4.00 1
Guy, Buddy Stone Crazy Skippini Chess1812VG++ Blues/R&B Instr. $35.00 1
Harper, Ben Driveway Blues Here Comes My Girl (Promo) Talent106Mint (Number Stamp O/L)Blues $25.00 1
Harris, Peppermint My Time After While Raining in My Heart Jewel762VG++ (W O/L)Blues $20.00 1
Hazell, Patrick & Mother Blues Band (1978) Easy Time Lovin` No Brass Band Blue Rhythm1620MintBlues $10.00 1
Heard, J.C. Blues For Sale For You My Love Argo5308Mint-Blues $15.00 1
Hill, Z.Z. (1980) Please Don`t Make Me (Do Something Bad To You) (Islans) Blue Monday Malaco2069VG+/Mint-Deep Soul/Blues $6.00 1
Hopkins, Lightning Business You`re Doin` Wake Up Old Lady Bluesville823Mint-R&B /Blues $12.00 1
Hue, Amber (1973) Road Ladies The Last Blues Song QCA404VG++Blues $7.00 1
Jackson, Cliff And Jellean Delk Frank, This Is It Blues Walk Midnight Sun1Mint-Blues $45.00 1
James, Elmore Everyday I Have The Blues Dust My Broom ($) Enjoy2027Mint Blues $15.00 5
James, Elmore It Hurts Me So Pickin` The Blues Enjoy2015MintBlues $20.00 1
James, Elmore Mean Mistreatin` Mama Bleeding Heart Enjoy2020Mint-Blues $20.00 1
James, Etta It Must Be Your Love (Island) Don`t Pick Me For Your Fool ($) Cadet5564MintBlues $8.00 5
Johnson, Jimmy Don`t Answer The Door Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Magnum719VGBlues $8.00 1
Johnson, Jimmy (1979) Serves Me Right To Suffer Your Turn To Cry Alligator792MintBlues $6.00 1
Johnson, Luther Love Your Sexy Ways In My Younger Days Pulsar (Red Vinyl)001MintSoul/Blues $8.00 1
Johnson, Ray Calypso Joe If You Don`t Want Me, Baby Aladdin3367VG++ (Sticker O/L)R&B/Blues $35.00 1
Jubirt Sisters. (1982) Baby, What You Want Me To Do (You Got Me Running) Early One Morning (School Girl Blues) High Water2Mint Blues $40.00 1
Keyes, Johnny A Scared Man Can`t Gamble Goin` Too Far (Promo) Fretone016MintBlues $10.00 1
Kimble, Neal Don`t Start Lyin` To Me Same (Promo) TRC1021Mint-Blues $8.00 1
King Soloman Mr. Bad Luck Please Mr. President Kent446MintBlues $12.00 1
King Soloman I Got A Sweet Tooth If I Were A Strong Man Stanson0003VG++/VG+Blues $15.00 1
King, Albert (1976) Ain`t Nothing You Can Do I Don`t Carte What My Baby Do (Promo) Utopia10879VG++Blues $6.00 1
King, B.B. Long Nights (The Feeling They Call The Blues) I`ll Survive Kent4549MintBlues $8.00 1
King, B.B. Tell Me Baby That Evil Child Kent4542Mint-Blues $8.00 1
King, B.B. Walking Dr. Bill You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now Kent350Mint-Blues $15.00 1
King, B.B. Blind Love Why Do You Leave Me RPM395VG++ (One Side Major Label Damage)Blues $20.00 1
King, B.B. Rock Me Baby I Can`t Lose Kent393VG++Blues $12.00 1
King, B.B. It`s A Mean World Blues Stay Away Kent458Mint-Blues $10.00 1
King, B.B. Mercy Mercy Baby Broken Promise Kent435VG+ (Label Chipping Around Center Hole)Blues $8.00 1
King, B.B. Three O`Clock Blues Your Letter Kent386MInt-Blues $20.00 1
King, B.B. And Like That Blue Shadows Kent426Mint-Blues $10.00 1
King, B.B. Early Every Morning I Stay In The Mood Kent450VG++Blues $9.00 1
King, B.B. Walkin` Dr. Bill Recession Blues Kent4572VG++Blues $8.00 1
King, B.B. Sweet Sixteen Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Kent330VG++Blues $15.00 1
King, B.B. Hold That Train Understand Kent358MintBlues $20.00 1
King, B.B. "Blues Boy" I Need You So Bad I Wonder RPM498VG++Blues $15.00 1
King, B.B. "Blues Boy" Ruby Lee I`m Cracking Up Over You RPM450MInt-Blues $40.00 1
King, Freddy Lonesome Whistle Blues It`s Too Bad Things Are Going So Tough Federal12415MintBlues $20.00 1
Leary, Calvin It Hurts Me Too I`ve Got Troubles Soul Beat110VG++/VG+ (Major Damaged Labels)Blues $10.00 1
Lightening Hopkins Happy New Year Merry Christmas Decca48306Mint-R&B Rocker/Blues $150.00 1
Lightin` Hopkins Mr. Charlie Pt. 2 Mr. Charlie Pt. 1 (Promo) Jewel816MintBlues $10.00 1
Little Brother Montgomery Trio New Vicksburg Blues Oh, Daddy FM1001Mint (Labels Flipped)Blues $4.00 1
Little Caesar Goodbye Baby If I Could See My Baby Hollywood235Mint-Blues $40.00 1
Little Eddie There`ll Be A Day You`ll Be Glad To Have Me Around Wonder What Makes My Way So Hard Big Beat1267Mint (W O/L)Blues $10.00 1
Little Esther Cherry Wine Love Oh Love Federal (Silver Top)12142Mint- (Tiny Bubbles In Vinyl-Does Not Affect Play)(Small Torn Label "B" Side)R&B/Blues $150.00 1
Little Miss Peggie Peggie`s Blues Oink Goldband1121Mint-Blues $15.00 1
Little Walter I Got To Find My Baby Just You Fool (Promo) Checker1013Mint/VG++Blues $20.00 1
Littlefield, Little Willie K.C. Loving Pleading At Midnight Federal (Gold Top)12110VG++/VG+R&B/Blues $200.00 1
Mayfield, Percy Don`t Start Lying To Me Pretty-Eyed Baby TRC979Mint-Blues $8.00 1
Mayfield, Percy Lost Mind The River`s Invitation Specialty723MintBlues $10.00 1
Mayfield, Percy The Highway Is Like A Woman You Wear Your Hair Too Long (Promo) RCA0348Mint (Date Stamp O/L`s)Blues $15.00 1
McCracklin, Jimmy It`s Got To Be Love Sorry Imperial66207MintBlues $8.00 1
McGill, Rollee Come On In A Moment Of Love Mercury70914VG++/VGBlues $20.00 1
Memphis Slim Stroll On Little Girl Guitar Cha Cha Cha Vee-Jay271GoodBlues $6.00 1
Milton, Roy A Brand New Thrill Jeeps Blues King6074Mint-Blues $25.00 1
Mississippi Joe Soul Power The Funky Blues ($) Midas9010MintSoul/Blues Instr. $8.00 1
Mojo Blues Band Meat On Thier Bones Someday Peach Beat110Mint-Blues $6.00 1
Morris, Elmore What Can I Do For You Baby I Need You Peacock1691Mint-/VG++ (Tiny Torn Label & Stained, "B" Side)Blues $25.00 1
Muddy Waters I Feel So Good Going Home (Promo) Chess2085MintBlues $10.00 1
Parker, Junior You Can`t Keep A Good Woman Down Easy Lovin` Mercury73030Mint-Deep Soul/Blues $10.00 1
Perkins, Al And Band Don`t Deceive Me Please Send Me Someone To Love CJ000VG++Blues $10.00 1
Pool Shooters (1976) Love Makes The World Go `Round The Blues Fantastic32336MintFunk/Blues $20.00 1
Price, Bobby w/ Fernest & The Thunders (1975) It`s All Right Mean, Mean Woman Blues Unlimited2006MintSoul/Blues $12.00 1
Reed, Jimmy Don`t Press Your Luck Woman Feel Like I Want To Ramble Bluesway61006VG+Blues $6.00 1
Reed, Jimmy St. Louis Blues Out Skirts Of Town (Promo) V.J.570Mint/VG++ (W.O.L.)Blues $20.00 1
Reed, Jimmy Down In Mississippi Oh John (Promo) V.J.2568VG+/VG++Blues $10.00 1
Reed, Jimmy Bright Lights Big City I`m Mr. Luck V.J.398VG++/VG+Blues $15.00 1
Reed, Jimmy Down In Virginia I Know It`s A Sin V.J.287VG+/Mint-Blues $25.00 1
Reed, Jimmy Mary Mary I`m Gonna Help You V.J.552VG++Blues $15.00 1
Reed, Jimmy Knockin` At Your Door Dedication To Soony Exodus2005Good Blues $4.00 1
Reed, Jimmy Close Together Laughing At The Blues Vee Jay373Mint-/VG++Blues $20.00 1
Reed, Jimmy Big Legged Woman Funky Funky Soul (Promol) RRG44003VG++Blues $8.00 1
Robinson, Fenton Let Me Come On Home The Sky Is Falling 77105Mint (W.O.L.)Slow Blues $8.00 1
Robinson, Fenton Find A Way Cryin The Blues PM106Mint (W O/L)Blues $8.00 1
Rogers, Menard And The Players Ain`t Noting But A Titty O` My Love ($) Margaret`995MintBlues Inst. $15.00 1
Simmons, Mack Key To The Highway Inflation Blues PM772Mint-Blues $10.00 1
Simmons, Mack Next Time You See Me Snap Your Fingers Simmons429VG+Blues $8.00 1
Slim, Memphis I Wanna Dance Born With The Blues Jewel831VG++/Mint (Sticker O.L)Blues $8.00 1
Slim, Model "T" Woman`s The Glory Of Man Take My Hand (Promo) Audio Blues1933Mint-/VG++Blues $15.00 1
Slim, Model T. Baby Don`t Wear My Cloths Christine (Promo) Kent504VG++ (W O/L)Blues $20.00 1
Solips A Woman`s Blues He Was A Friend Of Mine Youngstown608MintBlues $25.00 1
Struck, Nolan She`s The One That Hits The Spot Welfare Problems ($) Inner City11145MintSoul/Blues $8.00 1
Stuart, Tommy & Rubberband Your Man Done Gone Peeking Through Your Window 1-2-31725MintBlues $10.00 1
Taylor, Charlie Let`s Wait Until Tomorrow I Work Hard For You Woman US1005Mint Soul/Blues $12.00 1
Taylor, Little Johnny Everybody Knows About My Good Thing Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Ronn55MintBlues $6.00 1
Taylor, Little Johnny You`re Savin` Your Best Loving For Me What Would I Do Without You Ronn78Mint-Blues $6.00 1
Thomas, Alex (1953) End Of The Road Time Will Tell Swing Time344Mint-Early Blues $200.00 1
Tibbs, Andrew I Made A Mistake Stone Hearted Woman Mpac3159Mint (BB Hole)Blues $10.00 1
Tin Pan Alley You`re So Fine Matchbox Mirage301MintBlues $10.00 1
Turner, Big Joe One Hour In Your Garden You`ve Been Squeezin` My Lemons ($) Kent4569MintBlues $8.00 1
Turner, Big Joe Corrine, Corrina It`s The Same Old Story (Promo) Decca29924Mint (Sticker O/L`s)R&B/Blues $60.00 1
Washington, Albert I Haven`t Got A Friend So Tired VLM1100VG+Blues $15.00 1
Watkins, Katie Trying To Get You Off My Mind Snake Blues Checker879Mint-Blues $125.00 1
Watson, Little Daddy & Sons I`m To Blame Highway Blues Big Hit100Good (W O/L`s.)Blues/R&B $75.00 1
Wells, Junior Messing With The Kid Come On In This House Mel1005Mint-R&B/Blues $15.00 1
Wells, Junior Little By Little Come On In This House All Points2000MintBlues $15.00 1
Whispering Smith (1963) Don`t Leave Me Baby Live Jive Excello2237VG+/VG++Blues $30.00 1
White, Artie "Blues Boy" (1984) Jimmie What Pleases You Pleases Me Ronn101MintBlues $6.00 1
White, Mary Outside Love Prisoner Of The Blues Gibbs011Mint-Blues $8.00 1
Willis, Chick Lean And Lanky Edgewood Alley Mark IV6808MintFunk Instr/Blues $120.00 1
Wilson, Hop Broke & Hungry Always Be In Love With You ($) GoldBand1078MintBlues $25.00 1
Witherspoon, Jimmy S.K. Blues I Had A Dream Prestige298VG++/Mint-Blues $8.00 1
Witherspoon, Jimmy Key To The Highway I`d Rather Drink Muddy Water (Promo) Reprise0275Mint-/VG+ (W.O.L.)Blues $8.00 1
Youngblood, Lonnie Man To Woman same (instr.) Shakat708VG+Blues $6.00 1
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